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  1. Amazing
    Jonny DragonQuestFanatic
    My 2nd favorite storyline in a Dragon Quest game. 7 was the best(my opinion) by faaaaar. DQ 5 is a great game, hate the controls, rather play it on the DS. Still I purchase it in hopes SE would make some console games in the US.
  2. Excellent Port
    Brandon Jaquez
    I never played the original DQ5 but I always heard it was the best in the series. And I'm actually loving it so far. The music is astounding and although the controls takes some getting used to, I think people looking for a solid JRPG on Android should look no further. Look past the $15- you're getting a worthy game for that price. I do wish the game was overhauled to fit mobile and 'save' anywhere was implemented. Quick Save is such an archaic feature.
  3. Finally, DQV!
    Arthur T Akimoto
    Like the FF series, I have been a big fan of DQ. I have played all the DQ, and have been a huge fan of the story of DQV and have been waiting for this to come to Android! Like DQIV, the controls will take a bit of getting used to, but the game itself is just like I remember, except for the updated dialogue and character names. I personally don't like the changes since I hold the Japanese version close to heart. Regardless, I still give it 5 stars, great game, story, fun! DS version, choose from 3 girls! =D
  4. Beyond excellent!
    Easily one of the best video games of all time. Not only is the story first rate, the turn based battle system crushes the pointless ATBs and action elements of other RPGs. Final Fantasy 6 wishes it was half the quality of game that Dragon Quest 5 is. $15 is a steal for this masterpiece.
  5. No quick save makes it a real DQ
    Chris Lee
    This is my first RPG game ever back on its first release on SFC in early 90s. This certainly brings back lot of memories. I dont know if I should be complaining the fact it doesn't have quick save function like all the other remakes in its series. As this makes DQ5 much more harder to play just like the original one, but also means I have to keep the game running in the background if I'm not next to a church to safe my process. Nevertheless, it's definitely a 5/5!
  6. You did it again.
    William Rich
    Why? My arthritis makes it extremely difficult to play a game of this complexity without a stylus. You obviously can make a game compatible with my S-pen. DQ1, DQ2, DQ3, FF1, FF5, FF6...all are compatible with the S-pen. DQ4, DQ5, and DQ8 are not. I see the pattern now, though. Thanks to your short - sightedness, I won't even bother with DQ6. Thanks, SE. It was a good run while it lasted. I guess I will just have to stick with Final Fantasy and blow off Dragon Quest.
  7. Good story, bad RNG monster recruitment
    Mathieu Grenier
    DQ5 has a great story but lack original characters like DQ4. Except Deborah, all characters are bland. DQ5 features monsters recruitment which sounds great at first but it is poorly executed due to too much RNG. Some monsters are really hard too recruit (healers especially... Only monster get Omniheal... 3% chance and less to recruit) and you can easily spend hours and days fighting the same monster and might never get it which brings a lot of frustration and no fun.
  8. Autosave is garbage
    Mitchell Carney
    While the game is great the autosave is not. Answer a phone call and you could lose more than an hour of gameplay because it won't auto save in a dungeon. Happened to me 3 times already (and once after recruiting a rare monster).
  9. EPIC
    reimi jahana
    I so love this game. DQ V is among my favorite in the series. I can't wait for VI. I like how like with DS they gave you Deborah to choose. She is by far my favorite bride
  10. Autosave...
    Joel Hullum
    Isn't reliable. It isn't mean closing the game at all. It's still in my active tasks but I just lost a hour or so of grinding. That's infuriating. Please fix squarenex the game deserves better than that. It happens after 10 minutes or so of being put in background processes. Squareenix I know youve been unreliable with supporting your games. Please don't suck this time.
  11. Pearse O' Neill
    Please fix the game cause when it updates everytime my profile is deleted . I didnt buy this game for it to delete on me. It will be five stars if you fix this. This is for a sony xperia M2
  12. Good times
    Matt Keep
    Dragon quest V probably my favourite among them. Though I prefer the old dejap translation from the snes version. Like all the phone rpgs I've played I find the controls finicky the dpad deciding to go down when hitting up.
  13. Another hit
    Tyler Wintringham
    Just have to ask. Once you get back to Dragon quest 8, will you make 9 and 10? Thats how many there are right? 10 Dragon quests?
  14. Great game!
    Georg Mann
    It's really a shame that the Dragon Warrior/Quest games are not more popular in North America becuase they really are great games. Been playing them sence the 80s and this is my first time playing 5. It's plays well and so far the story is really good. It really goes to show that smart phones can be good for legitimate gameing and not just crappy micro transaction games. This is a real rpg ment to be a fun rpg. I am very much so looking forward to dq7 hitting the app store as the origonal was my favorite.
  15. CRPG Excellence
    Eleaor F.
    This game has everything a good Console-style RPG needs: Likable characters, an immersive world, an epic story, deep yet approachable combat system, a catchy soundtrack and charming graphics. Not perfect, but still great fun.
  16. Omg!
    Haakon Steindal
    This is the best dragon quest game ever! Thank you very much SE!
  17. Please add Quick save everywhere
    Hunter Bluhm
    Love the game. Please add the ability to quick save anywhere. It's a mobile game and I don't want to have to search for a save point to stop playing.
  18. Galaxy S3
    Bryan Beck
    Only played an hour of it so far and I like it except I feel the control pad is too sensitive
  19. สาวก Dragon Quest
    Opas Krannasuit
    สาวก DQ V ต้องโดนใจแน่นอน ว่าแต่ น่าจะทำให้มันเปลี่ยนภาษาได้ด้วยนะ น่าจะดีมาก แบบเลือก อังกฤษ ญี่ปุ่น ไทย(ถ้ามีจะน้ำตาไหลเลย) [love this, but select language (English, Japan, Thai Support )].~* LOVE DQ
  20. Daniel Fonseca
    Would be awesome if portrait mode and controller input was coded in. Would love to play this on Nvidia shield handheld or TV.


What`s new

- Fixed to accommodate full-screen display on big-screen devices.
- Added "Monster Magnet" item as a casino prize.
(Equipping a "Monster Magnet" makes it easier to recruit monsters.)