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dungeon hunter 5
infinity blade 3



Andrzej Sekula | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Bydgoszcz, woj. kujawsko-pomorskie, Polska |

Jan Chichłowski | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie, Polska |

Jan Chichłowski | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie, Polska |

Jan Chichłowski | Product Manager at Vivid Games

Poznań, woj. wielkopolskie, Polska |

Reviews 166,363

  1. Dear $$$sucking developer
    Joe Ciner
    I've spent alot of $$$ & now the game wont even load. Everytime i click on it,it'll show fb page then will just force close. What the hell are you guys doing?!! GO FIX IT DAMN IT!!!
  2. Game crashes
    Calvin Garcia
    When I try to open up the game, it doesn't open it up. Another thing, i died in the game & it allowed me to watch an add to revive myself but when I clicked it, the game just froze and it just crashed
  3. Abdul kazi
    I rated it 1 stars because it won't open, it just tries to load but then quits. it's unplayable! PLS FIX! The facebook login issue
  4. Great Game
    Adam Evans
    Unfortunately there is a glitch that seems to occur when the game tries to log in to facebook. I see several people have posted about this problem. What do you guys plan on doing to fix the problem?
  5. Won't open
    Tyler Kuyken
    I rated it 2 stars because it won't open, it just tries to load but then quits. it's unplayable! PLS FIX!
  6. Best Graphics But Lacks Content
    Angad Sharma
    I already completed story mode. Now i dont know why should i play survival or time attack. Thing is that its a 2 Gb + game but it still lack content. Prometheus lack skills. Tired of same attack skills and enemies. SO GIVE US SOMETHING MORE CHALLENGING.
  7. Speak man!
    ace ian enfectana
    It will be better if Prometheus can speak while attacking. It will be more realistic and feel his wrath on every slash of the sword. But overall its a great game.
  8. Boss battles take too long
    George Skevas
    They slow down the gameplay and make it boring. Either give them less health or lower their defense. Nothing worse than being in a boss battle for 15 minutes on a mobile app.
  9. No controller support
    marko maorgan
    Very good graphics: a game to play connecting the tab to a projector! Unfortunatly there's no controller support... Uninstalling it :-(
  10. Great first
    Florence Yap
    The game play, graphics and plot are all great, but then I logged into FB... it loaded a Facebook page then closed it. It repeated this for about 30 minutes before I closed the game. When I reopened it, it went to a Facebook page, then back to the game, then crashed again. The only way I can play is to delete all my saved files. ;_;
  11. Great Game.
    Chris Sartin
    Works well on Galaxy S5. Graphics are great. The game is very God Of War like. One of the best mobile games I have played.
  12. Nice graphics
    Avik Sarkar
    The game's graphics is quite good, no doubt. But game play is a bit hard without spending real money. The graphics are not as good as the trailer ofcourse, if it was, then the game would be really awesome.
  13. Still no response
    Miyuru Weerathunge
    This game worked fine until a weeks ago. Now when I try to open it the Facebook page pops up and the game closes. Please fix this issue soon developers because I liked this game despite some minor cons like repeating the same finishing move over and over again instead of switching to others.
  14. great game!!!
    dra culamerahitam
    amazing game, i can't play before because my device is not compatible... but now my device compatible n i can play this game (new update maybe? i used asus zenfone 5 1,6ghz)... i'm happy, but sometime verry laggy n force close... it's oke, but may you fix it? :)
  15. THE BEST
    this game it's so addictive and cool. it has awesome graphics and the story plot it's very cool.
  16. bruno vella
    Very cool game but it needs more impurvments pls fix hes a bit slow thanks
  17. Good game but its let down
    Terry Coe
    Graphically brilliant game and the plot is good but its let down by the need to keep on shutting it down and restarting it
  18. These people are LIARS! After many months controllers still don't work yet the description still says they do!
    David Hooks
    One of the reasons I downloaded it was because it looked awesome and the iOS version had controller support. These people are liars! Neither my Red Samurai, Moga Pro, Moga Hero, or Moga Pocket controller seem to work. I prefer a physical controller for this type of game but the touch controls seem to work OK. Many updates ago I emailed support as suggested and was told they are aware of the problem and will be attempting to fix it. ? Its been a long time and still not fixed. Please fix or remove controller support from the description! This claim of controller support is deceptive and wrong! At least its free unlike Real Boxing which I PAID FOR when it was premium before they REMOVED controller support!
  19. Wow...but, Too bad overwhelming adds kills this game
    Cool Activity
    This game has the most detail I've ever seen in a game I swear to god on my galaxy s6 joke...this is a Ps3 quality. The fluidity of the movements is what really caught my eye. But the graphics continue to just blow you away like wtf. My octa core s6 handles this like a dream. One major buzz kill tho is the fact upon boot up the game takes 2 minutes to load??? That has to be improper optimizations going on. Unfortunately, advertisements after every interaction makes this game one plague..
  20. Nice graphics and everything but....
    Gypsy Brozen
    I dont like how the evade thing in the combat mode. Should've did a normal joystick/pad to move around easily instead of dodging like a monkey and die. Its annoying. Just make it normal like any other rpg games. I keep dying and wasting my gold reviving


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