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Josh Chandley | Director of Product & Operations

Greater Seattle Area |

Reviews 42,453

  1. Awaiting tech support response to my email
    Michael Jacobsen
    Sent tech support an email with screen shots and details on what happens with the level 9 issue. Will revise once I hear a response.
  2. Horrible experience
    James Campbell
    Very poor customer service, After there update with new features I got stuck on level 9. It would not let me pass level 9. I emailed the developers and no one responded to my email. I was informing them there is a issue but they dont care. So Good luck with this game . I am deleting this game with a record of 117 wins and 56 losses. Trivial technologies you suck
  3. Rikki J Apps
    Great game but stuck on level 9 and can't go any further loads of people also stuck for ages not been rectified awful service
  4. Fix the play buttons
    Allan Dale
    It is so frustrating that the two play buttons need to be pressed several times before it registers and goes to the game. I have tried this on different brand phones with same result. Please, you need to fix this bug quickly. And why are we all stuck on level 9?
  5. Darryl Cozza
    Too glitzy, with too much animation... slows game play, although you can tap through the animations. In level 3, the AI purposely misses points and when you try to claim the points via muggins, the game locks up. Nice try, but fix the freezing bugs and add settings to turn off animations. Time delay for automatically showing counted cards is too short, add a manual ok button. I have played this game dozens of times now. During the initial cut of the deck to see who deals, NOT ONCE has the AI allowed me to cut anything less than a face card. Unless the AI cuts a king and I cut a jack or queen, I will never get the deal. Bug? Perpetual coincidence? Or, maybe just another form of card manipulation that developers are so fond of writing in to their games?
  6. Stuck on level 9...
    Jenny White
    Like many others, a bug in the game means I can't move past level 9, otherwise I would have given a much better rating!
  7. Dreaded "Level 9 Glitch"
    Mark Jacobson
    I played enough to try to level past and it just reset to the points I had before I would have leveled. Great cribbage app otherwise.
  8. James Paschall
    Good game, nice graphics and gameplay. Annoying bug stuck on level 9. Get exp points however it will not advance and give me tokens and resets to level 9.
  9. Nice game but
    Steve Swedyk
    Just because I choose pro level as I know how to play doesn't mean the computer needs to get a 14+ point hand to open every single game.
  10. Good cribbage
    Michael Gapen
    Would have rated higher if I could get past level 9.
  11. Cribs loaded!
    charles yahnke
    Great game. Wouldn't mind seeing the opponents cards longer. Would like a manual count that would let you put in points like a calculator vs just the total. Easy to miss some points in a rush. Also stuck on level 9 and unable to receive coins for muggins and shotgun play. Great game all in all though. Thank you. ....cough cough multiplayer cough cough....
  12. Worked for 2 days
    Mike Viens
    When it worked, it was a fun game. Now I try to play and the game just restarts. Annoying! Nexus 5 on Lollipop.
  13. Fix the lvl 9 issue buttholes.
    Chris Combs
    You would figure with everyone complaining about not being able to lvl up pass lvl 9 they would fix it.
  14. Needs fixed!
    Adam Miller
    Can't get past level 9. One star till then. Also you should make the option to play 4 player vs. CPU
  15. Another "level 9" issue....
    Nathan Taylor
    What's the point in having levels if it's impossible to advance!
  16. Great until level 9...
    Paul Moody
    Won't go past level 9 at all.
  17. Gregory Shaw
    Awesome game but really needs more levels maxed out on 9
  18. PLEASE fix so we can get past level 9
    Todd Jordan
    I like this game but fix it. Come on.
  19. I wish I could
    carrie wood
    I so want to go past level 9!!!!!
  20. Cribbage
    Raymond Viveiros
    Great graphics, nice animation and sound. Wish there was more because this developer obviously knows his stuff. Excellent job.


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