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  1. Mark Keithley
    Keeps crashing when you try to get free video. All special coins go to the side and fall off.
  2. Adverts
    David Stirling
    Neat enough little app. Far too many adverts. Uninstalled.
  3. So different and fun!!
    Amanda Yale
    Hey you's... wondering if maybe something could be changed here regarding prizes and specials that are thrown out. I would have to say that at least 80% of everything thrown out, is so close to the side that it's impossible to build anything up. I actually counted for my wall coins and it's averaging about 1 in every 15 that I can actually land. This game just isn't as much fun as your others bc everything falls off. THANKS!!!
  4. Samantha Crowhurst
    Was really enjoying this game now all it does is force close
  5. Zara Lawson
    The jackpot well at the back don't do much u never win now it there then that it ok game
  6. Lost levels
    I got to level 41 last night and the game reset to level 1, not happy
  7. Great dozer
    David Moss
    This is a really nicely made dozer game. Great graphics and fun to play.
  8. Please help.
    luke flach
    I paid to get rid of the ads on all 3 of your coin games, however due to a manufacturing defect, I had to have my phone replaced, and now I've installed the games and the ads come up on all of them. Isn't there a way to link that to my account and I can get my ad free games back? Well you must be the only app that doesn't tie purchases to the Google account then. Thanks, emails coming your way! Thx for yr help.
  9. Paul Fortune
    How can u not love the penny falls.
  10. Slow
    Cindy Burton
    Too slow and boring.. uninstalling after 5 mins
  11. Dana Priestley
    This game goes way to slow for me
  12. Good game
    Nigel bob
    After getting an update and looking my progress things are stable but the developers have no real idea why the error occurred
  13. Lying developer, avoid, paying does not remove ads!
    Spencer Jarvis
    I have made a number of in game purchases and the ads were removed as stated but with latest updates popup ads are back. It clearly states any purchase removes the ads for good , this is a lie as you get popup ads on startup and after achievements etc. I see you are very quick to go on the offensive here, shame you were not as quick to reply to me after I emailed you when I lost 6.99 on an in game purchases when the app crashed. Google refunded me thankfully. Might take a trip to the Isle of Wight.
  14. Poor
    Kevin Kerr
    Love coin games, sadly this one is poorly designed, way too many adverts regardless of Rubicon's claims. Keep searching there are much more polished coin games out there
  15. Terrible
    Roy Hill
    Riddled with stupid pop up adverts that are placed exactly were you click, uninstalling this p.o.s
  16. Brilliant
    Keep up the dozed games guys loving them all! Random idea to be able to sell or share prizes with friends, scores and stuff \u003d)
  17. Tiffany Dunridge
    I like this game,, it's a good time passer x
  18. Great game
    Kenneth Mccurry
    Has everything a coin dozer needs and more. Quality game from quality developer.
  19. Lorraine Johnson
    Love this new game, so much to do :)
  20. Best Coin Drop Ever.
    Philip Harvey
    Rubicon Development May 28, 2014
    Thanks Philip, happy to please. :)
    Chelley Boyes avatar image
    Chelley Boyes October 26, 2014
    Glitchy Looks a great game! But after installing this game again its still glitchy and impossible to play! There's flashing light on right side of screen devs know of this but still don't want to improve!! Come on devs make a playable game please!!!


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