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panda games
кунг фу панда 2


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  1. This game is more than awesome
    manish sharma
    It is a five star game But please make touch controls more responsive. Please make sure that your game give response as per touch speed. Even I found this problem in high end phones like HTC one, Sony xperia Z, and my huawei honor holly.
  2. Da best but lots of crocks
    Damian Pittman
    It can change pleas make less adicting
  3. Great game just got it
    Tabitha Harrison
    Every one should should get this one and zombie age 2
  4. Good one!
    Cam Anh Nguyen
    Nice graphic design and animation but so hard to play @@ maybe because of my poor skill or maybe it's sth wrong. I keep touching the screen to make a jump but it will never high enough. Jump and die jump and die......
  5. Awsome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brandon Bates
    These people can actually make a good game!Its so addicting!But its kind of tricky once you get too far. I for some reason find bad reviews cute
  6. Really fun
    Ashley Smith
    Like thus much better than that gorilla game. Only complaint is I think the extreme panda thing that u get after collecting so many coins should be faster.
  7. Decent game
    Jeoffrey Morris
    Just recently d/l the game. Never played the first one though. So far, the games not bad.
  8. Panda Run 2
    Robin Hassam
    Way too many adds. Some of the game's mechanics are buggy. Drop down by swiping never works, enrage never works, some obstacles seem to be impossible to pass. Game's still pretty fun.
  9. Good graphic and fun to play.
    An Zen
    I just play for a few times, it is fun and look good. But the swipe down is always mistook as the jump, so i have to swipe really fast. It didn't happened in your other games. I'm using Lenovo p780 KitKat.
  10. Really good
    Brandon Crampton
    Knowing what it takes to make a good game this is by far an amazing job, good graphics, fun, well thought out and a good way to pass the time
  11. The bomb
    James Kidd
    I have a family of 6 including myself. My wife (who is kicking our Butts) and my 4 children from my 5yr old to my 16 year (minus our 11 month old, but he tries lol)compete in this nice family oriented game and its mad fun yo.
  12. Addicting. Best way to pass time
    Veronica Primero
    Like it. Pretty cute. I only have problems with going down. Swipping downwards doesn't really go down fast enough all the time. Time to time. I don't really understand. I wish there was a button to repeat instructions.
  13. marquita parker
    The game is fun but after the first run through of the game I can't smash anymore
  14. Great
    Hoàng Long Ngô
    Great game but too much ads, you should add an option that remove ads please...btw thanks
  15. Good fun ans time killer
    Grega Juvancic
    Addictive and fun, to a degree. Many obstacles are impossible to cross since wipe down to jump to lower platform only works every now and then, most of the time Panda jumps or rolls on the swipe down. Much too many ads and "suggestions" to install others games. Wouldn't hurt to be able to view the gameplay tutorial more than once...
  16. Yet another awesome game from divmob games
    priyabrata padhi
    Great time passing game,never gets bored while playing.
  17. Horrible
    Shawn Bizzell
    The controls suck. Make the controls better maybe it'll be worth a five star, but until then it gets a two star.
  18. Great Game
    Jesus Akbar
    It was fun..! And it has lots of bonuses too.! Play now.
  19. Frustrating
    Nicorón Molás
    Liked the concept but control suck. I keep smashing down when I want to double jump. Annoying
  20. Panda Run
    James Bullard
    Great game! Really nice graphics. Wish I could watch the tutorial more than once though.



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