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Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

Israel |

Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

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Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

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Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

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Reviews 10,803

  1. Sydney Yates
    Hi this is an amazing game,but,here is a tip,you should really really definantly make it all free.not a complante though,just an idea.please type back tabtale to tell me if its a good idea or not. Thanks for the good game!!!
  2. Fun game!
    Cynthia Hahn
    I don't rate anything with ads or purchase 5 stars, but this came close anyway.
  3. Totes adorbs!
    Tricia Wales
    Lol this game is fun and cute. Great way to pass my boredom.
  4. De stress
    Kate Red
    ATM I am studying for my finals this is my favourite way of de stressing and relaxing tho so addictive XD
  5. Cant get past the tutoria error
    Keilly Quanbrough
    After the first bit it says to press the play button. But it wont work and trying to go out of the game to come bk it still doesnt work. plz fix this so i can rate it higher.
  6. So cute
    Maria Blackmore
    This is such a fun, cute and addictive game! I love it!
  7. Kitty city
    Valencia Hill
    I love this game so much that they can make sure the next lines in this communication Country
  8. One condition
    Kenn Sulleza
    I will rate this five promise will unlocked all the locked .... GOT IT
  9. Wonderful!!!
    Nonee Britten
    I love it, it very fun but I do should make it all free. please make it free..:-) :-)
  10. Awsm
    Putul Mallick
    It's a very Gud game. I love it to play on my free time
  11. Amazing
    Jamal Alrayes
    But there's nothing wrong with it all in the middle of nowhere else if you have any questions about this game ask me I'm here
  12. Very fun
    Teresa K
    If you ever heard of fruit ninja . This is with cats stuff and I like fruit ninja so I really like this game
  13. Advertisements galore
    Peter Dimis
    If want a game that has advertisements then this game is for you every time you touch something there is an ad touch an option another ad touch a power up another ad.
  14. When change of place
    Inonk Aishkhan
    Only get same character because can not change of place for get different character cat
  15. Cute and like but has issues
    Cat Clayton
    I like this game overall; it's cute and fun to play. However, every time I close the app and reopen later to play,i lose all my last progress and have to start from the beginning! Even if I'm still in the app and press the back button to the main start page, it erases my progress :( please fix this!
  16. Fun
    Tahleah Hill
    Its a very cool game but it only gives me jessie
  17. Cool game
    Mohamed Bulle
    I love cats . When I found this game . I loved it .I am so glad that they made such a amazing game . There is different cats . I think positive and not negative . My positive is that this game is amazing.thanks for making this app
  18. cami bieber
    Hi this is amazing games for kids I am 17 years old and I like it
  19. My Granddaughter loves this game .
    Barb schmitt
    She has my phone all the time to play it
  20. Tara Whitney
    Run out of lives quickly. ..seems good tho.


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