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Chris Ye | Co-Founder of Uken Games

Toronto, Canada Area |

Mark Lampert | Co-founder at Uken Games

Toronto, Canada Area |

Chen Yang | Product Manager at Uken Games

Oakville, Ontario, Canada |

Gary Kramer | Product Manager at Uken Games

Toronto, Ontario, Canada |

Reviews 223,407

  1. Stealer
    Tatiana Ernecoff
    Don't install this game! Once you pay, you will always lose. And you have to pay again for power up. Don't buy anything from this game I rate this- 100.00. Meaning it is a steal!
  2. Won't work.
    Cynthia Emery
    I've tried opening this app to play and it won't even get past the first screen and freezes my phone up.
  3. This game is not running right !!
    Dwayne Page
    I have pay money for the cherries that you get to play the game and that you get for free to and every time I and everytime I leave the game to come back to it the next day my cherries are gone and I cannot play and on top of that people are meeting bingo way too fast and I saw her doing bingo before the number leaving start player so in this game sucks
  4. Not working properly!
    Cocoaa M
    Bingo icon doesn't even come up for you to score a bingo at times. Uninstalling!
  5. Ok
    Edwin Miskell
    Great and fun to play. Annoying when it starts you in the middle of a round already in progress. The pop-up ads between rounds is annoying as well. As for reporting it to support, i already did open a support ticket: case 154116. So now I have lowered my rating. You are playing against a computer where the odds are greatly in favor of the computer. Good luck getting a bingo. I have had better luck with Las Vegas slot machines. I have quite often gone through 100 credits (cherries) with not a single bingo.
  6. Irene Archuleta
    It says you have 10 numbers left, but in reality it doesn't give you all of them... You'll see the numbers left drop really fast and only 1 or 2 numbers were actually called
  7. Keisha Donkin
    You hardly ever win + and the only time you win is when you pay for power up and they cost way to much but it's ok to play
  8. I really love playing this app but........
    Bonnie Newcomb
    I've had a tremendous amount of problems with the Bingo Pop mobile app. In the Monte Carlo, Moose, Lunar and one of room's that only costs 2 cherries to play I've had the following issues not able to play my bingo board's because of the bonus slot at the end of the previous game is blocking or is in some sort of other way on the Bingo board screen when I start my next games. No number's called at all & my game abruptly/immediately ends as soon as it Start's. I've lost a lot of my game stuff because of it
  9. Nice game
    sania gamble
    I enjoy this app and find myself playing regularly. However, my fone is always in silent ringtones, no msg alerts, and I have muted the sounds in the game so when those annoying ads blurt out when least expected its very frustrating and often makes me jump! The actual game is fun & a nice gentle way to pass the time, its the ads that get your heart racing!
  10. I'm very dissappear with this game , it's NOT working more times than it is!
    Janet Baker
    I've been reading all the reviews and I see there are tons of disgruntled players so surely this shows you you need to really get your heads together before your game is a washout and you'll be left with very few people playing this game? While you're at it GET A DECENT ARTIST TO REDESIGN IT COS IT'S SO CHILDISH! looks as if a small child has done it! I'm UNINSTALLING it but may come back in a few weeks to see if you've made any changes?? Bye for now.
  11. Jodi George
    I've only been playing a week. In that week I have had 5 winning cards only. If you want people coming back, throw them a bone every so often! Plus, how does the same person get a bingo on the very first number called almost every other game!?! Sorry, removing the app and finding another one.
  12. Beware updates
    Cute game, I like the relative simplicity of gameplay and layout. However, with each update, lags and freezes get worse to the point where it's simply unplayable.
  13. OK game...
    Laura Layton
    Game play is fine, but what is with the random rhyming phrases that accompany some of the number calls? They're stupid and unnecessary.
  14. Bingo Pop
    Ellen Cope
    Would not download after u get to high levels! I was on level 57 use to love it! Now not so much!:*( So mad and real disappointed!!! I'm done trying to get it...tried 6 times still won't let me in!!! Uninstalling. And that bird that slides across half way is annoying!
  15. robert spencer
    I only had eight numbers on my ticket. What a con, its impossible to play or win with more that half my numbers missing. Tat. There's much better elsewhere. This is rubbish.
  16. Cheated
    Chastity Weinberg
    I win 3 instant bingos during slot play and never got them and leveled up and never got the 16 cherrie. This is not the first time it has happened 3 other times. If it continues I will stop playing
  17. Could be better
    Joy Kendrick
    I really enjoy this game & the variety of rewards offered. But Does not generate enough cherries to play the higher level games. They also need to change how many purchased cherries you get. 21cherries for $1.99 was way too expensive for playing only 3 games. Also way too glitchy. Need to work out bugs.
  18. Monica Lewis
    Decent bingo game.. My major issues not enough credits daily to really play!
  19. Coolest Little Game
    Seana Landeros
    Just wish they were more consistent w/the in-game games. They'll start a game where U collect flowers, for instance, & then game disappears b4 it's supposed to. OR on SAME xact device I will sign in & get one situation while another person signs in & gets another...
  20. Bingo pop
    Latisha Cochran
    I dont buy anything i just collect 3 days in a row all day & Than play Monoploy Bingo is a great bingo game ..All Bingo players Bingo cats is also great Price is right bingo


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