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Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

Israel |

Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

Petah Tikva Area, Israel |

Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

Macedonia |

Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

Israel |

Reviews 44,039

  1. Purchases
    Hiba Ali Arain
    Even though I like the fun in tabtale games I still hate it because always they have 5 levels that we need to buy with real money so I really don't recommend it to people who don't like wasting their money on games which include real money.
  2. Crazy Camping Day
    Beverley Phillips
    What a waste of time. What and how is one even supposed to get started in this game? I immediately uninstalled it, because I am either pretty dumb, or this is a worthless game that I don't want to buy after one play, if I could even figure it out. One star from me!!
  3. Do you have money problems
    Kayla Burke
    I downloaded most of tab tale games for my niece and I to play together when she comes over. She is 4 and loved these but you can only go so far and have to purchase the rest of the game. This is stupid and I will never download tab tale games ever again. Are you seriously having issues making money? It's a game and says free so, don't you think throughout the whole game should be free and we shouldn't have to pay. I will never recommend tabe tale games to anyone I know.
  4. Why is it not free
    Madison Mountcastle
    I will never get any more of this games on tell you people make the whole game free why are they half and half you can play some of it and then you have to Pay for the rest of the game so I will never play one of those games again until they are all free.
  5. Crazy Camping Game....
    Hafsa Masroor
    Its the worst i have ever played.every thing we have to purchase from our real money.tabtale is discusting and i am deleting it right now.i hate it i hate it i hate it..
  6. Wow..
    Raylea Lider
    Why do I have to pay to finish the game? Maybe it should say you will have to pay for the next 5 levels so you know its dumb its a waste of time I am so sick and tired of the games that make you pay to play and my phone was about to die but no I decided to download a game and it just wasted half of my time its dumb its like its free but you pay to play the next 5 levels don't get it I don't like this game it is not cool let me say one more thing.. This is actually NO STARS... YEP YOUR WELCOME!!
  7. I love it
    Marilyn Lotif
    Its really fun and crazy game i am really addicted in this game an interesting game....
  8. In app purchases!!!!!?????
    subha sara
    Why should we buy wit dollars just to unlock stuff and play. Its just plying... Why dolarrs for it . uhg I hate tabtale. But I download it just because my sister wants to play it
  9. Loved it but
    Salman Khalid
    Can't pass level 6. But how to pass the level plz some one hlp me to know how to get pass the level 6. Please please please pleaseeeeeeee
  10. Could have been great
    Maxien Fisher
    5 levels which took about 20 minutes to complete and then being asked to pay for another 5 levels. Too expensive for something I imagine will only take another 20 minutes... Who pays that much for 40 minutes of game play? It probably cost more than that to download it...
  11. Didnt let m me finish
    jordan allen
    I liked the game then i got to level 6 but they said that I had to pay five dallors to finish the game
  12. Crazy camp turns on the camera
    Tracy Ramirez
    I was playing along thinking this might be a good game for my granddaughters to play....and as always...... I play the game before I recommend it for them and....... wait for it....... yes my friends... it automatically turns the camera on to take pictures of the little ones as they play....I find that a little odd? so they can take pictures of your child while they play?..... I am not comfortable with that and therefore I will never download or recommend this companies games to anyone.... that's all I have to say about that.....
  13. Martha Gaona
    I found this game fun but why would you pay just pay to play the game you only get to play a few levels I wouldn't call this a game because a game can be injoyed and people wouldn't have to pay just to play a game
  14. I love it but the money
    Tabatha Fling
    This game is free so u should play it lik a free game and if we have to play why don't they put in how much u have to play to play this game
  15. Wow....
    Kimora Bibbs
    I downloaded the next 5 levels and it was so fun.l cannot believe the comments I read about this game they were so hurtful.l love this game.
  16. Eh
    Melissalovingmyman Mcmurray
    Its a fun game but on level six it won't let me go on unless I pay for it.
  17. Good game
    Nihal Nijas
    But this game do not have the full version only 5 levels are there the other five levels we want to buy
  18. Tania Muscat
    Seriously how did they do this in the section of the games. I don't call this a game. In a game you don't have to pay. That's why I don't call this a game. Every single tab tale game you have to pay. Why do they do this. Wow you have to pay seriously. In a game you have to have fun not to pay. Uninstalling it rghit now. Sorry.
  19. It,s OK because....
    Rilee Runnels
    It,s a good game I just wish you don,t have to pay for levels 6 7 8 9 10
  20. None of the lvls are free
    Boring I Delete
    You say get the 5 levels that are not free unlocked but its really buy every level. TabTale your games are fun but make some of them completely free! DONT INSTALL!!!


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