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Robert Moore | UI Contractor at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

Laura Yip | Co-founder at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

John Poon | Product Manager at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

Akash Jain | Product Manager at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 248,084

  1. Love it but..
    Auddi Barrios
    Its an addictive game and I love playing it. My only problem is that it crashes on me every time I want to mine for dragons/land. However it doesn't do that to my gf's phone who is also addicted to the game.
  2. Dee Oates
    It kept kicking me out after each action. I don't like it at all too many bugs
    Nicole L.
    I'd gladly rate it higher IF you guys fix the annoying bug! It first happened while I was feeding ny dragon so he can level up, I made to level 3 before I ran out of food. I quit and came back to find out he's still a Lvl 1. Then just earlier, I waited an hour for my habitat to finish building yet when I came back, it wasnt even there and I was asked to purchase again AND WAIT, OFCOURSE, ANOTHER HOUR. The coins weren't an issue because, as far as I can see, it wasn't affected. But still, what the hell.
  4. Very cool game
    Marilyn Aragon
    Tge only thing i dnt like is the breeding takes to long and getting the same dragons
  5. It was buggy but..
    Alison Willard
    I could ACTUALLY play even tho I'd get kicked off a lot I still enjoy this game. Plus the new battle arena etc is available for android now. But after updating it loads for a min an goes black! I can't even play. Can't uninstall the update. I'm a level 98 player an have spent many hours an money to get this far an can't even play. VERY frustrating!! An I see so many others who are having problems but no reply from storm8/team lava...
  6. Good game
    Alison Creeber
    I really like the dragons you can buy and I like the idea of crossbreeding them. The decorations are cool. The only thing is that it takes a long time to expand the island and to get rid of junk, on the other games like farm story 2 (my favorite) it only takes a second to do those things. Other than that, a good game.
  7. They starting to cheat now
    Linda Carter
    I'm playing the tournament trying to win a cute little black dragon. And all u need is 30 carousel post. When u win the match they will give u 1 post and u have to wait an hour to play again well. Now wen I win they no longer give me post. The last tournament I was shy of 3 post and I think this is the reason why. Why put a tournament in the game if it's impossible to win. I will be deleting this game if I don't win the dragon.
  8. Kathy Poulin
    Getting boring. Takes far too long to get dragons to adults. I have too many coins and nowhere to spend them. I never get bonus dragons during events because there isn't enough time. I used to make monthly purchases but no longer since the return isn't fun anymore. I'll probably remove this game to make room for something more fun.
  9. Linda Young
    Dragon story it is great to play but I have 1 problem with it. I have to keep repeating the same thing over until it takes hold.
  10. Trance Plant
    I am addicted and love the game. It does however take a ridiculous amount of time and resources (coins food gold) .Also tends to crash and steal bombs when mining. The database programmers obviously are clueless about transactional programming.
  11. I love this game but it keeps crashing on me.
    Jazmin V
    Every time I take a action it kicks me out of the game. Please fix I love this game before it started doing this
  12. New Update needs to be fixed
    Jen O'Hanna
    I just installed the new update and most of the items aren't loading. I've been playing this game for over a year. The "Spring" update that finally allows android users to battle and quest is great. I have a few issues, such as not being able to get dragons above a level 10 but battle dragons above level does that make sense? And it's too difficult to earn gold, and I am not one to purchase stuff in games, so I just try and earn as much of the items as possible.
  13. Crashes all the time!!
    Lisa Koehrsen
    I've been playing this game for 3 years on my iPod and have had very few problems, however, the game on my Android crashes so much and so often that I can't visit neighbors and now I can't collect my coins from my own island!! Very frustrating!! I feel like the developers have always forgotten about Android players and I don't know why!?? When I am able to play this game without all these problems I really love it! It's a lot of fun and the dragons are cute! Please fix and I'll give you back 5 star rating!
  14. Dragon Story
    Josephine Waiti
    Wudve given more but since ive updated it it's been running dumb, I buy food, do a quest, ,an wen I go back its gone, I'm wasting money buying stuff that disappears it's closing down heapz an slower and I mite have jus have opened it and it closes again. I luved this game but its getting annoying now. Fix it and I'll give it a 5 star. Don't fix an I'm gonna delete.
  15. Crashes
    Katie W
    My app crashes after a minute of use and doesn't always even save my progress. I have kitkat 4.4. So frustrating! The dragons are uber cute though!
  16. Can't get in anymore
    The last update caused glitches for me. Which I was just dealing with. However now it doesn't connect and says it requires internet access. It has access. I can play all my other games and get on Facebook and everything. It is only dragon story that I can't get into
  17. Ok
    Kent Morrison
    Need more dragons available with coins earned in game though since I've been at the highest level the game goes at level150 for way too long. I also have 115,000,000 (yes million) coins and for what? Battle arena fixed so you can't win free dragons.
  18. Money
    Bridget Dowling
    I really love the game but it costs 50, 000 to remove a tree? It was hard enough to get 30, 000 for a large farm and I didnt have enough space to get more dragons to save up please fix this
  19. Can't find account.
    Zain Benten
    I haven't played Dragon Story in over a year and now I can't find my account. I tried logging in on Storm8 but it said that I had bad Username/password. PLEASE HELP I WANT TO GET BACK MY DIAMOND DRAGON!
  20. Good game, I guess
    Mrs. Sherri C
    I like seeing the different types of dragons that can be bred. This game is fun and simple to play, I just wish it didn't cost so much gold. To buy dragons you have to buy gold, but to buy gold you have to spend real money! Which sucks. The dragons are so expensive also. One dragon can cost up to $100.00 dollars in real money! The only way not to spend real money is to have a lot of friends send you gold but you only get 3 pieces of Gold a day, which sucks!!!!!


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