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Reid Gorman | Executive at Swing by Swing Golf, Inc.

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Reviews 35,877

  1. I like the app BUT...
    My Gear Fit which connects just fine to my Note 4 DOES NOT WORK. It will not connect... on the Note 4, I turn the gear 2 / gear fit on and save... go onto the gear fit and "app connect".. click swing by swing and absolutely nothing happens.. Swing by swing support seems to be non existant... I have seen video of this combination a week ago before I bought the fit, but cant find it now.. Come on Swing by swing.. check your emails!!!.... Update... Contacted after 5 days and say the hardware is not supported.
  2. Best Ever
    David Ladd
    I love having this app while I play. It is a real help with wind and play. Not to mention it makes the tricky process of figuring your handicap a breeze
  3. May 2014 update
    Phil Cooper
    Now unable to save my round (tried at the course and home, the latter via wifi) in addition to not being able to view all my previous stats. App has got a lot worse for me since last update. Sorry
  4. Mike
    Mike Bolton
    App is great on my Motorola although it seems to drain the battery rather quickly. Today ran out of juice on 15th hole. Originally synced quite well with my Pebble watch but recently has failed
  5. Love it but....
    Lev Cela
    Love the app but for whatever reason, they keep changing the course scorecard and ratings and slope are not based on the latest information available. I provided the information on my home course and they corrected it but now it is incorrect again.
  6. Robert Roddom
    I love this app, I use an HTC one and this app performs as I expect it to. Easily saves all my shoes and gives feedback on stats and handicap. I do need a full charge to complete a full eighteen though but I keep a solar charging battery in case I start with less than full charge. Highly recommend this app.
  7. Going down hill
    Tom Tempinski
    I used to love the app but now constantly crashes, yardage update slow to the point of unusable. Running lollipop. UPDATE-- I installed the latest version still no good. I tried a couple other apps and the GPS worked great on them. Contacted support for last try before I uninstall.
  8. Descent app
    John Ferreira
    It works really well for distances. Not a fan of the constant wanting to pay more money for green info. All I want is the distance to the actual flag which always isn't in the right place.
  9. Scott Cook
    Absolutly an awesome app. The only thing is that the course I play 99% of the time. It isent quite accurate on the yardage. Great app must have
  10. Good but seems buggy
    Craig Lowdon
    Does a fair bit so may well be worth the money, as I have bought the paid version, yet it doesn't find my contacts or Facebook friends properly (doesn't work at all) and scorecard customisation would be nice, different colours for birdie, par, bogey etc, rated down also due to the lack of support for a UK handicap system, I can't convert a uk sss score to usga so it's effectively useless for me
  11. Statistics bug
    Kellan Reierson
    There's a bug in the statistics for average score on par 4 and 5's. I've contacted the developers a couple times now and they've either ignored me or blamed me saying I haven't played enough rounds (12 rounds). So if you dont want accurate stats for your first dozen rounds (maybe more) then this app is for you. If you want a reliable and statistically accurate app I would suggest looking elsewhere. (Update) emailed again and this time it was sent to a "developer." Still haven't heard back though.
  12. Great product
    Darren Gleed
    The free version gives you everything you need and the pro version even better. I have been using this for years and refuse to use anything else. I have converted friends and family from other products to this and they feel the same way.
  13. Best Golf GPS App Out There
    Paul Weaver
    I've used this app for over 3 years and it has only gotten better with time. I've compared it with friends' expensive rangefinders and GPSs and it's 100% equal to those devices that cost $$$ I would recommend this to any serious golfer.
  14. Much improved thanks for listening.
    Steve Hardy
    Initially had a few issues and I reviewed it giving it 3 stars. Now two updates later the developers seemed to have got it bang on with easy to access read and understand stats great live play. I use this app most practise rounds now and having recommended it to friends they love it too.
  15. Do not buy the looper
    Ray Raneses
    I purchased the year subscription for the looper and the app continues to prompt me to purchase it. I'm out $15 now due to crappy software. I have emailed them and still no reply. I'm in the process of trying to get my money back now since I'm not getting any assistance.
  16. Best golf tracker out there
    Jonathan Anderson
    Intuitive, easy to use, accurate distances and has every course imaginable. Easy to update your course if you think it's wrong too, and will track handicap, distances and a wide variety of scoring methods. Works best if you all playing have it. Unsure if it has been or not but live scores with paired devices would be a big bonus, one thing I'd do to improve it
  17. Undependable
    Tyrone Williams
    Freezes at least once a round; three times today, and right when I needed it. Also, the tracking data disappears or resets before I get to my ball when trying to measure a shot's distance. I'm now questioning it's yardage accuracy because of my many missed greens and the variance from the course markings. Finally, the images are hard to see in the sun; I'm using Galaxy S3. ***Updated 9/27/2014*** Today was the last straw. Beautiful clear weather in the mid 70s and this app would not work. I rebooted, cleared cache, etc. and I could not get passed the splash page. Also, I payed for Looper because of the calculated distance that accounts for wind and elevation but that feature ended up causing me to fly over greens too many times. I'm done with this app! ***I'm now using the Droid Maxx and my Looper is now expired, so today is now my last day with this app. I had a 75 yard elevated approach shot and flew the green by 20 yards. It was a great high shot and flew about 75 yards. The next hole the app displayed 145 yards but I was actually out 173 yards. Good thing one of my playing partners pointed out the Yucca plant which was the 150 yard marker ahead of us.***5/23/15.
  18. Awesome ap.
    I have used many free range apps but this is by far the best. I have friends that have expensive Garmins and this is almost always more accurate. Standing on a marked sprinkler and its right on versus friends Farm ok ns that are off by up to 5 yards
  19. gps not connecting
    Bret Shaw
    I love this app and use it everytime I play. Or at least I had been. For some reason I am not getting a lock on my gps anymore. I have restarted a ton of times and all my other apps are getting the gps signal so I am fairly certain its a problem with the app. I like to see my distances but I am going to have to use something else if it will not grab a gps signal, at this point it's just a glorified score card. Hope you guys can get it to grab. I will come back with 5 stars if either I or developers can figure out whats up.
  20. I waited a long time to rate this app
    Richard Robinson
    Since I first installed it, I have loved the functionality of this app. But it used to crash all the time. Since I liked it so much, I didn't want to give it the rating that the crashes deserved. The last couple updates, it has crashed markedly less, and I just finished a round where it did not crash once. Now that they got the crashing problem solved, I unwaveringly give this app a 5 star rating


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