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Monthly active users estimation: 1,000,000


Guy Tomer | CMO at TabTale

Israel |

Maayan Doron | Project Manager at TabTale

Petah Tikva Area, Israel |

Nikolche Zhabev | Project Manager at TabTale

Macedonia |

Erez Szpakier | Software Engineer at TabTale

Israel |

Reviews 17,219

  1. My brother told me to rate five stars
    Alysa Gump
    I love it sooooo my brother loves it but I hate him:-(
  2. Worst game
    Danielle Titterton
    You hav3 to pay for everything and you can only do about 3 stuff. If there was a star below 1 thats what ig would be
  3. Best game ever
    Winter Reid
    They should make more the people with 3 stars sayong the dont like this game should shut and there stupid so is the people whom have negative comments.
    Ben Eloff
    It's such a stupid game!if you want to unlock something you have to pay REAL MONEY!!! Do not get this game!!! You will be wasting your time!!! This game is CRAP! And unless you are won't enjoy this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I installed this for my daughter, and she told me that i needed to pay for all of this shit!! DO NOT INSTALL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Horrible
    Ivelys Roman
    Worst stupidest and dumbest game ever minus 0 stars
  6. It's OK but not for me
    Nancy Attieh
    It's not for me duh I'm 8 years old this baby game is probably for 3 year old kids not for a big girl like me no no no no no way I just installed it so I can see I've it's fun or not but at the end I I didn't like it but I thin it was OK but still I'm realy in to big kid games not baby games and one more thing I'm a tom boy duh.
  7. Love it
    Autumn Caldwell
    I like these games for my self because I can learn stuff ⊙ω⊙
  8. Awesome
    Kevin C
    Totally liked this app because it is one of the best tabtale app I ever had so please download it for sister or brother or kids but either way you should get this app so get it.
  9. I like it but•••
    Cai Ragasa
    I like all the versions of tabtale but you can buy a broken bridge and you buy all staff and when you play your level your do it
  10. Loved it
    nishyla lige
    Best game but keep logging me out what a rip off
  11. Clicked the install button
    Simply Sweet
    Don't know what the games like yet...
  12. Games
    Chaudhry Shafqat
    I am 11 years old and i just love to play this game
  13. Manika
    Manika Chabbra
    I hated this game because if we have to unlock something we have to pay real money
  14. Celso Soriano
    I loved the game but it needs money to buy the full version
  15. Not good but fine
    Terra Suppiah
    Its a fun game but too many locked things
  16. Cruise kids
    Simon Bennett
    I hated it when I tried given the little girl a drink it never let me
  17. It's OK for a game
    Emily Lange
    It makes sense to me it just makes companies get money from you for them to feed their families , does it make sense to you?
  18. Worst game ever
    John Warren
    Don't get this game I could only do one level this is a rip off I'm 10 and only 3 year olds will like is this is so stupid
  19. ?
    Maira Paguada
    Winter Reid we all have different opinion so you should shut up and leave people alone ok
  20. Hi my name is dana
    Dana Waleed
    I don't like and like this game because they always ask you for money to play the next level or object but the good thing is that it is fun


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