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  1. Doesn't work
    Brandon Glatfelter
    I have tried to play this many times since i bought it and all it does is crash no matter what i try. not worth the money
  2. Farmville knock off
    Charles Heatherly
    This is nothing like civilization for PC. You have to run the town like farmville and pick up coins and food like farmville. Wtf
  3. I love it
    Chaise Schraier
    I love the game but ever since i got it like 6 months ago you havent updated at all, nothing has changed and i spent almost 20 dollars on it. You also havent updated any of the challenges or online maps. Please update and i will rate 5 stars.
  4. Love Civ, but this isn't deserving of its price.
    You Done Fucked Up Now A-A-Ron
    I absolutely love playing civilization. I own it for the pc, console and even have the original Civ:: Rev. This game has a few new features to make it interesting but I have encountered so many errors while playing that I wish I would've refunded my purchase when I had the chance. I am constantly having to restart the game as it freezes constantly and crashes at will. Playing a game takes twice as long when dealing with this. I regularly have the UI screen disappear in my cities. Developers please fix!
  5. The game is buggy
    Ryan Cameron
    The game glitches a lot on my android phone. For example,for a weird reason the game glitches so that I can't build my military,buildings,or wonders because of this glitch. Please fix this, this ruins my fun in this game
  6. Great game!
    Jacob T
    Running on note 4 seems to be no issue. Great game play. Starts off a little confusing, but easy to catch on just like the previous civ games. Great new features! Only downside is its a batery killer, but that should be expected when running such a complex game on a small device I think.
  7. Heats and drains my Shield Tablet. Also needs a manual.
    David Thai
    I feel bad for anyone trying to run this on a lower-spec tablet. No control issues but it could do with a manual or a much more thorough tutorial. I only accidentally discovered that 3 units make an army. It's good for what it is, i.e. Civ-Lite. Bug: "3 population in 3 cities" objective actually only completes at population 4.
  8. Great game, weird permissions
    Sebastian Welsh
    This is civ revolution for the tablet. If you've burnt hours on civ in the past, you're going to spend a lot of time with this game. But seriously 2K, you want to manage my calendar? Please, don't do things like this. It's just rude and intrusive.
  9. Doesn't update "live events"
    K.L. Kosier
    It's been at least 6 months since they have changed the live events. All they do is change when the current event expires. There is also virtually no difference between this game and civilization revolution 1. So if you have the first one, don't waste your money
  10. Good, but has room for improvement
    Chris Loureiro
    Pretty good although I wish the world was larger and the game play a little slower like the Pc versions. They fixed some of the earlier glitches.
  11. Plays like the PC Version
    Jack McElwain
    And just as addicting! Played fine on a RCA Pro 10 tablet. Controls definitely take some getting used to vs the PC version which I am a big fan of. I would have given it a 5, however I cannot seem to beat the last frickin' civilization remaining. What gives with that? Going up against warriors with bows and arrows, guys on horseback chucking spears, with me having tanks, battleships, and riflemen and getting nowhere is a bit frustrating. I mean REALLY?? Seems like a bug to me. Please fix so the game is more enjoyable. I WOULD like to win on occasion. Also don't like that you cannot directly fire on a city with a warship. This is stupid and not realistic at all. Thanks.
  12. Great game with some problems.
    Levi Lemons
    I am unable to create an army. I can create units. But I can not combine units into armies. I also have been playing the game for awhile and can not seem to unlock JFK. Or any of the other leaders. It's obviously a glitch. So fix it. Thank you
  13. Game Crashes Frequently
    Evan Giesecke
    I love the Civilization franchise, and this game has great potential, but it crashes only after a few minutes of play. It would a good game if it didn't crash so frequently.
  14. Archers...
    Peter Gianaris
    It's a fun game. I really like the concept. One complaint is that enemy archers can kill almost any of my units when they are defending... they are so op. I would attack with knight armies or even jets and the archers still win. Please make the game more even and especially more realistic.. archers don't kill jets :/
  15. A big rip off
    Whyask Jusdooit
    I bought the game was so excited. Had no issues paying. From the first day after playing for about 3 min you loose control on what your cities production is. Waited 2 weeks for an update but nothing. Very sad do not waste your money on this shame
  16. Almost Great
    Chris Hein
    This would be a 5 if not for persistent bugs. The game freezes often and many times doesn't operate how you expect. That said, I play it a lot and enjoy the heck out of it.
  17. NOT like farmville
    Kevin Munn
    This game is pretty good, but does have its drawbacks. Especially for those that played and really enjoyed the PC version. First thing I have to say is that this is NOT a Farmville knockoff as there are no coins or food to collect. But you don't build farms or have engineers at all as that part is automated. The biggest letdown for me was just how shallow the game play is. You can get through an entire game in just a couple sittings. But it is still worth a buy for fans.
  18. Mark Bennett
    A good first attempt at an Android port. Support for Google Cloud Saves and Android TV, along with better battery life and performance in general would get this 5 stars. As it stands, it's got great replayability, and works well offline, though it will devour your battery so keep your charger nearby!
  19. Well worth the $15
    Boner Boner
    Would definitely recommend. Runs great. There's a few bugs but no crashing on the s5
  20. Too easy
    Matt Johnson
    Deity mode is supposed to be tough. Other civ are easily tricked. And game moves too slowly to have repeat value to beat all the achievements. For example you can't set cities to auto production. Also no options on works size etc.


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