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David Zellen | Vice President of Marketing at Road ID

Cincinnati Area, KY |

Ayoub BOUCHAQOUR, Software engineering | Senior Software Engineer at Road Scholar

Springfield, Massachusetts |

Mark Mason | Director of Information Technology at Road ID

Cincinnati Area, KY |

Mike Trimpe | Director of Operations at Road ID

Cincinnati Area, KY |

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  1. Great app, but..
    Susan F
    I do love the peace of mind the app gives, but it interfers with my music. It keeps turning it off. I wasn't sure what was doing it until I ended my Road ID eCrumb and my music suddenly started back up.
  2. Unreliable
    Jeff Teller
    When it works it's great. But it' 50/50 - at best - if Road ID is going to start & work properly for an 80 mile ride. Do not recommend based on my one year of experience with it.
  3. Need internet access
    Bob Giles
    Be aware internet access is required at all times for your emergency contacts to see your location and for the app to send a notice if you stop. If you do not have a data plan from your cell company this app will only show where you have been once you reconnect to WiFi upon your return from your ride or run.
  4. Brilliant App.
    Rachel Hilton
    Love this, makes me feel safer when out running. My husband is happy I have it too. Only problem I've had is occasionally it struggles to start. Although I fixed this by turning off my WiFi when out the door as the app is struggling to connect to the weak WiFi signal from the house.
  5. When it works,
    Phil Lutz
    Its quite good. Seems a bit flaky about starting to track. Requesting the ability to disable the timer - I'll be back when I'm back OK....!
  6. A "must have" app for all athletes!
    Steffanie Delgado
    This provides such a peace of mind for my family when I'm out cycling. Plus, they can use the link to follow my route AND it gets them more involved in my passion!
  7. Tom Wegener
    Road id is a fantastic app. When I'm out for a ride people know where I am. When I'm going to visit someone, they can estimate my time of arrival
  8. Turns off
    Lori Moore
    The app is wonderful, when it's working properly. It would be a 5 star if the GPS location worked 100% of the time, or even 90%
  9. Toni Bailey
    My husband loves it since I run & bike alone majority of the time. I love the ease of use & the security it gives me.
  10. Gives me peace of mind
    Sandra Quick
    I love this app. Love that my family can know exactly where i am if i need help.
  11. Safety, safety, safety
    Kristin Atwell
    My husband and I both use this app. He bicycles and I run and it gives both of us peace of mind while the other is out! We live in a fairly rural area though, and it has dropped us a couple of times when cell coverage was bad.
  12. Meh
    Zoey Hicks
    It's ok I personally would like to see that if I set my time for 1hr and goes off in an hour that my people are notified right away as a medical assist app. Pointless to be able to.choose location to or not to especially if you are in medical distress! Will give 5 stars when this is changed
  13. Great!
    Herman Thiart
    Functional and what I need to keep family informed when I am out on my motorcycle.
  14. Works great
    John K
    Gives my daughter some piece of mind while I am out racking up the miles on my bicycle.
  15. Gary Dalley
    Amazing app, great on battery life and it gives my wife the piece of mind when I'm out cycling that she can see where I am
  16. Worth while app.
    Steve Cassaday
    I really like having someone know where I'm at on a ride. It's peace of mind knowing if I'm not moving for an extended period of time, someone can find me. My wife and daughter are a little more at ease.
  17. Just what I need
    C. Jason Harper
    Easy for loved ones to check on me while on solo rides. Very good battery consumption. Accurate GPS.
  18. HTC 816 works now
    Linda Key
    New phone has options on GPS. Once I found the high accuracy switch Voila! Road ID works again!
  19. A great start, but needs some work.
    Heather Sallee
    As a runner, I love the concept. It adds peace of mind to my runs. Suggestions: a simple on/off rather than having to estimate activity time, an option to turn off the first message & send an alert only if I have stopped, a pause feature, & an emergency button to immediately send an alert to my contacts. Problems: the app reminds you to turn up your volume, but you have to exit the app to do so.
  20. Loving it
    Waco Porter
    Like being able to let mom and wife know where I am going. I do not like having to overestimate my activity time. Time can get away from you especially on a good bike ride with hills etc..


What`s new

* Refined Tracking: Simpler tracking & recording of workout data. We can work with more devices, save battery & provide more accurate data.
* Longer Battery Life: Battery Saver allows you to reduce location accuracy while moving, extending battery life. If you stop moving, accuracy goes back up to 11 to help keep you safe.
* A Fresh Coat of Paint: We’ve got a new logo & brand! Since we're always with you on your adventures, we wanted our look & feel to catch up with your amazing sense of style.