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Monthly active users estimation: 1,000,000

Reviews 33,177

  1. Fix this please
    Marianne Darragh
    It's too easy to make a wrong selection like instead of yahtzee you hit large straight instead!!!! Thus losing both yahtzee and your straight. Not cool people. At least put in an undo icon please. Also if I roll a certain number I want choice of which column to use. Then this would be a great game.
  2. Terrie Peay
    I would love this game if it didn't cheat so much. The computer always gets to go first, and all most constantly get double and triple yahties. I can see the pc hand before it even settles. Something is not right about this. Looking for another game.
  3. Rigged
    Gaz Rybagz
    Come on! Why do these games have to cheat? What are the odds? Twice in the space of 5 games, the computer player gets a Yahtzee then I get one the following turn. Also, would be much better if you could play the triple option against the computer player. *reply - fair enough. It happened again twice though, this time me first then computer got one the next turn. I guess that's the vaguaries of (probably software) random number generation systems. Another request - would be nice if the game was a bit quicker, the computer player seems to take so long (and this is on 1.2 GHz quad-core). Maybe the option to further speed up dice animation would help. Another thing - sometimes when the computer is behind he seems to just totally lose his way, rather than going for lower value 3/4 of a kind or low straights, just keeps rolling without retaining dice.
  4. Multilayer does not work
    Tanya Boddey
    Got the game and played a few rounds. It works alright. Tried the multi player mode - you can invite/get invited for games with your friends but when zoning into the invited game you only get a black screen. Waited several minutes and multiple tries to actually see the games. Multilayer does not work.
  5. Derf
    Frederick Prenger
    Love yathzee, cool app, but it needs to give you more time to undo moves. Plenty of times I accidentally hit the wrong slot on the scorecard, does not allow enough time to undo my infraction! Very frustrating on a good roll!
  6. Best one I've tried
    Brittany Bashore
    I love the variety of game options. Also all the achievements. This is by far the best version I have played. I had one problem with it freezing a lot on the 4th roll button, but it's not enough to take away a star because I can exit the game and open it right back up to where I left off
  7. Its pretty cool....
    Lynn Davis
    Im definately diggin this game, BUT....when i use the "4th roll" button, it freezes up on me! Once it freezes, i cant play any of my active games until i forceclose. Sometimes i have to forceclose several times, SO annoying! Also...if you were able to choose which column to score in on the trips games, hav trips against other players/computer, that wud be awesome, i wud reccomend to everyone if these things were done!!! Thnx!
  8. This is one of the best yahtzee like game APS available
    Evonne Johnson
    I really enjoy this game and the design and graphics work for me, I like how I can play it in an upright position, only 2 things would make this an even better game, 1st, it would be much better if you could score more than only three yahty's in the triple game mode, 2nd, also in triple game mode, I'd like the option of which column to take my score, I don't understand why people have such a problem with ads, I just turn my data off while playing or in airplane mode & no ad issues
  9. Keeps freezing up...
    Shannon Casas
    Almost every time that I use the 4th roll it freezes up. It doesn't matter if I hold it or just tap it (both with using my finger or my stylus). I am able to save my game by leaving the app & then going and force closing it. I then can go & get back to where I was before it froze up. Sometimes I try the 4th roll and it works, most of the time I just play around it. Please fix this. My rating will definitely go to 5 ☆ if you can fix this issue. Thank you.
  10. Still would prefer the old layout, but. . .
    Mike Prowler
    11-APR: Updated rating to four stars. Getting used to how it now looks and liking the tap instead of drag function. 09-APR: In fairness, I increased my rating to three stars. In retrospect two stars was harsh and insulting to the developers, who I'm sure made whatever aesthetic changes they made with the best of intentions. I also failed to say anything positive about why I loved the former version in the first place, which was selfish on my part. I find the game addictive and enjoy the triple solitaire variation the most. The quality of the dice animation and accompanying sounds are top rate. Thanks! 07-APR: This used to be my favorite game, but since I updated it tonight I'm not liking it so much anymore. Prior to the update it fit the screen of my Samsung Tab 4 Pro 8.4 perfectly. Everything looked clear and balanced, large dice and all. Dragging the dice down was intuitive. Now the dice are smaller, and must be dragged to the right. I can get the larger dice back in the settings, but now an extra step is added in order to score them. Seems like a step backwards instead of an update. The font in the scoring grid looks short and squat, as well.
  11. Ruined a good game.
    Charles Hairston
    Update added full screen ads even with continuos play. Ruined a perfectly good game. Uninstalling and moving on.
  12. No options
    Robin Luettke
    Does not give you the option as to where you want to place score. The undo option is gone to fast. Uninstalling
    Xena Warrior Princess
    I've tried countless Yahtzee games and this one is fun. Would give it five stars but as others have noted it's too easy to hit the wrong choice after rolling dice.
  14. Ads man
    Brad Sparks
    Wow how many ads do you gotta shove down my throat? Absolutely terrible.
  15. Nancy McEnany
    I had it for a couple weeks then it froze up, I uninstalled it and now it won't reinstall.... Keep getting an error message... But I still get notifications... What's up with that???? HELP!!!!!!
  16. Ads
    Roger Miller
    OMG with these ads that pop up loudly and you can't stop! 100% NOT worth whatever fun the game might have been.
  17. Rigged
    Tim Holmes
    Most rigged game I've ever seen. If you play vs computer it will yahtzee ever game if not twice. You might get one every 5th game if your lucky
  18. Fun game but the add too much
    Lacie Groh
    maybe if the ads were every other roll or every third roll it would be better. And maybe keep track of scores for multiplayer. Thx.
  19. Please fix. It is very annoying!
    Britta Crowley
    I absolutely love yatzee. So given that..I do love playing this game. Everytime I play this game it has frozen when I go to choose where I would like to place my score in. It doesn't matter if I exit out of it, quit the game or not it remains frozen for (at a couple points) hours . & I also agree with a few others that it is very easy to touch the wrong box with them being so close to each other and the undo button is only available on the screen for 2 seconds.
  20. Almost a 5
    Shawn Tanner
    Only change would be to allow a yachty to be scored as full boat. Otherwise, I love it.