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  1. Potential gone
    Neil Law
    I love RPGs and played the original DQ8 which gets 5 stars, the mobile version however has taken the original and cut bits out which made the original, original. The biggest part cut is the voice acting which made up such a unique part of the game you just miss the experience without it, the other big area is no landscape mode. Hopefully these will come with updates but doubtful, till then, 3 out of 5 unfortunately!
  2. Won't work...
    Inuyasha Fang
    When I pay for this game it been downloading for 3 hr it won't work on my ZTE cell I really wanted to play this but since it won't work I have to give it a 1 star I would like to have the money back that I wasted on here. To other gamer this is a good game to play that not a lie if your into RPG then this is the game to play just cuz it didn't work for still might work for you. If you all get the game working you be lucky since it a lot of fun.
  3. Better than I thought
    o_o S7E7V7E7N
    Didn't want to buy it at first because of all the video review that showed lag...the game on my s5 is a lot better that I thought it would be ... yes there is some lag but the game is just awesome .
  4. Framerate & Responsiveness
    Christian Tschanz
    It's hard to really enjoy it with such a low frame rate and the interactions feel unresponsive as well. The menus and buttons could also benefit from some nicer styling.
  5. Great game and conversion
    Greg Probert
    Plays well on my Android 4.4.4 Kitkat quad core 1.4 tablet. Only slight slow down but not very often. Shame its not as complete as the PS2 game but still a good meaty 100+ gaming hours to be had. More PS2 RPG conversions like this please!
  6. Great game
    Mark Cosens
    I never played the original, so the missing voice acting is fine with me because i don't know what I'm missing. seems like they could offer an in app download for those that want voice acting and have space for it and those that want to save space don't have to download it. Glad they offer to save your game to the cloud but it would be nice if it was automatic. if it was auto cloud save, I would give it 5 stars.
  7. A true Android port. A lot of Pros, very few Cons.
    Mark Osieczanek
    First off. Yes, the framerate does dip a bit at parts, and the responsiveness is a bit lagged. But what everyone needs to realize, is not every port is perfect. So stop being so anal about everything. There are a few key features missing in this port. Voice acting was one of my favorite things about this game. But this port lacks it. So it feels very quiet when going through dialogue. And don't bother grinding to level 65. Dragon Soul was not added to this version. I give this port 7/10.
  8. Great game
    Andrew Otis
    Works great on my 1st gen nexus 7. Very little if any lag noticed, but I do kind of miss the voice acting that was in the original version (I understand why they omitted it). I have noticed goofy issues with the animations in the battle screens, but it doesn't affect the game play any.
  9. Cool! (Note 2)
    E. Andri Januar B.W
    Ok the frame rate issue is not big deal for me, if you are fans of dq franchise then you should buy this game. In fact the graphic is sharper than the one in ps2. You start with more coin in this game, and everything is suited for mobile experience. The missing part are the voice act and the orhchestra, that's understandable. I read about comment above that tells "you can add the voice act if you would like to spare space in your phone" unfortunately i cannot find where it is..
  10. Awesome Throwback
    Aikaih Sunrunner
    This title is petty much exactly as you remember it but revamped for play on a mobile device. I have not personally experienced any of the lag/frame rate issues I saw mentioned in other reviews. Thus far the only things that seem to be missing are the voice-overs, but that makes sense when trying to minimize the file size of the game. The 'action' button (used to open doors, break barrels and pots, and initiate dialogs) can take a little getting used to. They also implemented an autorun button, just fyi.
  11. Almost Great
    William Rich
    I was ecstatic when I saw DQ8 for Android. Sadly, unlike DQ1 and DQ2, it does not recognize the S-Pen for my Galaxy Note II or my Note 10.1. Please update this game (and DQ4 as well, please) so the S-Pen is recognized. Thank you
  12. Love this
    Berto Rivera
    Had this for my ps2 when it came out was one of my favorites. 5 stared it but when I began to play the characters don't talk u have to read the conversation. . The Voices PLAYed A Big Role In the game And I Hope THEY update it soon And add the Voices. . Then I will 5 star until then 3 stars
  13. Favorite game, but the port needs work
    Jeshua Gollott
    Sorry to echo the frame rate complaint but it's true! I'd accept slight graphical sacrifices for smoother performance. Please add custom controller support! Otherwise worth every penny and five stars.. after optimizations! Now I just need Final Fantasy Tactics on Android.
  14. OMFG
    Adam Armstrong
    I love this game! Here's the thing about the portrait view compared to landscape explained to me is,that this National treasure can be played at work and acceptable since you look like your reading emails LOL. And when you turn your phone sideways, well I've only ever done that to play games and movies.been wantin some Dragon warrior/quest love for android like final fantasys', but didn't think they would start with 8! Also my note 3 doesn't seem to have the issues of lag that everyone keeps mentioning yay
  15. Great game
    Evan Pasquier
    The frame rate is fine on my s4. Game runs smooth. Got used to the controls in an hour.
  16. Frame rate issues (Note 3)
    Tim Samaniego
    Please add controller support! This game is begging for a frame rate fix. I can see that they have already removed details like shadows. I also didn't play the original, but something really felt missing without voice overs.
  17. Needs improvement
    caleb acea
    There is a pretty bad balancing issue where agility does not factor in, I remember in the console version the main hero was able to go first every turn before yangus and Jessica. But it seems completely random who goes first. Can we get an update to fix this as well maths this game compatible with screen flips.
  18. Needs an update to UI!!! Don't purchase until they do.
    Denver Diaz
    I find the world of DQ8 hard to enjoy because the UI is not customizable and takes up screen space, and the joystick has only two sizes to choose from. Being able to play only in portrait mode will hurt your hands after having to hold your phone for hours in the same position. So in summary... Allow HUD customization, give us the option to remove the zoom shortcut, add more sizes and styles of joysticks and add landscape mode! Until then this game should be about $15 and it will earn 5 stars.
  19. Increase Frame Rate Yourself
    Rex Boggess
    1) Enable Developer options if you already haven't (Settings> about phone[or tablet]>scroll to bottom and tap "build number" 7 times). 2) Once done, go back to your settings screen and select "Developer Options". Scroll down roughly 3/4ths of page until you see the "Hardware Accelerated Rendering" category. 3) Check/tap box next to "Force GPU Rendering". 4) Scroll 5 settings down and check/tap box next to " Force 4x MSAA". Note - this does work on other games. It will also drain your battery. -Nexus5 tst
  20. Brilliant game!
    Adam Flook
    Brilliant game love the graphics, gameplay and even controls although they do take alittle getting used to but the game does feel just to slow for an rpg, moving, battles and even the text can take awhile. I just feel like this game needs to be made abit faster.


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