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having a baby
беременность игра
игры про любовь
ухаживать за детьми
уход за малышами


Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000


Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

Israel |

Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

Petah Tikva Area, Israel |

Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

Macedonia |

Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

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Reviews 47,048

  1. Good
    Elizabeth Eddy
    The thing is not even my 8 year old sisters liked it they said it was boring and they would not let me get other things . It was really no fun at all!
  2. Love it
    Aalyah Mergo
    Best ever if you hate it i hate you hate it i hate you hate it i hate you hate it i hate you hate
  3. Hated it
    justin wilson
    When i played not evrythng was unlokd so i tryd playng dem den ot sed dat u had 2 pay 5 $ just for the full version and on level is almost half of dat
  4. Boring!
    Macey Warren
    Too many in-app purchases. It is boring anyway. Those pictures make it look amazing, don't they? But most of those bits of the game that there are pictures of cost a load of money! There are only three stupid and boring activities that are free. Who would want a game like that? It upset me and I advise you not to get it if you like to play FULL games.
  5. jo
    Joann Peel
    Fun game, but I don't like it when you are not playing the app makes a noise to tell you to come play something needs to be done.
  6. Big brother
    Sanaa Sanaa
    My 9 year old boy Justin just can't wait to have a new baby sister . So I downloaded this game for him to show him what he can do
  7. Jana Bassel
    It was more than bad evry thing is closed I hate it .for the first time I saw the picture I loved it but now ewww this is not fair to close every thing and how some girls opend it haaa maby they put the number . But what a bad game yaky eoooo!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I like it but
    every witch way witches
    I like it but I think you should unlock all of them so it would be more fun and you don't have to pay
  9. Karissa Miller
    I hate games like this I mean what if you are 10 and don't get paid tell Sunday and wanna waist your money on something else
  10. This game should be installed when i was 3,Because i was about to be a big sister.
    Jesslyn Caroline
    I love the babies!!!Lucy's baby is so cute when she is in the pool!!!And all of the babies are cute i love them!!!
  11. Bad
    Jessmarie Delgado
    Every time I wipe off the sweat of the mom I have to pay to continue playing for almost all of them....... DONT GET THIS GAME!!!
  12. 5stars
    Harmony Garcia
    It's really fun I downloaded it last year do not get tired of it
  13. Whyyy
    It would be cool if I get to enjoy the whole game without having to pay for almost the whole th game and why does every single ta lab game have to include money!!!!!!!!
  14. Aradana sella hannadige
    priya bala
    I hate this app.because this is very easy. It is not like Barba game
  15. Gerardo palma
    People are not gonna get the full version make every thing free.DO NOT GET THIS GAME TILL IT IS FIXED
  16. Lol
    Kezia Safira
    Game is cute and cool but I not like it cuz is not full must buy package again lol
  17. Not much
    Maeda Imran
    You can't do any thing fun un less you pay BAD GAME
  18. Pretty good
    Surrendra Singh
    My parents will not buy me full version just because I am in school. Why can't it just be free for the whole thing. Can't a 9 year old get what she wants?
  19. It's fun
    Smitha Nair
    I love to have siblings but I have none ,so I installed this game it is not too good but by adding some more facilities it will be a wonderful game....
  20. I love it
    maryam ahmed
    My mother has a baby so I must install this game


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