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evreyone zompies games
kuukla parental control
rag doll
ragdoll games
зомби стрелялки
стрелялки зомби
убивать зомби


Monthly active users estimation: 150,000

Reviews 71,607

  1. Fun
    Harley Hellboy
    Simple..Bloody...Mindless Killing...great way to pass the time. Gives you that feeling of accomplishment..Great Satisfaction...
  2. Better than stupid zombies.
    Dylan Gallipeo
    If you you like stupid zombies and gore, this is the game for you.
  3. Amazing
    The thing Show
    The best thing is that your killing the zoms instead of saving them! I recommend
  4. I like it but
    Jason eskew
    I like it but I hate the springs cause they don't bounce the character enough and I hate the electric charge things you have to use in order to play a level cause if you run out you have to wait for them to refill.
  5. Its fun but....
    The Chronicles of minecraft
    I don't see the ragdoll in it great game tho
  6. FUN like it
    Mikolaj Fokczynski
    When I kill the zombie the blood go everywhere and it makes me laugh so I gonna play this game every day
  7. Robert Green
    Just a fun way to kill time the more I play the more addicted to it I get boosters are hard to save for tho should get coins for score even if u fail to make boosters easier to get
  8. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Richard Francis
    Thanks for the game it is a great time playing with the zombies and killing them is great. I love the game.
  9. Ugh
    joanne evertsz
    nice game but it lags sometimes so it will mess you up :0(
  10. Zabies are hear
    Zaim Kamran
    I guess all zabie games are the same kill zombies in the most satisfying ways possible i can name a few games Dead island,Dead rising 1 2 and three and last but not least Call of duty: Black ops 2 and 1 ★★★★.
  11. WTF
    Anthony Ahern
    you have got to be kidding me a f ing video ad? rate 1 uninstall and never buy from these idiots
  12. Grossly cool
    alex mason
    Easy to play lots of bloody fun
  13. Hahaha
    Sean Lacelle
    Funny game can't stop laughing when I kill these zombies but a very good game anyways lol
  14. Addicting
    Owen Nethercot
    I only put 4 stars Cruz its too addicting bit it is an amazing game
  15. Great Game...
    This is a great game to play to pass the time, trynna see what other levels they got in store...
  16. Fun but needs unlimited or more zombies.
    Jack Christie
    I love the game and enjoy it so much but I wish you didn't have a limit of zombies because then it will be so fun! I know its probably a challenge not to use all of them but maybe a bit more than 10 zombies. Also what happened if you can't do a level. Well, if you can't then you can't play the game anymore. Make it so you can skip a level and skip it without paying or anything.
  17. Glen McCurry
    This is not too bad but I like it and the kids mode sucks! You can't turn off the blood
  18. To right
    Nico Tole
    It is so fun and way better than stupid zombies
  19. Hee hee hee
    Barney Ross
    Pretty fun simple the rag doll effect and how the zombies flop into the spikes and axes and so on....I'd recommend for some time killing fun.
  20. Its a gid game
    court wills
    But i dont wanna waste ma time playing this but i will play it tho


What`s new

Zombies, zombies everywhere! Good thing you've got a powerful flick and fling ability ready to throw these monsters all over the place! The addictive combination of sawblades and ragdoll zombie physics makes for endless hours of fun, and our latest update ensures you'll be attacking and defeating zombies until your finger is sore!

New in this update:
- Performance improvements for faster gameplay
- Improvements for reliability and bug fixes

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