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Elizabeth Yang | Production Assistant

Jodi Holt | Senior Project Manager

Kieron Mirchandani | Guest Planning

Judy Moy | Line Producer

Reviews 545,445

  1. Great and Addictive
    Stephan Anderson
    Always a fun game to burn some time on no matter what time of day it is. Only issue I've ever had was that if you download the game on multiple devices, whatever money you spend, does not transfer through your account and makes you spend extra in order to keep the fun rolling in but the issue is possibly fixed but regardless... be careful on what you buy
  2. New update
    Danielle Braggs
    I've had this game since 2012 and it's a blast to play, but the new update deleted all my weapons (I had them all), all my money, outfits, progress, and high scores. If they restore it, I'll give the rest of the stars back.
  3. WTF !!
    Adrian Rianto
    i played this game for an hour after i download it and then i quit back to my home screen ... and guess what ? WHEN I PLAYED IT AGAIN ALL MY PROGRES IS GONE . I HAVE TO START OVER . When i played again the same thing keep happening . PLEASE fix this . If you fix this its 5 stars from me !!
  4. Mayger mayhem
    Aidan B
    Its the manliest game ive ever played in mt life its got girls guns, helicopters, explosions, ninjas, and more I would so download this if I were you
  5. Epic before the update but now WTF!!!
    Cristian Acevedo
    This game is EPIC, I really like this game has everything I want I totally recommend this game... But that is if you have it before the update, now after the update it deleted everything (I bought everything there and it took me time to do it), as long the don't fix it won't play it because it took time.... What they could have done was to put more levels not this for now 2 stars...
  6. Great game, what's not to love?!
    Josh Clark
    Classic arcade action, brings back great memories of arcades from the olden days. Great gameplay and fun, even the ads are bearable! Thanks devs!
  7. Great replay value
    Clearly the game is free but it offers a lot of side challenges that make you want to come back and keep playing
  8. Hard to put down!
    Cameron Albury
    This game is a must have, has been around for ages as I had it ages ago on an older phone but I have now downloaded it again and I must say that I'm not disappointed, it runs smoothly with a few minor cases that could be touched up on but other than that it is an addictive and sometimes frustrating game :)
    Linda Griffin
    Its fun to play just to pass time and if u want 2 kick ninja,mummy etc ass
  10. Fun and addicting..!!
    angelica malig
    I love this game so so exciting... but now I already finish the game..I wish you could create another mission in space to capture the president that escape in the earth to let him pay for his sins...please do that..for me.
  11. It's a fun time filler
    John Kreutziger
    I'm not happy about the real money needed to unlock weapons and that the update erased my progress. Otherwise, it's a simple fun game that's great for filling time when you need it and can suck you in more than you might expect.
  12. I like it but
    Bella Baby
    The stages are still the same. since i played it year 2012. I hope they will put new bosses and enemies and stages so its not kinda boring.
  13. Ok.
    Jonathon Boykin
    The first time I had this game you didn't need cash to unlock weapons. You just had to play. Now they want money for you to be able to unlock weapons instead of just getting what you want when you want it. Unless of course you want to spend the money
  14. Must Have Game
    Karam Hawkins
    Love this game! Hate that the update starts you all over again. Now I have to achieve everything again. Still a good game!
  15. Erased progress
    Daniel Adams
    I'm not the first and surely not the last to post this. The last update erased my guns, outfits, and level progress. U GUYS SUCK
  16. Really great!!!
    Jesus Vargas
    My brother and I love this game so much that we don't need anymore games on our Dell tablet, it's just really great!! Thanks for the great game [Adult Swim] games
  17. graffsucks
    Had this game and just re downloaded and I am done withbit cause in order to get new guns you have to pay real money which is stupid wish u could give 0 stars
  18. Great game
    Gilbert Rinaldi
    Its a game ive played when my phone only had adreno 200 and i loved it!! But now it's still dead laggy on a much better phone :/ otherwise, straight 5 stars!!
  19. Good game
    Rohit Mishra
    I have played many games bt this game is one of the best games..plz try it once u will b addicted to it
  20. Best game ever well not ever but awesome
    Sam Smith
    I love it its awesome you need to download this. Just my opinion


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