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  1. I love it!
    Melanie Reynolds
    There is an overwhelming selection of games and varieties of ways to play many of them, there are many backgrounds and card designs to choose from too. It's my favorite solitaire app! I had a technical issue and developers were very responsive and released an update quickly. I'm very happy with the app and with them! :)
  2. Favorite All Time Game Purchase
    Daniel Van Der Werken
    This is my favorite all time Android game purchase. I've played it on multiple phones over a few years. It's also huge fun!
  3. Great game!
    Bill Icard
    Is there a way to reset your bank in Casino Klondike? If so, I'll go five stars
  4. Resource Hog
    Kevin Chan
    Still running after exit (using the Back key; there's no quit button). Listed as "cached background processes" but still using the CPU & draining your battery. Also lack options to disable services for Sony Ericsson & Android wear devices.
  5. Daniel O'Sullivan
    Best Solitaire game on Android. Using a Samsung Galaxy tab 4. Worth the 99 cents for sure. Great way to kill time with so many solitaire games to play from very easy to extremely challenging.
  6. Great selection of card games!
    Alan Dickie
    Would love to give it 5 stars, but the appearance, including fonts, colours, patterns and fancy scrolls looks horribly outdated. Ok, probably a conscious decision by the devs to give a sense of a bygone age but a clean modern look, or at least a choice of one, would be very welcome.
  7. Frank Difeo
    I Still like this APP and recommend it but for the last few weeks there seems to be a problem. Problem is if I start a certain type game and stop to go back to it later, it is no longer there. The same type game is still there, but now it is a new game at the beginning and not the exact one I started. This never happened before unless I did a restart of the phone or the APP received an Update. Is this a bug or is there a setting I need to change. ???
  8. Very Happy Happy Customer!!
    Rose Girl
    Super happy with revisions for the app that were released last night! This Solitaire game pack is, By Far, the Best there is out there... Believe me, I looked around after the unhappiness with the previous update - Nothing even came Close!! Thank you!!
  9. Solitary Mega Pack
    Regina Wesson
    Love this game, can't get enough of it. There is so many types included, I never get bored.
  10. Soltaire MegaPack
    Eralyn McLarty
    Diverse challenge levels. Really pleasedvwith choices. Addictive.
  11. AlejoHausner
    I really like it, but the UI could use two improvements: 1. I keep hitting the "back" button and exiting the game! How about making back=undo? 2. Currently I have to drag a card or pile all the way to its destination, and release. How about just "throwing" a card or pile towards a valid destination, and having the software pick the nearest valid destination for you? EDIT: The new smart tap feature does exactly what item 2 asked for!
  12. Rich Madole
    Best and most importantly THE solitaire games of choice.
  13. Love this game
    Darrin Potter
    Why can't I play the cards that come open on Tri Peaks????
  14. Solitaire Megapack
    Curt Rogers
    More different solitaire games than you'll ever need.
  15. Marguerite Plank
    Great games, and well worth the low price for no ads. Really like the new look, too.
  16. Brian Williams
    Owned over a year. Great solitaire games
  17. I love it!
    Lois Forgie
    They added my favorite solitary. I have no complaints. Its the best.
    Windi Primiadhi
    Awesome, best solitaire game I've ever played & some of them is rare. This is way i decided to bought this after several times playing the free version, two thumbs up for the developer !!!
    I need the game to be lengthwise on my screen. The card faces would be bigger. I've tried everything.
  20. HTC Desire
    Jamie B
    This one is a must have! The only app needed for card games.


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Changes in 14.18.0:
Bug fixes. Added new solitaire game Busy Aces.