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  1. Great except Startup
    Geoffrey Pittard
    Game is great. Only problem I have is I bought it to play on break at work and there is no Wi- Fi there ... So the fact that the game won't start without checking for connection limits my joy with the product.
  2. Great
    Jackie Clan
    This is a great game with cool graphics and good voice acting my only problem is that it doesn't have additional dungeons or character trials from other ff4 ports.
  3. The best version of 4 out there
    Brodie Baker
    Great game, best version of it out there. Except... Silver should be usable in the dark elf cave (as in the original) since it's a non-ferrous metal. Cecil needs bows back too. Revert these "improvements," please. Now take this joystick and add it to the other Android FF games. Cloud saving I'm glad for, but it should have been added ages ago. But do we really need to be reminded every time we save the game?
  4. Love It
    Allyn Dailey
    Playing FFXIV with not much FF experience has been interesting but it does make me itch to play a traditional FF game. This game has done just that, I'm loving every minute of it and the ability to just start it up, do a little grinding, then get back to whatever I was doing is amazing. Final Fantasy is a perfect easy access mobile game, really worth the $15 purchase. My only complaint is the icon for it is for FFV for some reason, not really an issue cuz I don't own FFV atm but I could see it being one...
  5. Good port of a great remake of an amazing game.
    Still needs some options, like hold to run, ect. Great on shield, the way it's meant to be played. Cloud saves are broken.
  6. justin abbott
    Really liked the game but now it won't open on my phone tryed reinstalling it a few times but still nothing which only sucks where it's not a free game fix and rating goes back up :)
  7. Amazing Port
    Brett Langford
    The game sports sharper graphics than the DS, the touchscreen controls are intuitive, and I have yet to experience a glitch on my Droid Razr Maxx. The only thing you will miss out on on the Android version is the Whyt minigames which were designed for DS; however, they have compensated for this by adding more content. Furthermore, since people were complaining about the DS version being too hard, a difficulty setting has also been added. All in all, this is a great buy!
  8. Battle between your dark self
    Josh Martin
    Okay I played 3 hours worth fighting the dark knight to become a paladin only doing 10 to 16 damage each. Either lower the person health level or raise the damage you do do him. It not worth the time playing that long for a battle to come good
  9. Great Final Fantasy
    Avinash Dowlut
    FFIV has a great story and characters, now playing this game in 3D makes it more enjoyable and with achievements, it pushes you to complete the game 100%. Now better with cloud save
  10. Improved graphics
    michael phillips
    This game has to be now one of my favourite final fantasy games. It's up there with 12 7 and 9. Especially with improved graphics and now it's not pixelated. Only thing I dislike is all the grinding you have to do to level, but that had to be expected from a final fantasy games I suppose. And that's a fun aspect of it. Still bottom line I love it
  11. Very nice
    Robert Williams
    I've played and beaten the North American version many times in my youth. I loved that version a lot. This is a definite improvement upon that. Not sure if I'm a fan of the new 3D art style. I thought the 2D art style from all those years ago was very charming. It's very nice that they've included the North American and Japanese versions in this one game (normal and hard difficulty, just a lot more grinding in hard mode).
  12. Hours WASTED!!!!!
    Doua Thao
    This game was great... My first playthrough I farmed 5 Pink Tails and one of each other color tail not knowing how to max my stats. After reading guides I completely restarted my save file and also farmed once again 2 Blue Tails and 5 Pink Tails only to learn that after I defeat the final boss a second time there was no second Limit Break Augment. Now in order to max my stats I will have to completely restart my save file from scratch a second time to get the proper Augment set ups. I feel cheated...
  13. One of my favorite rpgs ever
    Brad Kulcheski
    This game brings me back. My brother and I got this game for snes (ff2). The music and story are remarkable. The new art style I'm on the fence with, I much prefer the ff4 complete collection on psp, the 2d art fits this games more appropriately. However, matrix did a fantastic job adding in their own unique 3d style. I would love to give this game a perfect score the but lack of cloud saves is unacceptable. Edit: cloud saving is here! 5/5
  14. Amazing classic
    Jamie Hardway
    Pretty much what I love about the game is here. I have played this every couple of years since the snes release. Only wish it had the extra features from the ds which had extra dungeons and swapping your party around in mysidia to get the ultimate gear for everyone. Also yes, the icon on my phone is the final fantasy V one, lol. Wonder how that was missed.
  15. Great Game
    Patrick Garcia
    Honestly, I would give this 5/5 except that the icon for the game says FFV instead of FFIV and that drives me nuts. That aside, well worth the price.
  16. Fantastic job
    Randy Bingham
    This is a great port for me. Works great on my note 3 and loving them adding new cloud saving.
  17. Terrible.
    Alex Duran
    The game is capped at 15 fps during battles. Ff3 ran fluidly, but ff4 for some reason is capped at 15 regardless of how I edit the graphics settings in GLtools. 1/4 rendering resolution? 15 fps. 16x MSAA? 15fps. Nothing changes. 30fps over world 15 fps lock battles. This is crazy unacceptable and if I'd known I would have never bought this game. Battles feel choppy and it breaks immersion. To cap it all off, the icon shows the FF5 logo. I paid 16$ for this?!
  18. Excellent
    charis nevarez
    As a person who's played this on their gameboy way back in the day, I can honestly say this updated version is amazing. They have voices, they have cinematics, the graphics aren't just pixels anymore. This is way worth $15.99, so glad I bought it, its tons of fun and entertaining and as every game should be, challenging at some points. Good job guys, this is so great.
  19. Great game but some boss fights are just totally unfair.
    Justin Lemieux
    It's a great game but when it comes to taking on Dr. Lugae's second form in the tower of Babel, it's nearly impossible to beat him. It's so unfair that the CPU's pretty much cheating.
  20. Great game!
    Christopher McCarter
    Well done, the other versions were good, n this one yet again added a little more to make it better! (the cutscenes with actual voice acting are quite nice! Good upgrade from when I first played this over twenty years ago!) The controls take some getting use too, but are well done given limits of only using a touch screen instead a controller. N as an app, I've had no worth while issues to mention! Great game! SO NOW WHERES VII SQUARE ENIX? :-)


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