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Benjamin Faure | Chief Marketing Officer at Scimob

France |

Gaël Bonnafous | CEO & Founder at SCIMOB - Webedia Group

Région de Montpellier, France |

Pierre-Olivier Cuillière | UX & UI Designer @Scimob (Webedia group)

Région de Montpellier, France |

Vincent Zgueb | Experienced software engineer, iOS expert, Entrepreneur, Dreamer.

Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, France |

Reviews 2,530,673

  1. Great game.
    Julius Plantig
    Mine doesn't pop ads up. It shuts my phone down every now and then. Anybody else having the same issue? If it's just me, do you have any suggestions?
  2. Awesome
    keikei david
    The fact that it makes you think harder to get the answers its just really frustrating but fun. And a very much easier way to get more coins.
  3. Amazing
    Alyssa Wolf
    I really enjoy puzzle games so this was right up my alley. It really makes you think in order to move on. But one thing I didn't like was that most of the time you can't move on without coins. For a person like me that can't jus buy more that really becomes frustrating. Other than that it was a pleasure.
  4. Not "Bad," Not "Great."
    Andrew Wray
    It's a pseudo family-feud style game based on surveys taken for the top answers you guess... except several of the top answers are nonsensical and miscategorized. Example: DIY Tools - Two answers: Glue and Nails. A nail is not a "tool," nor is glue. In a nutshell, kinda fun to play in a group where everyone shouts out answers, kinda sucks if you actually know something about the topics because some answers won't make sense, at all.
  5. Keep em Coming
    Andrea Wilson
    I fell in love with 94 Seconds last year and 94% is awesome as well. I like games that work the brain and you guys know exactly how to do so. So, do me a favor and KEEP EM COMING!!
  6. It's a good game
    DeeDee Wigfall
    I wish I would have to waste my coins on help and I hate when ads keep popping up after I complete a level
  7. Great game
    Hannah S.
    Difficult but fun quizzes that REALLY keep you thinking about little things
  8. Pretty App
    Jerome Relano
    Best when youre bored. Would be better with some sound effects. Nevertheless, its a great app!
  9. 94%
    Amy Whitnell
    Enjoyable. Great mind skills needed. Good laugh. Ads are annoying would rather pay for the app and leave out the ads
  10. It's a thinking game
    Theresa Maroney
    Kinda like family feud without the strikes. Keeps your mind occupied.
  11. Amazing
    steven biano
    This game is fun.... I like it, it's definitely a challenge. I like the picture challenges the most.
  12. Shannon J
    So far so good. Hasn't crashed but I'm only on level two. Some words are counted as already guessed when not really similar, like hose and house, but that's minor.
  13. Good Time Consumer
    Devynn Johnston
    I like games that make me think and this one definelty makes me think. It's a good game to play when trying to waste time or when your just bored. Great game!
  14. Hangs phone on update
    Sumit Dubey
    The phone hangs when I try to open it after updating every time,and msg pops up that 94% is not responding. But still It is a good game, hope the problem gets solved.
  15. Awesome game but mega bugs
    Ali Wajdan Ansari
    My phone restarts or gets stuck every time I play the game please fix this and I'll give 5 stars
  16. Please fix!
    Lindsay Applegath
    I love this game! But ever since the update came out my phone constantly freezes for a good minute then reboots my phone. I really don't want to uninstall the game because I enjoy it all but can you please fix this problem! Thank you.
  17. It's nice so far
    Bianca Roelofse
    But why 60 coins when needing a hint nd then only get 15 when you win the game and only 20 when you win the level
  18. Strategy
    Haley Troup
    I love little mind games like this and this game is so fun! Always interesting
  19. Ads
    George Doganis
    There's an ad every time you finish a puzzle, not a level. Ok to kill time.
  20. Would recommend to pass the time
    Natisha Griffin
    Cool game to pass the time. I am getting stumped on the lesser numbered response items but its a good challenge.


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