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  1. Can't Register!!!!
    Carol Wilson
    Installed. Tried to sign up and said my email was in use. Never used app before. Tried to reset password and never received email to reset. Please fix. I have friends who use this app and they have Apple phones. Maybe there is some software issue with the Android phones.
  2. Can't register
    Stephanie General
    Fix the issues so ppl can use this app!!! I have tried 4 different email addresses!!!! I shouldn't have to email a help desk to register an app.
  3. Can't even register
    Liz Sadler
    This applies to this version only, as far as I know. Initially the app told me that my email address was already registered, which it isn't. Now it crashes any time I try to launch it. Hoping it's just a bug in the current version. Will change my rating once this is fixed.
  4. Can't register
    Marissa Medina
    When I tried to sign up it said my email was already in use, but I haven't made an account yet. So I try and retrieve my "password" but it never sends an email. Would love to use this app if only this bug was fixed!
  5. Crashes on launch
    Brian Preble
    Used to work. Now it's worthless. Please fix. No reply from tech support. Devs are clearly criminals, gathering email addresses to sell to spammers!
  6. Put the I back into my LIFE !!
    Drix Drix
    I am single, male, over 50 and overweight with heart issues. This Wonderful App guides me, via a simple bar code scan, through the intentionally distracting and misleading packaging to instantly answer the real, simple question, IS IT GOOD FOR ME, and why !!
  7. Problem with registration!
    Katrin Moshkoff
    I used to have this on my IPhone and I loved it! Now I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII Downloaded the app but it won't let me sign in ! Please fix the problem asap, I won't delete the app, I really need it and I'm willing to wait for the bug fixes! UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ok guys this is not funny at all! I've been trying to login for weeks now and the app keeps crushing! Apparently the developers don't care about the issue and are not trying to do anything about it! I'll definitely uninstall the app!
  8. Works good
    Dan O
    Would like to see information about more ingredients. Also some items show up having a middle score but when I look at the facts and ingredients the only thing I see that's bad is 2 or 3 grams of sugar. Shouldn't the score be higher than in the 50s?
  9. Christine Gilreath
    Can't register! Keeps saying my email address already in use AND I TRIED 3 DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESSES!
  10. Can't register
    Patty Bowser
    Same problem as Liz. Frustrating because would really like to use this app
  11. Log in
    Janie Loredo
    Great app, one I use almost on a daily basis but hasn't let me log in for five days now.
  12. Nicole Johnson
    Can't register. Says my email is already in use, which is obsurb, since I've never used this app before. Very disappointed
  13. Used to love it
    Jen Paliga
    And now I can't even log in without it force closing. Got a galaxy s6 active and now can't use the app. This is terrible! I used it all the time on my moto x!! Pleaseee fix asap, I really need this app!
  14. It's great when it works.
    Peggy Balentyne
    I have had so many problems with this app. It logs me out all the time. The scanner doesn't always work. This app works great at home but not when I am at the grocery store where they have wifi. The ratings on food isn't always correct.
  15. Needs fixed
    Virginia Hess
    I downloaded this app because everyone said it was good, I downloaded it and proceeded to sign up to start using immediately and says email already exists. If you can't have your apps where they can be used then please remove them.
  16. Crashes when i try to sign up/sign in
    Kali M
    Downloaded it to help with a dairy and soy free diet but it crashes every time I try to sign up or sign in. I tried deleting it and re - downloading but it still doesn't work. If there's a fix I'd love to be able to use it.
  17. I hate this app. Uninstalling.
    Jennifer Finn
    I have celiac disease (genetic intolerance to gluten). I need this app to help me determine what is gluten-free & what is not. 1.The barcode scanner does NOT WORK, and I've tried it in different light. 2.When I search for a product, I don't get just what I selected under allergies & intolerances. I get a red frowny face and have to hit 'Why' to see why I can't have it which is time-consuming. The reason is usually 'added sugar'. I don't care about added sugar, just gluten. Please fix!
  18. Won't let me sign up
    Meg Williams
    I got this app and it says my email is already in use even though this is the first profile I have ever made. A real shame
  19. Shopwell diet and food scanner
    Michael Mcbride
    It said that my email was wrong and somebody already signed up to use your stupid app that disgust me fix it now !!! P.S worst app made in history
  20. Deborah Lindley, Bernal, Beeler
    Like this alot . It high lights the no and has simple to follow info. And color dots for good and bad.