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Marc Arezzi | Video Editor

Simmy Kustanowitz | Executive Producer, Original Programming and Development

Felipe Henriquez | Associate Writer and Producer

Bryan Terry | Vice President of Development and Original Programming

Reviews 6,423

    Eric Conners
    Keep up the good work my dad said I could watch u guys after I begged him for hours over end. Please dont ever stop doing what you do. Jacrispy loves u GUYS. ^_^☆☆☆☆☆
  2. This app is so awesome!
    Bradford Matonis
    I love the impractical jokers show with a passion. It's one of the funniest shows I have ever seen in my life. I heard about this app and I instantly downloaded it. I still have the app and have no intentions of deleting it. It's that good. I love the picture booth feature and I love the soundboard! Get this app!
  3. I just love this show!
    Unique Jackson
    Finally I get to watch all day. I only can get it on TV. But this is awesome I hope that the app works good.
  4. My favorite show
    Kimberlyn Hughes
    Love this app, I can pick out choose any scene I desire.
  5. Love u guys
    Champ Jenkins
    This is shay I love u guys with your dares u guys are a riyet especially Joe and murr Sal I just like how u run from the cat Q yr cool thank u guys and how u put Sal in the maze
  6. Fix videos
    sky lar
    When I try to watch the after party videos they always log out after 5 or 10 minutes of watching please fix then it'll be 5 star
  7. Tony Randazzo
    Im a business owner and was wondering if we can possibly do something together? Is there a way to get in touch with you guys
  8. This app is the bomb!
    Jordan Bullock
    If you like the Impractical Jokers Then get this app!!!
  9. Awww Sal you best olé my heart!
    Kayla Fox
    Q no woo man could ever forger about you either? ! Love you all. God Bless you and your families, and I pray the Lord continues to watch over y'all and Bless your dreams. ♡ Foxy.
  10. Ferret lover!
    Lora Carroll
    Love the tattoo on Murr! I own ferrets, they snuggle.
  11. Y can't we
    yosher david
    Call the bros anymore I miss that bet it's still cool
  12. Love the guys, show, & app!
    jessica church
    The app is a wonderfully interactive tool. I love that you can set ringtones, crop pics, & watch various scenes from the show. Much love for the Jokers Web Chat as well, I look forward to them weekly. I personally believe that having all of these resources readily available for your fans generates an even stronger connection with them. Thanks for going above & beyond for your fans!
  13. Perfect for fans.
    Megan Phillips
    This app has everything you need for watching the after party videos in order, and is a ton of fun!
  14. I love this show
    Jennifer Amy
    I still laugh at the re-runs as If it's my first time seeing them
  15. XD
    Justin Fort
    To funny i can watch it for hours
  16. Jokers
    Analiesea Ybarra
    It cool u get to look at their after party their so funny
  17. Great app
    Evan Caltrider
    Love the show and I've noticed a lot of the Web chats appear here before they appear on YouTube
  18. Best game ever
    Nataliz Torres
    This is the best I watch there shows all the time but the picture booth doesn't work for me who cares this game is the best
  19. Best show ever
    Giovanni Martinez
    I'm only 12 years old and I watch it alot keep up the good work guys because u the best comedians ever in the world I hope to see u guys one day
  20. joanne anderegg
    Photo booth only puts small pic of the guys with your pic that is huge.


What`s new

Experience the Impractical Jokers like never before. This application has been completely redesigned with an enhanced photo booth experience that allows you to use filters, masks and stickers from your favorite moments from the show to share images and videos with your friends.


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