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  1. Patricia Bradley
    I lost 2,675.90 on a install and I want it back you can't login to face book so you can keep your points the game sucks. I contacted you all & still didn't receive my lost this game is a rip off and no I will not buy any coins you will only take them you can't win a jackpot r anything all it do is take take & take
  2. Update sucks!!!
    Jeff Perry
    Totally ruined a good game. I won over 5 billion, yes billion, dollars!!! They updated it & I lost it all in a few months. The fix is on. You can't win! Why would anybody pay-to-play? You've been warned people. Find a different game. Uninstalling. Later "super Unlucky casino" What a bunch of douches!
  3. Why did you change a good thing?
    Judy Forrester
    I thought this game was getting better, but not now. The dail treasure chest used to be fun, but you can't even tell where the chests are going with the new speed you set and the cloudiness. I also do not like your daily items that we are supposed to do. We lose more than we get. Change it back PLEASE!!!!
  4. Jena Fowler
    You are obviously in this business only for negative feedback. do you actually think that one day youll be able to charge people and never allow any one credits you are a da .
  5. Debbie Prentice
    Used to love this game I had 23 billion coins and lost them all. I tried every game betting high betting low just keeps taking a few hood wins but not many I noe give it 2 stars and have uninstalled it.
  6. christine dority
    I used to love this app but it just seems to be tough to win . When bonus comes up only win amount I bet never higher..when free spins and multipliers come up always pick 1 times's just a app why make so tough for people
  7. Now I remember
    Ronald Ratliff
    I use to love this, I had over 200 billion and when ya'll updated it, it took it all, just so ya'll can get money from us on a continues bases, let me ask u would u buy coins knowing that every last one would be taken from you, without so much as a win or a B.S. bonus wins that never come up and F-UP pay outs think about it I will uninstall and tell every one to stay away from your slots
  8. Changed to cheat now!
    Lacey MacRoy
    You guys changed all the fun and enjoyable, to rip off and no fun. As I can see I'm not alone in this disappointment. I will be uninstalling this game. You game makers have made it so you 1. Don't win big anymore 2. Have a difficult time winning big on the daily treasure chest 3.The slots won't allow you to gain the bonus games as in the past or even at all with out eating up all your coins.
  9. Lots of fun so far...
    Kristi Smith
    I just downloaded the game. It seems to have a few glitches every now and then, but if I back out of the present game I am playing and go right back in it seems to be working fine. I haven't hit a huge jackpot but it seems to always build back up pretty quickly. I don't play the big bets when I only have around 1000 coins though. All in all, it seems to be lots of fun. Hey, it's free so I'm not complaining. Lol. Hope this helps.
  10. It really sucks use to be fun...
    Jaretta Lankford
    Game never get all the coins you pay for..the screen fogs up to the point where you can't see where the treasure chests are going..what's the point of bonus coins when you lose them in the first few spins...I stopped buying coins because I was wasting money only to lose them within a few I said it use to be fun....
  11. Update broke the game
    Chris Kaufmann
    The bonus chest use to be fun, now it is impossible. You might as well just make it random if you are going to leave it like that. The slots themselves seem to pay out much less. Also that daily quest asking for money is pure dickery. I am guessing you are wondering why people aren't buying your coins? 5$ for a few thousand is a horrible deal. One can spend that in a single spin easy.
  12. Used to be fun....
    Linda Thurman
    Can no longer win have to collect coins for a couple bonuses just to lose in couple spins not worth storage space it is taking.... uninstalling.
  13. Chris Sauder
    Same trouble here as with your romance slots, all games we earned now say coming soon w7th locked chains across them. Since recent update cant win much and on romance my mom lost 61million with hardly any win. That sucks after all our hard work to build. We love your games because we can play without fulltime internet and just hookin for updates.
  14. Slots Fairytale
    Francine Kemp
    Little Red, make 10,000pts in 20 mins. Started with 2000 starting pts and climbed so d set. Defo a fun one!
  15. Sucks
    Paul Floyd
    Freezes constantly. If you play high roller it interrupts your game about every 5 spins for a chance to win 500 credits. Wow!!!
  16. Fun games,and good payouts
    Andrew Vlewis
    Only drawback, i m at level 160 @ new level payout never increases or 4 hr bonus. Your sister game slots romance your compensated for progress. Thank you for all your apps, ALOT OF FUN!!!!!!!
  17. Slots fairytale
    Samantha O'brien
    Love all da different games I could play not like da other games I download
  18. So far...
    Megan Lane
    A very fun game. The update actually made things better and made me receive coins every four hours.
  19. Kayla Davies
    Only have 3 game choices! Never win any money. I use to love this game.
  20. Ronnett Baskerville
    I love this slot casino because you don't need wifi and it lets you win a lot


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