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    Wolfgirl Redwings
    I did it all in barely a month i love it i defeated everything my dragon is awesome so OP when i wanted to do another adventure i was heart broken and wanted to cry when it said i didnt have any more adventures i could do ADD MORE PLZ
  2. Never to Uninstall, Always to Love
    Mudfire Do
    Though the graphics may not look appealing at first glance, don't judge a book by it's cover! One of the few games that I will always enjoy, MMD is never a let down! Though, lately, I haven't been able to get past the mission with bombs in the water; I think it's because people with a tablet or iPad can't slow down, for this game was created for the phone.
  3. Really enjoyable!
    Emily Blanken
    I saw this app a while ago, but hesitated to download it on account of the simple graphics. Now that I gave it a chance I wish I had done so long ago! It IS a simple looking game, but boy, does it have a lot of fun content! It has several challenging mini games and a cool UPC scanner that turns real-world items into food, weapons, and treasure for your dragon. My compliments to the developer, as I would gladly donate if it would bring more content or lead to the development of similar games such as this.
    Ivy Anderson
    Omg I love this game to much please create new adventures sooner!!!! I'm never uninstalling!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  5. Great, but needs more adventures
    Aurora Allen
    I love this game!!! I would really recommend it for anyone looking for a good game to play. The adventures take a while, but the plot is good and they're worth the wait.
  6. Awesome!! But gets old fast....
    Lilly G
    This is an awesome game the graphics rnt the best but the game is awesome u gotta try it although they need to make the first lv easier hooe this helped and it gets boring the first lv. Is like impossible to beat has well i still havent defeated it cuz its to lame garbage!
  7. Fantastic game!
    Rachel Oliphant
    The graphics throw you off. Try it. You will like it! MMD has a storyline that was unexpected. The flying is pretty decent, too! I thought this was going to be one of those "ok" games, installed it, immediately fell in love. There are no time restrictions either so you can leave the game for as long as you want, come back, and everything is the way you left it. You can go at your own pace. If you have any questions or comments you can just tap the speech bubble in the bottom middle of the home screen. Super easy! Minimal ads, no problems! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to playing this game for a very long time!
  8. Carter Hemann
    Loved it but one thing i hate is that there are no more levels i can complete because i completed them all
  9. That is pretty cool
    Stryker_Nightingale TheCleanestHoboExperience
    Son of a Barrel! Just at least make double wings and a necklace add on free.or make 3d graphics or advanced movements
  10. One of the best games
    Silver Arcane- Storm
    For once, I have no issues with a game. Great customization, never gets old, no money ever asked or even really ads, very satisfying gameplay and every update ups the game big time. I lack words for this game. Well worth the download.
  11. Sweet!
    toa paulx
    Gameplay is great, even though graphics aren't the best. But that was how I was able to get it even with limited space!
  12. OK good
    April Spoors
    Make the next tning adventure about the bone dragons and the feather dragons and make me queen of dragons!
  13. needs more advntures
    smash girls
    i love it so much. I beat the entire game in under a week. the game should have much more adventures. i bet many players agree. If you are not going to add more adventures please add a chat log and no bluetooth. bluetooth only lets you play with the people in your house. make it at random so it could be more fun ok?
  14. Lovit!
    Jed Paez
    When are you gonna update it? I just can't wait for the next update and adventure! Oh and I also brought back the water dragon sword guy to dragon land so I really can't wait for the next update
  15. Daphne Ye
    Loved it. I wish they would update it more often... I'm already up to the last level.
  16. Omg love it
    Elizabeth Van-otterlo
    But u need more adventures. Fast. I'm craving them so bad. So HURRY UP! no pressure
  17. AWESOME game
    Beatrice Forest
    This is the best game ever! The story is awesome and it's very fun to play! If I could, I would give this game 1000 stars! Plz download this game, you won't regret it!
  18. One thing...
    Katherine Taylor
    Battle system is very hard to use, other than that game is perfect.
  19. Has Potential
    Christy Goben
    But controlling the Dragon in battle and in training (saving crops etc.) is waaaaay to difficult. All it did was make me dizzy and repeatedly made my dragon fail. :/ The idea behind the game is really cool (love scanning items to see what it gives my dragon!) but maneuvering is less than desirable.
  20. Awesome
    Shawn Jones
    Best game ever please update and get more missions ive beat them all please get some more real soon


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