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  1. Margaret Alguire
    I'd give it no stars if I could... I repeatedly get cheated out of turns. My move count will say 2 or 3 and suddenly I'm told I have no moves left.. I don't like being cheated.. time to delete this game
  2. Christmas Cookie Fun Match 3
    Brenda Ruiz
    I love all the explosions. It's very funny and nice to play. Some levels are very difficult but I managed to get through all levels.
  3. Heather Seabolt
    Great game for Christmas time I love it
  4. dave Swanson
    Really like this one but because they make us wait or buy lives for no reason this is the best rating I can give unless they can tell me why
  5. Disappointed
    Pamela Tanner
    Why does it not give my moves at times when given a 3 or 5 move chip?
  6. Tonya Mercado
    Reminds me of my grandma.... She loved to bake christmas cookies
  7. Great
    Lisa Patrick
    It's great if I can find away to exit the game!
  8. Mary Hartman
    Liked it need more levels now passed them all
  9. Sara Layden
    Might like it a little too much.
  10. Linda Whitby
    I gave it 5 stars cause I love it
  11. Christmas cookie
    Sally Findlay
    No problems upto now!!! Fab n fun game,enjoying it
  12. Love this game!
    Vicki Clark
    Christmas time ! This game is really fun and exciting! Love the challenges of the game! Gotta love Santa! 5 stars all the way!
  13. Christmas cookie fun _match 3
    Terence Agnew
    Very good exciting game with lots of twists and turns .
  14. Bradley Pittman
    Fun way to past time. Enjoyable enough for adults & youngsters.
  15. Christmas cookie
    Loreen Dandrea
    This game is awesome I love it
  16. Love it
    Heather Arrington
    One of the best I've played so far. Please add more levels. Thanks!
  17. Jill Wilson
    Xmas cookie was so fun n challenging,I am bored real easy even at my age,50-but it kept my attention for hours....
  18. Christmas cookie _ fun match 3
    Val O'neill
    Great graphics. Good fun, nice change. Like it a lot.
  19. Just too difficult
    Coreena Lilly
    Only made it to level 30...had to use my "free" 50 coins and 2 bombs to even get that far. Just too difficult and those dumb conveyor belt moves...can't figure out anything. Uninstalled.
  20. Excellent game
    christina metcalfe
    I like it very much. Especially when you can earn lives back by playing a puzzle game. This is a very honest and fair way to play the game. I mean in the other games. They put timers on then you would have to wait a long time to play the game and that defeats the purpose of playing the game. Thank you for a lovely game. Sincerely Christina☺☺☺☺


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It's a great time for a delicious cookie snack! Christmas Cookie is back with another exciting and delicious update! Everything is wrapped in a festive holiday package, as well, making it the perfect puzzle game for this time of year! Don't wait for the holidays, download this fun and FREE puzzle game right away!

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