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Libor Bucinsky | Project Manager at ShowMax

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Mojzis Stupka | Project Manager at ShowMax

Hlavní město Praha, Česká republika |

Nicola van Ast (Suter) | Marketing Manager at ShowMax

Johannesburg Area, South Africa |

Jergus Trlica | Data Analyst at ShowMax

Slovak Republic |

Reviews 32,685

  1. Does not work on Android 4.4 mediabox
    Duppie du Plessis
    So was super excited to try this on my android media box connected to my TV... Guess what, it does not show any video... Only audio works... Guess it's back to Kodi with Genesis and just stream it from there...
  2. Not too bad content
    Thomas Sticht
    The content is decent but not great. This will be a awesome idea if there could be shows like ink master, alone, ect
  3. Peter Baker
    No Chromecast. Sadly this means I can't watch Showmax on my TV... what a shame.
  4. Impressive
    Ziyaadh Mahomed
    It's pretty new and I'm impressed with the features, functionality and content. Also got confirmation that Chromecast functionality will happen, no precise date of release just yet... Can't wait for it though
  5. Alright for an initial offering
    Barry G
    At first glance, the Service and content seems to be largely aimed at the white Afrikaans middle-class with lots of shows from the Naspers MultiChoice (KykNet) stable - Mzanzi Magic content is also included in an attempt to balance the audience portfolio. Video quality, judging by the limited free KykNet/Mzanzi and kiddy episodes one can watch without a subscription, is comparable to a 360p resolution YouTube video, albeit with noticeably more compression artifacts. It eats around 400mb of data per hour. Similar basic interface to Netflix/Hulu/etc. The initial, premium subscription, content portfolio is quite diverse and relatively current.
  6. Good first impressions
    Marius Vorster
    App looks ok, however as mentioned no Chromecast support which for me is a must have!
  7. BlackBerry z3
    alter james
    The app looks beautiful and works like a dream, they have so many shows, but do wish they had more reality showd
    Keith Hardy
    Looks awesome needs a wider variety of support on other devices chromecast ps3 ps4 ....etc
  9. Great concept well tried...
    Corena Botha
    No Chromecast support. Nothing "free" - all I see is upgrade required... looong way to go to compete with international (not just Hollywood) offerings as per Netflix and VIKI.... bring some kdramas into the mix and you'll have me subscribed... VIKI and Netflix for now....
  10. Challenge to Netflix?
    Kwandile Ngwenya
    I see a wide range of movies, series, entertainment in I correct to assume this is Netflix on steroids?
  11. limited support
    Wayne Wright
    This app only works on adroid handsets. Would be nice if they told us that.
  12. Nazeem Jansen
    The App does not work on Google Nexus Player. It will only play the audio, but no video.
  13. Rudie du Preez
    The app is not at all Android Media center friendly. Streaming works fine on desktop, but streaming on Android app on same DSL connection is so slow that all shows takes ages to load, then lags, and then displays an error. Completely unusable! Tried on multiple Android devices and connections.
  14. Andrew Webster
    Unfortunately the video won't run on my device (HTC One Mini), so unable to test it out. Will consider signing up if it does get fixed and offer Chromecast support.
  15. Needs work
    Tim Wridgway
    Tried on both phone and tablet using wifi, shows a few seconds and stops. So glad it's on free trial... Will be cancelling shortly!
  16. Playback Error
    Theresa Webster
    Unable to play any of the movies or series I tried on my HTC One M8. I'll be unsubscribing.
  17. Bernard Gordon
    I would definitely subscribe to this if it had live streaming from Super Sport since this is a Naspers product.
  18. Streaming
    Leroy Gumede
    This is for online streaming. Would have been nice if they said that in the description
  19. Does not support HTC One M8
    Frederick Lutz
    Good catalogue, but doesn't yet support HTC One M8.
  20. No video
    Daniel Delport
    It does not play the video, only audio. Nothing wrong with my mygica ATV 582


What`s new

* Sport added also to Android TV, enjoy highlights, live events and all sweats you're used to from mobile version
* Widevine Classic (DRM) was with us for many years and months but time has come and we’re saying goodbye.
* Recommendations in player fixed and ready to entertain you again
* Tens of fixes and tweaks
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