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  1. Good, needs features.
    Zane Richards
    A automated hang up after message bank would make this app perfect. If you could add this feature ill give you a 5 star rate and +1.
  2. Helped Me So So Much!!
    Ivan Sagario
    No other App is better than this but i need the vibration when the call is already answered . Because im sleeping when im calling someone...but The Best App Of All Time!!!! Dear Developer Im Obsessed of your cheat code PLLLEEAASSE Send me!!! Thanks!!!
  3. Great little app
    Ronny Ro
    What a great solution. Calling a busy line is so easy now. I get hold of my doctor really easily now... :-) Maybe you should add predefined modes for normal and urgent (change the time between calls..) Thanks!
  4. Great app
    Odd Twelve
    Excellent app! Has all the features I need. But I would love to get a cheat code! :-)
  5. Best redial app so far
    James Polak
    Have tried other ones which work but they lack the configuration options of this one and more importantly this app is more stable. the other redialers frequently take over the phone causing crashes lockups as they sometimes refuse to stop redialing or shut down. This app behaves well and is easy to start stop the redialing. Plus the author is the only one I've seen give a clear step by step test to make sure his app will work on your phone. Thanks!
  6. More than just useful
    carsten knopf
    AutoRecall Free cheat code request. I love this app because it takes the stress away from me. Can I pay for it?
  7. User error?
    melinda palmer
    I can't figure out how to make it redial after a busy signal.....any help if I can figure this out I would totally give 5 Star's
  8. Awesome
    Michael Clinton
    Now I don't have to occupy. My time trying to get while of people that don't want to answer. The phone.
  9. Better than the rest..
    Tina Nguyen Terry
    I've downloaded about 6 different redial apps and this one is better than the rest. It still has some kinks to work out like hanging up and redialing after getting a busy signal. I would also like to request a cheat code so that I can have it redial more than 3 times please! :-)
  10. Amazing app
    Jae Ung Y.
    I tried many other redial apps but I can only use this app!
  11. Two thumbs up app..
    Jason Masangkay
    Great app. No worries to dial multiple times! Please send a cheat code.
  12. Works!
    Sohail Khan, MD
    The only free auto re-dial app that actually works and gives the option to turn on speaker while doing so.
  13. Love it
    Raziel Chaparro
    It works great with Nexus 5. Very good app love it.
  14. Awesome app!
    Awesome now I can win win win. Please send cheat code
  15. Tea Bak
    Dishonest bc I can't use the important features I needed bc I don't have a forum to share you in so your app is worthless to me without those features described.
  16. Nice App
    Ashish Kushwaha
    Very interesting app to tell someone 'how much we miss you ' read "annoy" ;) Using this app ...many thumbs up
  17. What a great app.
    Jason St Pierre
    Initially your limited to 3 dials per session but you can pay for more if you get the pro or 2.60 version. I'm gonna beat this up for a few days and buy it. Very handy.
  18. Ok app
    chinese redneck
    You should add an option to leave a short recorded message. Some voicemails won't register a call if you don't leave a voice message.
  19. maggie gaikar
    I love this app! Works awesome! Cheat code?
  20. Best app!
    Asgad Smgab
    Cheat code plz, i really liked it :)


What`s new

Bugfix: cheat code validation needs internet access, needed permissions granted
Feature: new help and version changes dialog
Refactoring: now it works fine on android 4.01 and above
Bugfixes based on debugreports

1. Speaker switch: rare speaker-is-not-turned-on bug is fixed
2. Confirmation dialog before calls is switch-able (for advanced users)
3. Clearing call log: clears call log after each attempt - so log of previous calls will not be pushed out.


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