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Andrzej Sekula | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Bydgoszcz, woj. kujawsko-pomorskie, Polska |

Jan Chichłowski | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie, Polska |

Jan Chichłowski | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie, Polska |

Jan Chichłowski | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie, Polska |

Reviews 491,756

  1. Real Boxing
    Siya Khuzwayo
    The first round of championship belt was good but second lot of fighters is virtually impossible to beat from low ranking boxers in career mode and also boss fighters in arcade. Also agree with letting us defend belts at any time other than that this game is a beast I'm playing this atleast minimum 5 times a day well done
  2. Crashes too much
    Tommy Wilson
    Would not consider this a multiplayer game until you sort out the crashing. The game has great game play and is potentially a 5 star game. But despite being connected to a fibre optic broadband internet with a full signal it crashes constantly.
  3. Great game
    Pierre Jackson
    I like the new update but at the same time don't. The new update made it difficult to get things now. Now you need gold to buy most of the items like perks and how u can only train one skill in a day now is horrible and I wish if u get other device u can get your account back because I lost all my data cause I got a new phone fix this please.
  4. Willie McCrory
    Keeps freezing and will not let me play multiplayer every time I try to join multiplayer it kicks me out the game. FIX IT!!!!!!! Then I'll give you five stars. Other then this great game.
  5. Christopher Aaron
    Its pretty cool, but constantly crashes, making me not wanna keep opening and waiting for the game to reload. The worst part is that when I'm about to fight, the game crashes and still counts as waisted stamina.
    Steven ogbu
    The game is awesome other than the fact that I spent about $10.00 of my hard earned money to buy gold and coins to upgrade my character & 2 days later everything was gone. My money, coins, gold, & upgrades. I'm going to ask my c.c. to dispute the charges. F this game. I'm also going to blast them all over Facebook Twitter instagram & yea, I might bring out MySpace for this one too.
  7. Really like Real Boxing
    Hero Legaspi
    Im addicted to this game but one thing wonders me that the flashing red when you get hit is gone! Im using Xperia Z2. When i watch few videos of gameplay in youtube using the same device, there is some flashing red when you get hit. Why did you remove that?
  8. Real Boxing
    Cheyann Wolf
    Its Real Time Consuming Especially When Your Good At It. If You Like Boxing You WILL Get Addicted Lol. Great Game
  9. Nice ! Improved
    dishank soni
    Great game but too many in app purchases sadly. Lot of diffent modes. After a certain point we get knocked out quite often. If we want to increase the level of fighter. Then we'll need to purchase. Eventually starts to get boring. As the other boxers are way to powerful then ours . Get used to getting knocked out or buy :( post the upgrade its been a pleasure playing it. The wheel of fortune gives you option of earning a lot of coins and gold. Allowing you to upgrade your fighter. I am loving it.
  10. Superb game! Wow..........
    Methmi Samarajeewa
    When i started to play the game I was so excited because it is a great game. When I was playing it i thing that is a real boxing. Thanks for all of you for giving us this game for planning......
  11. #1
    Lee Crawford
    The Best Boxing hand held game by far! The only problem is it won't let me download it again. It's saying I need more space.
  12. Okay at best
    Jakob Tipton
    Game has a lot of potential. Needs to be more user friendly. Better control responses and easier cpu. Doesn't give you many ways at all to earn coins other than to play and lose fights you can't win. Terrible money system. Never gives the coins after watching videos etc. TOO DIFFICULT TO GET BETTER is the main need for update.
    Victor Mercado
    It keeps " Downloading content " when i first install it i can play it well , but now when i open the game it keeps saying downloading content . This is shit , Please fix it So i can give you five 5 stars .. or even more !
  14. Nice Game
    Govind Indukumar
    This is wonderful game. But it takes so much time to get started. And also it is slow sometimes. But avaiding all this peoblems this is an interesting game.
  15. Fantastic But...
    Michael McMickens
    I love this game. Amazing detail and engaging gameplay. There are a few reasons that really killed the rating of this game though. First the push notifications. The purpose of them it to inform you that this is ready for you and so forth. The notifications feel more like hounding since they pop up several times. Even while actually playing. Second. Once you get to a certain point your boxer needs amazing speed and power. The gold tournament if your under 95 for them your gonna lose.
  16. fantastic game but useless
    Bcoz on fully connected 3G does connect to play multiplayer. Other thing is on Xperia z3 high benchmark is little bit slow so wat abt low benchmark s? and eats battery like anything . Sort out these soon to get 5 stars otherwise I m seeking to uninstall it and tell ppl not to download it.
  17. Good but boring
    Alexander Budai
    Becomes boring after a while. Too boring.
  18. Something you should know
    Igor Sihombing
    Its called "Real Boxing", real. So you must remove fake players and add real players, like Pacquiao, Mayweather, even the retire ones, like Oscar de La Hoya, Holyfield, Tyson, and more. So please add the real boxer
  19. Multi player
    martin oneill
    Great game, but man that multi player sucks big time. It is totally hit and hope, completely down to luck. Not 1 bit of skill or timing comes into it. You guys need to fix that in a big way. You look like you're hitting air and you get 2-3 landed in a row. Really big down side to anotherwise great game. I hope to see major improvements on that side of it.
  20. Crashes during load into fight
    Cory Conlin
    Every time i try to start a fight it any mode the game cashes and kicks me off, please fix this problem for galaxy s3, I've gotten to play on my roommates s6 and immediately fell in love with this game!! Please fix the issues in the server asap as people dont like to have apps/games that dont run clogging up their devices, i might even be willing to spend money into a game like this if it can properly run on my device, i used to play a game ran by gree, and had frequently made purchases on multiple occasion


What`s new

The king of the ring is back! Today REAL BOXING™ was updated to improve stability and make gameplay more fluid - making it easier to counter opponents. If you thought boxing was just about spamming the punch button, you are in for a big surprise. Time to hit back!

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