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  1. Soo good.
    Collin Polselli
    I know have FF I-IX on my note 3!! Awesome game and love the fact it's a psp port. Touch controls work great as always. Only problem I'm having is it spazzes out and force closes every time I want to quit. Glad it's when I quit and not in game, so I guess I can't complain too much.
  2. Forever Force Closing
    Lee Johns
    I have always been a big fan of Square Enix, that was until now that is. Many people who have rated this game have the same issues. The game should be removed from Google Play until the issues have been resolved
  3. Disappointed
    Kodi Oubagu
    The game should have a unique id pinned to your purchase, love the remastered graphics for tablet. "G.U.I." has forever Force close error which has never been repaired so it interferes with Offline availability it is annoying because of the above "G.U.I" error reported, "T.S." needs adjustments other than this it's a good release on android tablet. REPORTED TO GOOGLE!!! YOU CAN'T ADDRESS A SINGLE BUG FIX!!!
  4. Awsome game!
    Nicholas Vaughan
    Good game don't know why all the reviews are bad I have a Sony xperia M2 and works perfect.
  5. Crashes!!
    Matthew Tyson Smith
    The game stops on its own at random spots and you just lose the game. I've reported the problem MANY times but nothing was ever fixed. It sucks cuz I enjoy the classic final fantasies :(
  6. Warning! Do not buy!
    JP M
    Back button just crashes the game instead of exiting. Game crashes at bad times and there is no resume like in FF1. Random glitches. I'm a big Final Fantasy fan and I'm telling you to skip this one. Very minimal effort on the port here. Want a refund...
  7. Can't play
    Abel Jimenez
    When I open the app it says "error authorizing " and then closes!!! I hope I can get a refund
  8. Incomplete
    Jeff Yates
    I have been dissatisfied with how Square Enix has continued to short change the Android community by leaving out the simplest things compared to the IOS and Windows versions of this game. In FFI all the extra content + the mini game was omitted. It is only the mini-game for FFII as far as I can tell, but I refuse to reward SE with anything higher than 1 star.
  9. Good but...
    Fahad Qurashi
    I was scared about buying this after reading the reviews. The game is everything I wanted it to be and the remastered graphics are amazing in my opinion. It's a good game...When it decides to work. Sometimes I'll click the app and it'll just force close. I really hope you fix this because this is one of my favorite final fantasies so make it work please
  10. Good but odd
    Ben Stevenson
    The graphics aren't that fantastic but they work. It runs fairly well on my Nexus 7 2013 but the scaling is a bit funny, the entire screen isn't used and there is a weird button at the bottom left which doesn't actually do anything. Other than that it is a good story
  11. Wonderful game, but very buggy.
    Steven Knott
    Unfortunately this game crashes so much that it is hard to enjoy. It WILL crash if you sleep your device or use the back button. It will crash at random encounters sometimes as well. You are better off looking for the PSP or GBA version.
  12. Won't work Sony Xperia Z1s
    Alan Geleff
    Really wanted to play this, but right after purchasing, I go to open it, and it doesn't work. Really annoyed I paid for something that won't work. Please fix!
  13. Had enough
    Had it with this game I would like a refund I can't even play it. It constantly crashes and unless I am connected to the web i cant play I want a full refund of this game
  14. Controls issues
    The game itself is great however there are glaring issues that either need explaining or fixing, and all of them are in the controls. For one the magic in this game is capable of being cast on all enemies but the method to do so is unclear and unexplained even by the men in the magic circle. Another glaring issue is the method to access the snowmobile minigame. Unless it was removed which removes a method of obtaining genji gear and masamune there is no explanation on how to initiate it. please fix.asap
  15. Sub par.
    Justin Bennett
    Full of glitches, uninterested cookie cutter design, and you need an online connection to play so it can register every time you play. Yes, for a single player game. Square, your need for profit and to protect your intellectual property has ruined this game for me.
  16. Grrr
    randall mattox jr
    Good game, but bad execution. Slow, bad loads and crashes. Waste of money
  17. Saving problem.
    Haining Li
    FF1 has a great saving feature. FF2 can only save in the field, not very bad, but the game crashes with back key, receiving a call, alarm and cant continue cuz it wasnt saved. There should be a continue option which the player can continue the game right before the crash like in FF1. Also there are enemies too strong in low level areas which 1 hit KO every character and the player have to start over from the save file cuz there is no continue option.
  18. Crash crash crash
    I bought this game before going on vacation, so while not having internet, I could entertain myself with some classic FF-game. But. The game just keeps crashing if you're not connected to WiFi, so waste of money. Really disappointed.
  19. Needs an update! [Updated on 8/12 - Now Awesome!]
    Anthony Mai
    UPDATE: The new update added 4.3 support and most importantly to everyone: IT UPSCALES. Brilliant!!! 5stars! Worked fine on my old galaxy nexus, but doesn't scale at all on my GS4, and won't even run on my new Nexus 7 (4.3) it just closes. But FF1 and 3 work fine. (well 1 doesnt scale, but it opens and runs...). Square Enix, please update! I'd love to finally beat this one, i own them all!! I just never beat any other than 1 and 3 (and i even bought them to play on android even though I beat them already!)
  20. Worst Sqenix mobile game
    Simon Mottram
    Nexus 7. First gen 1. Requires connection to start. If no connection it crashes 2. Don't accidentally use the android back button as you do in their other ff games. It crashes. 3. Lacks the continue system from all other ff mobile games which combined with it's love of crashing makes for much swearing. 4. Control system is painful and clunky. All things combine to make it too annoying to play.


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