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  1. Game is nice..
    Nathan Lauver
    ....but the dev won't answer email questions. 5 stars if you would. I paid for this, I'd like a little support.
  2. Suggestion
    Emir ERDOĞAN
    Hi, I really like latest update. It is fun although I would like to ask you a thing which is a map. On this map there are no edges just driving the car as much as fast and the roads like endless. I mean I really like to push the limit of the car's top speeds. Could do it for me? Just a endless map :) thank you.. P.S: man you need to bring Nissan Silvia like s13 and s14s those are the legends..
  3. Fucking mint game. Love it!!!
    Clinton Smither
    The only thing I would want you to fix is the engine noise. Make them sound more like what they would in real life I.e.... the RX should sound like a rotor.... brap brap brap ect ect. Apart from that I 100% love this game
    Colour Scheme
    This is the only good drifting game ive come across on the android market. The controlls are flawless, the graphics arn't that bad and the actual handeling is spot on. Worth the pricetag! The thing i dont likt is that the Skyline is way better than the 370z. Why is this a bad thing? Well, the 370z is way more expensive and i wasted so many credits on it...
  5. Good update.
    Bryce Carpenter
    Have had this game on my phone for a very long time, kind of forgot about it. Just noticed the update on google play, downloaded the update and started playing again. I couldnt be happier with the new updates. The only thing.. i upgraded a car, almost to the max in performance but on some tracks its too fast. But if i click on a lower stage turbo or engine, the car doesnt seem to slow down at all, still very fast. Fix? Thanks
  6. Fun but flawed
    Will Snyder
    I can only get a decent score with a "slow race" penalty. Good game mechanics but this kinda kills it... Drifting isn't about lap times, its about style, technique, and how close you can get to the wall.
  7. I love this game with a passion
    Brandon Guerrero
    they have fixed all issues and were all happy campers now. all I could really ask for now is a big test track, something I can top out my cars on. I already have my top speed drag car built and waiting for this big track, I've hit 181mph on the training lot so far
  8. Comeback!(Update)
    Orkun Düzgün
    Developers listened the feedbacks! Finally the old steering assistant is back. Please do not evet touch the drifting physics again. They are great already! :) The other thing is account backup. It would be great to have a database to keep our accounts.
  9. Average because
    Jesse Simkin
    How do we backup progress you've been through a few updates???
  10. Not what it used to be...
    Fotis Kouranos
    Many bugs are fixed with the new update but still the car physics are not what they used to be.The steering assist is off like always but the car constantly tries to steer to the outside of the turn and understeers mid drift.The "magic" is gone...
  11. Didn't think it could get any better
    Tito Alonso
    I've been without a smart phone for a few months so when I downloaded the new version this week and saw you can tune your car's performance, suspension, and transmission wise, I was amazed. It is a GREAT addition. DEFINITELY one of the best car games you can download!
  12. New tuning and performance mod option still does not work on my one + one phone. Please fix the issue and advise
    I've been playing this game since it was first released. Although handling characteristics have been restored, the new tuning option does Not work on my device. Please fix the issues so It can once again be the best drift game on Android.
  13. jordan Clifton
    I used to play this game all the time before I updated the game but now I hate it cuz before the update I was very good at this game so I hope they change it back hopefully soon so I can get back into drifting
  14. Good, but has some issues!
    Kristaps I
    Brakes on all the cars are quite simply sh**y! And reverse entry drifts (which are quite easily doable, now that theres an awd car in the game) don't work, because the game thinks youre not drifting and ends your combo. Leaderboard doesn't quite work - local leaderboard shows only a few of your scores, not all of them! It's a good game, but these issues have to be fixed, for it to be more enjoyable!
  15. Can't put it down...
    Paul Manahan
    The only way this app could be better is additional content. I would love to see an early s-chassis (s13 hatch or coupe) and a fox body mustang myself. Also, it'd be nice if there was a way to reset your career progress and keep your unlocks/ credits. I've been replaying races to buy cars and performance parts but it does get a bit dull with no career progression. Ultimately, it's a phenomenal game and I can't wait to see what the next update brings
  16. Best Drifting Game Ever!!!
    Fierce Lambo
    It would be even better if you were to add more additional drift cars such as the Nissan 240sx because that would be perfect. Also if you were to create a city where you are free to drift around it would absolutely be incredible. I hope you take these suggestions into account as it would create the best drift game ever!
  17. loved this game and had paid full game
    Fraaz Samurai
    but now it has to pay in app. used to give some more challenging to get money to purchase the cars which utterly fun! but now it looks like less fun. i think i gonna deleted that game for reason. if you guy remove pay in app and give more challenging and i will may be re install that again.
  18. All is great once again !
    Arsenios Sizidis
    Reinstalled the game a few days ago and it is simply amazing ! Developers have fixed all the issues. Of course I lost all my money and progress, but within 3 days got all maps on gold star and a Viper pushing more than 2000 horses! The best and the most addictive drifting game I played! However please add an option to fully uninstall turbo. Edit: as mentioned by someone account back up would be great !
  19. Greatest drifting game available.
    Dillion Kirl
    I have tried multiple drifting games and there's not one like it out there for smart phones or tablets. Love the fact of being able to tune my car to how I like. I like be able to adjust the camber and the height to. And love the fact that each time you move up in a rank it's gets harder and harder lol. Great game and I would recommend it to anyone who loves cars and loves to drift.
  20. Crashes
    Riki Hemi
    Wont start anymore. Thinking about uninstalling then re install to see if itll work but ive paid for 30mill coins and im not sure if ill get them back


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