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Boston, Massachusetts |

Mike Ferroni | Videogame Music Composer and Sound Designer

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  1. 〰〰〰 A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    AoP is a perfect cross of Star Traders and Cyber Knights, all wrapped up in a pirate setting. Trade, shoot and swashbuckle your way throughout the large map, gaining rep with each territory in a similar fashion to CK whilst deciding what to import and export like in ST. Forget advertising bloatware like Angry Birds, the Trese Brothers really deserve the handle of 'top developer' with their excellent and fully featured strategy games. Limitless gameplay and endless replayability.
  2. Awesome game!
    Sierra Hatcher
    I love this game... it's diverse and has stratigic play in it. Some things id like to see though are maybe saying somewhere what's best to sell in the different types of towns. Also talking over towns for yourself or your faction would be neat and if the other factions did that amounst themselves would add dynamic to the wars. :3 All in all though this game is really fun as it is. Keep up the great work!
  3. Totally worth the money.
    Andrew Stumbo
    Love this game. Love the trading, the ships, all of it. Just a couple suggestions: I'd like it so that if you run out of rations, there would be a mutiny, but only one. I've had a couple games where I've had to go against the wind for whatever reason and kept running out of food, then died cuz of, like, 8 mutinies. Anyway. Multiplayer would be cool, along with special treasures that merchants and treasure hunters would carry, such as ivory, jewels, or various other precious metals. 11/10. Fantastic game
  4. Soulful Design!!
    Hüseyin Ersan
    I think the creators of this game put alot of hard effort to make you think about piracy from their own minds. It is so soulful that you feel their hard efforts and trials when creating this unique game. Age of Pirates send you directly to that years like youre living it. Alot of games in the gaming sector dont make you feel you are in their world. They are sooo shallow. But this one delivers the tone effectively. . Congratulation to the Devs, who care about the consumers in every way. .
  5. Enjoyable
    Jeremiah Smith
    Its obvious that all the features, story, and mechanics are yet to be completed, however even without them its an enjoyable addicting game. I cant wait to see how much more they will add. Update: Still love the game, it feels not quite complete but I felt that way with Sid Meires Pirates so mabye I'm just picky about my seamanship and pirating. My recommendation is if you read the game's description and your intrigued then you'll love the game.
  6. Great game
    robert stanley
    Fun to play and also kind of challenge in strategic but all in all a great game will give 5 stars when you eventually make more civilizations and other Trading factions nations more pirates and stuff like that
  7. Great game
    Johnathan Bridge
    Wish it had auto start after situations happen
  8. Oh for fun!
    Adam Stevens
    This game reminds me of a PC game I used to play called Cutthroats, donchya know! I sure do enjoy it more than moms Tater-Tot Hot Dish, you betcha!
  9. Alex Lucky
    I love that there is a update every week or so. Keep up the good work!!
  10. Pirates Rpg
    Stv Cldr
    Very fun, random encounter table is fairly deep and varied
  11. Joshua Moore
    love this game reminds of a pirates game i played on old nintendo
  12. The Age of Sail in your pocket!
    Stephen Jacques
    Using the familiar game engine as seen in Star Traders RPG, Age of Pirates drops you into a fantasy world of piracy, trading & intrigue based in a similar ancient world setting of our own 'Golden Age' of the Caribbean. As with all TB games, the quality speaks for itself, since being involved with the Alpha to where the game is now, AoP has improved with every update. If you have any interest in trading, strategy or the romance of sail, gunpowder or Tricorn hats, BUY THIS GAME! YAARR!!!
  13. Best Pirate Game Ever
    Adam Jayy
    One of the best games ever for android. Highly recommend it to those who have a pirate fetish (like myself). This game would be perfect if there is a dueling system like in pirates and traders (i think that's what its called). And more interaction with the npcs would be nice. Anyhow great game 10/10 love it
  14. Deep, complex and rewardingly fun
    Luke Russ
    An extremely interesting game that is great fun to jump into. Once you get sucked into the fleshed out world and all the choices you can make the experience and the replay value of this game is great. Edit: since I bought it the devs update constant as well as new content.
  15. Great time killer
    Josh Seymour
    Been playing abit now and no glitches or hiccups... Even transferred my free game profile to elite game, so have been happily killing away with my previous captain!
  16. Still Excellent!
    Azaraiah Zee
    Raised to 5 stars because these games still rock!
  17. LG optimus g pro
    cory cook
    Amazing game! Just like sid myers pirates!
  18. A perfect single player adventure
    Janus Kane
    Free roaming world to explore with demon ships and deep sea terrors to conquer. It's a rogue like pirates reboot, and it's about time! Also it's constantly updated every month or two from what I can tell
  19. HTC DESIRE 10
    Talmadge Davis
    Reminds me of the old RPG's on the original NES...hours and hours of enjoyment. Doesn't take an 'alienware' setup to run. You can ramp up the settings to where it's almost impossible to win. A good game experience.
  20. Great sandbox pirate career game NO in game purchases or other garbage =)
    Sebastian Kinsey
    Wonderful game...needs a few additions, but these developers really do put time into upgrades, so hopefully they'll be coming. Like ability to capture towns and change their political allegiance, and ability to attack towns


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v1.4.21 - 12/11/2015
- Fixed crash on launch & map for affected devices
- Added flipped landscape feature for game
- Improved balance of open sea encounters
- Improve map performance
- Fixed typos and map bugs