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李郁 | Senior concept,2D artist of Dr.panda

四川 成都 |

Paul Case | Marketing Team Lead at Dr. Panda

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Thijs Bosma | Dr. Panda

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Tom Buyckx | Chief Commercial Officer at Dr. Panda

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  1. Great games just not this one.
    Mathew Gallagher
    So far my 3 year old has loved most of the Dr. Panda games. However, Bus Driver was very slow and choppy on his Galaxy Tab 3 Kid's Edition. I'm sure on a powerful tablet it runs beautifully. For that reason I have to be neutral at 3 stars.
  2. Great app for kid
    William Brown
    Great! Great! Great! Honestly, me and my 5 year old daughter love it. Even as an adult I found it fun to play. Graphics are well designed for a tablet app. And it works perfectly on my nexus 7! I would rate it 6 stars if I could
  3. Absolutely LOVE IT!
    Tania Wismeyer
    This game is incredibly adorable and quite relaxing to play. I enjoy the scenery and the cute characters and it deserves more then 5 stars. The random generated map keeps it interesting too It would also be cool if you could ad day and night cycles too. And maybe seasons. Anyway, thanks for making this wonderful game.
  4. Live it
    Taylor Mason
    Its so fun because its like you get to drive it for real
  5. Crashes
    Frank nal
    Have a few of the apps from this company some work some don't and this is one of the apps that doesn't.
  6. Amizing
    Brian Fletcher
    I love ur games please please make more
  7. William Cadenhead
    I love it I made my bus look like a stagecoach
  8. Really love it!!!
    Lynnx Kristaa
    I love playing 3d games cause its fun . Thanks for building this game!❤
  9. Matteo Dewananda
    I like to drive to the gas stations and the car wash
  10. Dr . Panda s bus driver
    Daniel Calvillo
    The only one who has panda man
  11. Janos Biro
    Stopped workin on Android 5.0.2... contacted support, but no reply... :(
  12. Goooooooooooooooood!!!
    Reshi s
    Very nice game I don't waste my money my money give me a gooooooooood game
  13. Larry D.
    Monotoni without end! How about more variation and challenge for the little ones? Made me fall asleep before my granddaughter!
  14. Great App
    Derrick Hughes
    machi manishi avatar image
    machi manishi May 10, 2015
    Perfect !!!!! Nice
  15. Inovative
    Ardian Saputra Kurniawan
    Andreas Gassner avatar image
    Andreas Gassner December 18, 2013
    Great! Just what I was looking for. My son loves it. I just wish there was a drive at night and perhaps a difficulty setting to make the steering more meaningful. And steering by tilting instead of dragging. Edit: Maybe add some obstacles like parked cars to steer around? :)
  16. Graphics need sorted
    Amy Stewart
    Could be good, a bit like toca train, but graphics and background rendering are bad. Update please.
  17. Brilliant game
    William McEwan
    It's a excellent game it just my littlest sister just wants levels and it would be nice if weather changed as well.
  18. Good for younger kids
    Anne Scarborough
    Could have more stuff to do for older people
  19. Played it all day
    Callum Hough
    It's meant for kids but I'm hooked. There's just something peaceful about driving a bus around this nice sprawling landscape.
  20. Too laggy
    Srikanth Lingala
    Could not play for more than a couple of minutes. Lags a lot on my Galaxy Nexus. Please fix.


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