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Olli Alatalo | Game Developer at 10tons Ltd.

Tampere Area, Finland |

Henri Reunanen | Level designer

Tampere Area, Finland |

Jaakko Maaniemi | PR Coordinator, Game Designer

Tampere Area, Finland |

Petteri Mutanen | Game Developer

Tampere Area, Finland |

Reviews 1,238

  1. WoW
    Joseph De Morgan
    This company knows how to make great games. This is my second both 5 stars at least. Great game. Keep up the good work. PS. Sequels could be a bit cheaper if prior game was purchased.
  2. Can't win
    Patrick Barkey
    No matter how you play or what amulets you use, you can't win. Aiming isn't accurate, and when you deliberately aim off in order to compensate your aim, it decides to be accurate. The game never gives you the colirs you need when you need them; it always gives you the colors at the end of the chain, naturally when you can't aim at it. Then the last puzzle goes very very quickly, and you never get the colors you can't win. I've been playing for a week. I'm uninstalling.
  3. Great
    Mandy Chamberland
    Best zuma type game out there. Graphics are great, sound effects are awesome, and the controls are really sensitive and responsive. Id give it a five star but it gets buggy/choppy sometimes which messes up your game.
  4. Love it!!!!
    Jane Smith
    I cannot say enough good things about this puts marble blast to shame
  5. What Fun.
    Mendota Kelly
    I like this little game. It is so addictive. Easy to play and still challenging. No in game purchases, pay once and enjoy. Only four stars because some levels are purposely made unwinnable.
  6. Sparkle
    Debbie G
    Good game good graphics good fun, love ital.let as good as Luxor wish if was more detailed graphics
  7. Great fun
    Pepijn van der Kroef
    Very smooth, nice graphics... It just has one problem which is the difficulty balance. Being easy for 80 levels and then becoming nigh on impossible on some of the last levels does not add longevity, it just makes the player curse your name and forget that they had loads of fun up to then.
  8. Awesome - BUT has crashing issues.
    Mark Jensen
    I've had Sparkle on other devices and love the game. That said, on my Galaxy Note 3 it crashed constantly until I did a hard reset... Not sure why. All other games played fine. Otherwise superb game!
  9. Simply Addictive
    L Ma
    Sparkle was my first (and only) purchase on the PalmOS plat. Found myself Sparkling to fill gaps in the day. Good to keep the mind active. Nice sound effects and music complement the play. Excellent and simply addictive.
  10. Very smooth, great music
    Zoran Stamatov
    Its a really nice game, best zuma style game I've come accross. The audio is brilliant. My only beef is that it crashes and freezes now and then. Otherwise, no issues. Galaxy S2.
  11. Very addictive
    Adam Theune
    This game is great. You wouldn't think swiftness of the controls would matter in this game, but they really do. And this game does it so satisfyingly. Idk about other tablets, but my nexus 7 gets suuuuper hot when I play this game. About an hour of playing gets me down to about 25%. And trust me, you WILL end up playing for that long. Hopefully this can get updated to play more efficiently for what it is without sacrificing the great controls. The music is fantastically done. Just needs more tracks.
  12. A fun time waster.
    Russell Folk
    A semi-addictive game with good graphics, music, sound effects, and a simple storyline that will provide hours of fun.
  13. Please fix My paid version!!!
    Danielle W
    I love this game but I'm pretty upset that once I paid for the full version, I had it less than 24 hours before the whole game crashed & is unable to be opened.. Please fix or refund My money.. then U will get 5 stars
  14. Really
    Gerard Mitchell
    This game is great until it makes you start from the beginning after you've cleared all except the final two boards.... Should have kept the free version ........
  15. WOW!
    Vandal Thirteen
    I stumbled upon this game by accident and decided to give it a go as a long time Zuma/Luxor fan. It's Amazing! I rarely type reviews and this game did not ask me to. I purchased the game so I wouldn't be bothered by the ads but there's a free version as well. Give it a shot! : )
  16. Cool
    Lee Ann Renshaw
    Liked it so much in the free version, I downloaded the full one. Great graphics, challenging, and stable on my tablet.
  17. Very entertaining
    Alpha Rakama
    Closest game I've seen to the original Zuma game! Very responsive with very little if no bugs.
  18. Great!
    Anand Gupte
    Amazing graphics! Got hooked on to it the moment I played it for like two minutes! Superb music too. Tonnes of unending entertainment value.
  19. Almost perfect
    Andrew D'mello
    The game is great and super addictive. Absolutely love it. Only thing I don't like is that I have to use both hands to play, but for the graphics and gameplay it couldn't get better.
  20. Sparkle
    Isabelle Hassler
    So very fun and challenging. Love the sounds and colors. And so very addictive that the time flies. Glad it has more challenging levels. Great game.


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