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  1. Good game
    Jerome Pradier
    The strategy plays a big role and i like it. Small con : no option to do faster fights which is annoying for the first 10~15 levels. Edit. The small con disappeared
  2. Unbeatable boss
    zahnee velalis
    At floor 52 there is a boss that will insta kill you no matter what you do to try and kill him. This makes the game unbeatable and i am not the only one having this issue. Please fix and add an end game of some kind. Otherwise its a good game with great progression and mechanics. Got to the unbeatable boss in 2 days.
  3. Pretty Good
    Michael Bond
    Simple concept that has a lot of depth. Its my current addiction.
  4. Great game
    Alan Broun
    Nice game with a cool concept. Gets a bit samey after a while but still addictive.
  5. Great time killer!
    Christopher Wright
    Simple and fun. Not much more you can say about it.
  6. Nice
    anis nugrahanto
    Need more cards. Small picture so you cant put more words right?
  7. Very addicting.
    Randy F
    Been playing this game for a few days and can't stop playing. It's fun and simple, yet still has some nice RPG elements. I just wish there were more classes.
  8. Great game
    Gina Dayawon
    So addicting! I've barely put my phone down since I downloaded this game
  9. Not bad at all
    Ay S aycH
    Thumbs up, could be a little less simple
  10. Great game
    Nathan Sparks
    This game is very addictive, from choosing your cards to the strategies between the classes, it makes this game so much fun and hard to put down.
  11. Was a fun game...was
    Mike D
    Check out all the no comment dev spammd 5☆'s! Had fun till i got to lvl 52 and fought a boss call "unbeatable" and he was indeed that... this is a game that will spam you with adds and eventually you will hit a wall. Either way had a fun 2 days with it! Edit: have to change my rating to 1 start till the development either adds an end game, or makes the last boss not a 10k hp, 100 thorns instant attacking dissapointment. Fix this, noone will reccomend this game in its current state. Fix the game, and they will come, good execution and progression, awful finale.
  12. Original
    Dharmick Na
    Love how unlike any other tcg it is. Very creative loads of fun. Would appreciate a proper conclusion than the unbeatable terminator though...
  13. Matt Rogue
    Too many ads and SOMETIMES I can revive my character, fixing those things and it would be a really good game
  14. Fun easy game
    Daniel Kendall
    This game is simple while now providing some opportunities for deck customization, making it rounded out in the ways it was lacking before.
  15. pretty good
    Eli Blackburn
    has a few kinks, but it's fun and addictive.
  16. Simple fun
    NinjaBread Mon
    A card game that slowly draws cards for you while you fight through dungeon floors, very simple almost a time waster or toilet game.
  17. Sam Forrester
    Vary fun need to go to bed but I must play more
  18. Good
    lucas saa
    I liked it for some time now
  19. Nice filler game
    Tome Loh
    Not really a CCG in the traditional sense, games are played in real time, and luck is a big factor for draws to win.
  20. Rai Hann
    Terminator OP. Like the new update, aside from the food mechanic. Also takes ages to get to the terminator.


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