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李郁 | Senior concept,2D artist of Dr.panda

四川 成都 |

Paul Case | Marketing Team Lead at Dr. Panda

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Thijs Bosma | Dr. Panda

四川 成都 |

Tom Buyckx | Chief Commercial Officer at Dr. Panda

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Reviews 1,729

  1. Slow!!
    jez ansell
    Another enjoyable game with one problem. Multiple taps of the screen are needed to get a response which is frustrating!! All the other Panda games we have are one touch response! Have re-installed a number of times with no success.
  2. More games
    Angel Coughlan
    I like it, but can you make a dr panda school *like daycare not like teach me* with realistic leave and class times? Like 3 o clock leaving, 8 o clock coming in, 12 o clock lunch, stuff like that
  3. Great
    Chris rainford
    Great, fun, entertaining for all, every doc panda game is amazing. But I suggest you to take that one step further, like doing day and night. Egg, sausage and beans or cereal for breakfast, a variety or sandwiches for lunch, dinner youve almost nailed, but why not try spaghetti or chicken wings. Then pudding. Great. Just a suggestion for doc panda makers, but doc panda games suggestion to all.
  4. It takes up to much space
    Andrea Schumacher
    My daughter loves it but when I got the full version it wouldn't install please fix it
  5. Love these games ☺☺
    Becky Smith
    I happened to come across these games purely by accident but now since I've downloaded two of these my son LOVES these ☺☺☺ Great games , Thanks
  6. Lorie K
    Very enjoyable. Keep pressing items to open games within the game
  7. Really good game for kids
    alex m
    My only suggestion would be to change the receipe for the corn soup. Kids are prompted to put their finger in the frying pan to spread the butter. Using a spatula (or accelerometer) would be better to promote safety around the kitchen... Also, there's a missed opportunity with salt/pepper. Putting tons of salt/pepper on foods - especially sweet foods - could lead to a funny animation when the animal eats. I tried to cover the apple pie in salt & pepper, and the monkey loved it just as much...
  8. Lots of fun
    Sheila Benak
    My 3-year-old son lives this game. Easy enough for him to play, yet still challenging enough that he stays interested. Keeps him entertained for quite a while.
  9. My children love to cook so this L
    Dermot Maloney
    MY children love to cook so they can cook with out burning themselves
  10. Rasheda Jackson
    My 5 year old love all the Dr. Panda
  11. Very nice
    Breno Magalhaes
    Install and see it. Its a must have it
  12. Fun
    Michelle Johnson
    My 6 yr old daughter enjoys this game, she lokes to take care of the customers!
  13. Stephanie Savard
    My 3 year old LOVES THIS GAME
  14. Michael Downs
    No car to let people out worked for a while
  15. Pleze Do mor apz!
    Liam Lopez
    No like No mor Apz Jst sukz!!
  16. Great learning game
    Jessica Phillips
    My two and hald year old loves these games!!! And they keep her entertained while she is learning too
  17. Little girl loves panda games
    Stephen Thomas
    Its fun and easy my 2 year old loves them and they teach them general things pertaining to real life.
  18. Crashes
    Frank nal
    I have a few of this companies apps and this is the only one that crashes.
  19. Awesome
    Peter Bradley
    5 star game for 3 year old
  20. Great game for kids
    David Figueroa
    My 6 yr old loves these series of games. Keeps her entertained for hours. Very interactive and engaging.


What`s new

- Added a new minigame
- Added an option to disable promotion screen
- Minor improvements