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Jameson Marrs | QA Tester

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Reviews 672,981

  1. Great! Looks like traditional Lar in all her awesomeness
    Theuns van Onselen
    Latest update broke the game. Crashes on startup loading screen Samsung Note 2 :( Awesome game! Looks great so far. Love the wall run and parkour moves :)
  2. dsyfug
    I already found 9 relics and it only takes 7 to unlock the desert.. Guess what, i can't unlock it. Very disappointing given the fact that after a while you get bored of the same tracks. Other than that, it works well and the graphic is great.
  3. It just stops at 89
    Syed Azan Shah
    As it reach at 89 it stops this game does not deserve a single star I hate this game please solve this thing then I will give you 5 stars
  4. Great game... But...
    Francisco Sousa
    I am a Tomb Raider hardcore fan and I love this game and how they managed to bring many TR elements into this and make it a tottaly new game. And for a endless run it has a lot of different elements that doesn't stop to surprise you as you go. That alone shows how much esforço was put into this games. Kudos for the developers. The downside is some lag. I have a one PLUS one phone and sometimes it lags or misses swipes. What I think should be updated is the offline Scoring system. And cloud data.
  5. It doesn't even deserve just one star
    Claden Mohamed
    It loads 'till 85% then closes automatically and freeze my tablet and I be forced to restart :( >:(
  6. Too many issues, ruins enjoyment
    Ebon Day
    Every time I start the game up, it stops running as soon as Lara runs. Sometimes it would even stop running right in the middle of a run! There's way too many lags causing me to fall to my death a lot. I really love playing this game. Please fix!!!
  7. They want you to lose...
    Randy Fuchs
    Until you play the level enough times to remember all the random turns ducks and so on, is like playing a 50/50 guessing game... can barely last 60, usually 30 at most. I've played a few dashing fames like this, and by far the hardest, and not in a good way. Also the tatorial totally sucked and was unhelpful.
  8. This is a pretty cool game, but ummm.....
    Sid Werner
    The performance actually got worse, not better, after the last update. There doesn't seem to be any difference in the graphics, so I'm not sure why that would be.
  9. Jan Beinersdorf
    This game is really fun to play although I'm useless at it! ;-) Works like a charm on my Nexus 4 (Android 5.1), but freezes a lot on my Samsung tab (SM-P900, 4.4.2), especially after Lara die. Does not work with multiple users on the same device, though. Can't wait to get the Mountain Pass level!
  10. Good, but...
    Jay Estrada
    The game looks pretty good but it lags a lot and crashes frequently. I can only play one round before it crashes, I have to keep restarting the game. New obstacles are sometimes confusing and result in unfair deaths.
  11. Love it! But..
    Jacob Wells
    Please try to fix the lagginess! I know not everything can be perfect but this is a wonderful game!
  12. Is it me?...
    Steven Percival
    Brilliant concept probably up there with the best but c'mon guys...this is just too difficult...either slow the 'speed' a touch or give us better 'steering ability'. Maybe even make the obstacles 'glow' so we can at least see them. Finding it difficult to get very far as the speed of the game prevents me from 'noticing' each obstacle so I end up doing the same part of the game over & over &.....over zzzzzzz!
  13. "Unable to load saved game"
    Mitaire Oteri
    The game is nice with unique storyline, graphics, parkours and more. I would've given it 5 stars if not for its inability to load my hard earned progress. Everytime i stars the game i always game to stars from beggining, this is so painful pls FIX THIS PROBLEM
  14. Dark souls meets temple run.
    Kevin Knepp
    I love tomb raider, but am finding it very difficult to like this game. Touch response is slow and sluggish and half the time you can't see an obstacle quick enough to react to it anyway.
  15. Oneplus one: fun but slowdowns, cheap deaths
    Bailey McGuire
    The game is fun and really varied for an endless runner, but slows down frequently, which I could deal with (especially in the ATV sequences). What made me uninstall are the periods of unresponsiveness that cause me to die... Frequently. When you aren't allowed mistakes, it's a deal breaker. Game needs to be better optimized for oneplus one.
  16. Amazing
    Jeff Carter
    The game is absolutely fantastic and dry addictive but also very frustrating and annoying at the same time due to the controls being quite sluggish and slow to react
  17. Force Closing
    Omar BM
    The game loads up but after a laggy start for my run the game kicks me out within the first 10 seconds of gameplay, I hope you can fix this SE!!
  18. Solid Tomb Raider game
    Scott Fine
    This is a fun endless running style video game. It is set in the Tomb Raider universe, with Lara Croft as the protagonist. The game usually runs well, but it seems that the farther you get into the run, the more likely it is to lag, which often results in death. Also has some of the weapons from the Tomb Raider series, which can be upgraded if desired. The boss battles are fun, and challenging. I have recommended this to friends.
  19. I don't mind challenging, but it's just frustrating
    Almost fun. I've fallen through the map and even died while the game was playing itself (transition). The lanes are confusing at times, you think you're in the right lane or need to move but you don't. Foliage blocks visual needed for quick swipe decisions. Some piles of rubble are ramps and some will kill you. Also, after a bit the game stops registering swipes, so you are either forced to spend your ankh's(costing more each time you die) or start over. I will not spend $ on a game with this many problems.
  20. Even worse now
    John Hofmann
    I wouldn't have thought it possible, but today's update made the lag and lack of responsiveness even worse. Even the jungle level is virtually impossible now! It seems supply drops have also stopped, so once you run out of ahkns, unless you buy more, you are sol.