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Dave Kane | President at Revolutionary Medical Devices, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona |

Joshua Nussbaum | President at Revolution Laboratories, LLC

Greater San Diego Area |

Keith Blair | President at Blair Equity Holdings LLC

Dallas/Fort Worth Area |

Gregory Bettencourt | President at Revolution Furnishings LLC, (DBA Cedar Crest Cabientry, Oak Designs/Cedar Crest Furniture)

Greater Boston Area |

Reviews 574,642

  1. Brandon Doyle
    Friend invited me to this and really enjoy the UX. Nexus 6 with lollipop 5.1.1. There are a few issues - Flips the image on making it near impossible to scan my ID. - Back button does not allow me to exit view. - Invite function only allows me to choose from contacts, not send to a new phone number or use a invite link. Please explain who gets what and what I am sending to my friends.
  2. Janis Leadbeater
    App easy to use and credit. Hit a snag when trying to log back in emailed support and got a reply within a few minutes then a phone call to solve my problem. Amazing will be using regularly and recommending to friends. Thank you for the help.
  3. Sharon Dowie
    App is great and easy to use when it works.. However keep getting an error or the app stops working and have to keep signing in with a new code
  4. Highly recommended
    Steven Maclennan
    Ordered my card and came within 2 days. Spoke to support about the currency and country I was going to and had a quick response. Tested adding money and withdrawing in the UK and no problems! Cash machines/ATM might not show a balance but check the app! Looking forward to using it abroad!
  5. Top App of 2015
    marco bertolaccini
    Got to be one best things since sliced bread. What a brilliant idea. So easy to use and less feed.mean more cash in your pocket.
  6. Easy to sign up
    Suresh Sajjan
    Easy to sign up and add credit. Very nice concept and simple to use app. Just registered and added credit , so haven't withdrawn any money yet.
  7. More than easy
    Oleksii Batiuk
    Easy to use. Money transfer is instant! Love it.
  8. Crap.
    James Farley
    Load of rubbish, won't allow me to go past first page of registration. Doesn't like my phone number apparently.
  9. Crap.
    Keith Birtle
    Can not even sign in because I can not set up an account. Will delete this app. Very poor.
  10. Excellent service, but...
    Svyat Aleksandrovych
    doesn't work with Ukrainian cards.. 3 stars...
  11. Alan ilott
    A bit fiddly to register, needs perseverance but got their in the end. Will be Ideal if it works oversease
  12. Lia T
    No reply from in app support. Activation code never sent to my device. Multiple requests. Wish I could've used it.
  13. David Borrie
    This app is a beauty. If they raise the commission free transfer limit I might make then my bank!
  14. Great App and Idea
    Same Likeyou
    Great app for transfers and using abroad with friendly and intuitive user interface. Great job!
  15. Great app!
    Jane Rutter
    Card arrived promptly fab design! Totally reliable and great to see all transactions immediately on my phone.
  16. Igor Lidin
    Interesting idea, now waiting for my card. Very prompty and friendly support. Add RUB (russian rouble) currency support and you'll be the best of the best.
  17. Patrick Pettay
    The best inter currency money solution out there.
  18. Wow, so easy to setup and use
    Ben Wesley
    Rates are there and you know exactly what you are paying.
  19. Paid for a card which I never recieved
    Ben Copping
    Has potential but fails on delivery of both a physical card promise and no reply from in app support. Shame
  20. Review
    Vince Masi
    Cannot even get app installed on galaxy s4. Very poor


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