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Adrian Lawton | Brand Manager at Team 17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Aaleyah Symons | Marketing at Team17 Digital Ltd

Nottingham, United Kingdom |

Pawel Goleniewski | QA Manager at Team17 Digital Ltd

Leeds, United Kingdom |

Lélia Peuchamiel | Producer at Team 17

Wakefield, United Kingdom |

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  1. Awesome game!
    Neagu Alex
    Today I found out about this game from a forum post related to worms franchise and I am really glad. It is inspired from lemmings and this is not a bad thing at all. For me at least this game made my day.
  2. It's an AWESOME Game
    Evan Johnson
    It helps me think about what I am supposed to be doing and where I need to put something. It also help me with "Thinking".
  3. Great
    Cody Hollstein
    Fun way to kill some time, haven't ran into any bugs or issues at all :)
  4. Lemings with attitude
    Gimp BOY
    Love this, and it gets real difficult real fast. Just wanna keep trying. Just a pity I had to restart all levels when I got my new phone, and new phone wont move blocks.
  5. Update crashes game
    Arman Zarinebaf
    The game was great, but after the update, the game doesn't work. Please fix this please! Also, there are a lot of bugs!
  6. Love the game needs more levels
    Jason Batchelder
    Love the game but needs more levels!
  7. Fun game
    Jennifer Dougherty
    Super fun and decently challenging. Love the new levels and wish there were more.
  8. Team 17 do it again
    Rob Halpin
    Since the very first worms team 17 have produced nothing but excellent games and this is no exception. A must buy
  9. Looses data & needs internet
    André de Jager
    Twice it has lots all its data and reset my progress and wool about. It also needs Internet when starting up, impossible on the Tube
  10. Team 17... Much respect
    joe badra
    Well done. fun and good graphics. Great game play, smooth and not boring like many other games out there. Good job
  11. Great bang for your buck
    Loads of levels and smooth, fluid controls make this game easily one of the best on my phone, definitely the best that I've paid for.
  12. Some say it's a Lemmings Clone
    Steve Hawk
    Even if it is, there are no decent Lemmings clones available on Android. This game is fantastic. The only thing I could wish for is Cloud Sync. I game on my phone when I'm on break at work, and on my Shield Tablet when I'm at home. I tend to skip this game on my breaks, because my progress is not synced to the tablet when I get home. Other Team 17 games offer Cloud Sync (Worms 3, which I just bought), so I know they're capable of adding it. Team 17, if you're listening, add Cloud Sync, please!
  13. Lemmings Reimagined
    Steve Edwards
    Apart from a game killing glitch on level 2, which fixed itself upon restart, this is a fun update on the Lemmings idea, with enough new features to make it stand out. Worth paying for.
  14. Fun, but laggy
    Ana Roestenburg
    Originally crashed when I first tried to play. Wrote a bad review, got some help, and now it works fine, albeit with a bit of lag from time to time. Fun concept, reminds me of lemmings, which you can't get on Android
  15. Fun, But Lags At Times And NO S Pen Support For Galaxy Notes!
    Mark Jordan
    Played on a Galaxy Note 4 running 4.4.4, the S Pen doesn't work with game. It's simple to code the game to use the Galaxy Note S Pen! The game has some lag at times and this is on the Note 4, one of the most powerful phones around and I have 1.17GB of free Ram, so it's not my phone. The game looks good graphically, has a decent soundtrack and FX. It's simple to learn and play, get sheep from point A to point B with add on abilities. Please add S Pen support and fix occasional lagging with an update.
  16. pretty good
    Aaron Scholes
    Saw it posted in facebook and gave it a try, 3 levels in and pretty good, running really smoothe on my phone. Pretty cool idea they came up with, always have been a fan of Team 17!
  17. Very fun
    Patrick Winchester
    I guess the comparison to lemmings is apt, I wouln't know since I never played lemmings. So for me I get to just take this title on its own merrits. It looks great, it plays smoothly and the puzzles get increasingly difficult at a fair pace. I feel it's well worth it.
  18. There are some bugs for some devices
    GuNjAMaN WiLLaBoNG
    The game very cool...I enjoy it a lot... BUT: I downloaded it on my phone and tablet. It works perfectly fine on my phone. But it does weird things on my Tablet (Samsung Note Pro 12.2.). First of all, it does not synchronize game stats (via Facebook)...which is maybe as designed, but the weird thing on my tablet is, that even though I finished the level with 3 starts, it won't give it to me. It only gives me one star. That means on my tablet I need to play one level at least three times. I hope that will get fixed soon!
  19. Devs
    oliver james
    I hope that you are reading this great game but. Far too laggy. I have a decent phone that run apps far more demanding and they don't lag. Please fix this. Keep up the good work
  20. Paid 1.99 and doesn't work
    Beth Moran
    Says Invalid licence, just purchased wtf don't download this crap


What`s new

The Sheep are escaping and the Worms don’t like it.   So they have added 10 more horrific and deadly levels to prevent them ever seeing the light of day.    
o   10 New Green Pasture Levels – sounds so pleasant but I suspect they will be very deadly indeed
o   10 New Sheep Customisations - including, Hipster, Army, Ballerina, Robber, Wolf and Roman Soldier Sheep
o   Twitter Integration – now you can bleat and tweet about your recent achievement in the game.
o   Various bug fixes and improvements