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Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

Israel |

Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

Petah Tikva Area, Israel |

Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

Macedonia |

Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

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Reviews 6,931

  1. Claire Burney
    Claire Burney
    I love this app becaues u can tap different button from now on i will keep this apps forever
  2. This sucks
    Sadie Arnold
    Never get it, it sucks. When my daughter can only type on number on the phone and won't pet her make up her own texts. Maybe it is just a android thing because I put this game on my Samsung Galaxy s3
  3. Phone for kids
    teddi d
    Best $4 I've ever spent! Get the full app!!! No more ads the kids can access, and way more activities
  4. Terrible design problems
    Brandon Haskell
    A home button on each in app game is conveniently placed right where a young person put their thumb to hold a phone. Also, ads? Really? I give my phone to my daughter to shake virtual keys and the next thing I know a page about energy use has opened.... stupid...
  5. Phone great, tablet won't work.
    Valerie Jackson Boles
    I purchased this game on my iPhone and it is great. My son loved it. I have tried to download it twice now on my tablet and it crashes at opening.
  6. This good
    Sokteang Chum
    My daughter play this it may show them to type and learn to us there phone when grow up
  7. Its not that much a good app
    Mehjabin Haque
    I kinda like the idea but the full version would be great ☺☺☺☺☺☺✅
  8. Rubish
    Abi Mcfall
    This is the worst app ever I don't recommend it to u I hate it little kids might play on it but it's still unless for them and in basic words it means it's unless to anyone at all in theory plc do not get it is poooòoooooooooopooooooooppppoooooyyyyyyyytt
  9. Love it
    Pricilla Ramirez
    Its kinda creppy when you click the compass because the sound super creppy
  10. Please fix!
    Kayla Eldred
    I would've given 5 stars but I don't like the ads everywhere & the fact I can't control the volume. Otherwise it's a good app for my 1yr old cuz she can mess with my phone & the content is safe for her & I.(other than the ads)
  11. This app is perfect!!
    Dulcia Lott
    I bought the whole app on my iphone and it broke so I got a new phone and I have to rebuy it which isn't fair and also they should have a lock on it so if my child pushes a button it won't exit the app. Other than that its great for babies. They should have a confirmation on the apps so when we purchase a app we dont have to re purchase it. Thank you
  12. Babys
    William Gaddam
    This game is for baby's don't waste your time
  13. All in 1
    Mohammed Abdurrahman
    Have this app in my iPad for estimately 1-2years
  14. OMG
    KIM Taylor
    My sister says new words its awesome she says seasons
  15. Yes
    Olatunji Lumumba
    Finally my younger sibilings can have a phone on my phone
  16. Neon AJ
    It's OK but fi with mi sounds like f me
  17. Too many ads
    Danielle Longoria
    The ads are too easy to click on
  18. Doe's not let my child paint
    Flery Mangandi
    It dont let my child paint in this game
  19. I love it
    Christine Joy Munez
    Oh its very cute.:-D it is good for toddlers.
  20. Stupid
    Zoe H
    Never works. I have a android device . never get it.


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