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李郁 | Senior concept,2D artist of Dr.panda

四川 成都 |

Paul Case | Marketing Team Lead at Dr. Panda

China |

Thijs Bosma | Dr. Panda

四川 成都 |

Tom Buyckx | Chief Commercial Officer at Dr. Panda

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Reviews 732

  1. Probably done with Dr. Panda games
    Roy Perkins
    I used to love buying Dr. Panda games for my 2 year old so she could play and learn. But recently, they started adding links to their other apps, which opens the Play Store. Now, my daughter just spends all day playing videos off the Play Store and using that to access all of Youtube via sound only.
  2. Very family friendly.
    Michelle Morton
    I like the option to turn off the promotion screen.
  3. Idk
    Sunnie PlayzGamez
    Am I the only one who thought thenpanda looks like Tyler oakly
  4. Cool
    peyton W
    It is awesome I just wish they more things to do
  5. Abby Fisher
    It's a perfect app for me, because I love dr.panda games, and I love makeover games.
  6. Omg love it!
    Millie Irving
    I'm not young but it is one of the most entertaining apps I own
  7. Isn't compatible
    Michele Pooler
    Purchased this game as my daughter and granddaughter love all the other Dr Panda games I've installed. For some reason this one won't install on my visual land tablet. Would like to be refunded.
  8. Betsaida Luque
    Won't install. I installed it in my other kids tablet but I can't install here.
  9. Love it!
    Anna Sophia
    Buying it was worth it!! Even though im not a little kid,i love the game!!!
  10. Kitty Murray
    I llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove iiIts awesome you will love it
  11. Aalyah Mergo
    Why you gotta be so rude?:)100% good
  12. Dr.panda's Beauty salon
    Breonna Branch
    I like the games I play the games
  13. Love it!
    kara nakanishi
    always wanting more Dr. Panda games! My 3 year loves them!
  14. My daughter loves it
    Anti Social Girl
    My daughter has all the dr panda games and this is by far her fave
  15. "Fun for my five year old...
    Samantha Massingale-Gerth
    She LOVES these app. Especially doing the nail designs. Fun on my phone and tablet.
  16. My 3 year old adores your apps - thank you! :-)
    Shareen Shaw
    Thanh Nguyen avatar image
    Thanh Nguyen April 24, 2013
    My daughter loves this game! My 4,5 years-old daughter absolutely enjoys this game! I have bought her all the Panda series, they are all her favorites. Keep up the good work, Tribeplay!
  17. Awesome
    Ingie Goher
    The game is awesome,it is worth the 2.00$ in every game,all kids love it, even sometimes I just go and color their nails haha,but it would be much much better to put new mini games such as the kids brush their hair with a comb and bla bla bla.
  18. Great app!!!
    William Brown
    It’s a really fun game! My 3 yo daughter just loves the nail painting, she could play it for hours. Cutting finger nails and face washing also help her on forming the health living habit. We love this salon!!!
  19. Just awesome
    lindsey barabe
    I have every doc panada game they have and there is not one my daughter dosnt love and I love the price. U can't h wrong with a kids game at a great price.
  20. 14 year old here:)
    Laura May
    Omg. I love this game, its not just for 3/4 year olds! Its so fun:D


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