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  1. This is the real deal!
    doug roundup
    Sims have come a long way since the very first RC heli sim on the Atari Sinclair..... I thought when Skylark w/xmtr, came out for the 386DX it didnt get any better! Learn switchless inverted and nose in hover on it! Now This? Good Grief Charlie Brown! Incredible Android app for cheap too! Too bad no sim really lets you build or setup the bird. After all setup is a major part of flying helis! SHOUTOUT TO THE ORIG BROOKHURST GANG! RAY, FRED, MARTY, STEVE, MARK N CARLA TOM DOOLEY THE BEST OCRCHA PREZ EVER
  2. Muito util..vale cada centavo
    Henrique Alves Rodrigues
    Bem util, claro que o controle nao ajuda muito, mas e o suficiente para se pegar as noçoes basicas
  3. Not a bad simulator app but...!
    Don Beach
    This is not a bad simulator app it seems to be fairly realistic, 4 stars as is, I'd bump it up to 5 stars if the app had game controller support, and the ability to save or reload last used settings.
  4. Good app but glitchy
    mark ware
    When I change park the heli falls through the floor and it freezes or crashes often.
  5. Junior Baptiste
    Junior Baptiste
    This app has helped me to save money reducing my crashes. Now i am teaching my son to fly and this app will help him to understand the functions of flying and prepare him for aerodynamic control and help to reduce the intimidation placed on a beginner. Thanks for this simulator it has earned it way on every device i will own in the present and in the future. Keep up the technical updating of your app it has gotten so much better since to 1st times it was used. Controls are more responsive and accurate.
  6. It is so cool
    Susan Frieden
    The plins and hellis and bots and cars have relly good grafigs
  7. Rude I demand a refund
    Jesse Russell
    Your game made me buy the Apache 4 times I had $7.67 and by the time it worked I had less than a dollar I want a REFUND!
  8. Bill Storey
    Best helicopter Sim I've found for phone
  9. Miqtidar
    Mohammad Iqtidar Ghias
    Excellent App for practice specially with TREX 700. It helps alot for beginner in the field for inverted flights. You can check how it will act in phone before doing in real Heli in the field. It helps Alot. Hope they will ADD 800 Size heli Like Trex800 and Mikado 800.
  10. note 3
    Chris Everett
    really good app. one of the better ones anyway. rated low because of no integration with their other apps. I've had the plane and heli apps since they were just plane and heli and after making all the iap I'm stuck with both because there is no way to consolidate
  11. Much improved
    Lee H
    Good developer has listened and has acted. All those negative comments, you won't find any other app better than this. Well done developer.
  12. Paid twice dont work
    Randy Watson
    Repurchased why didnt play store remember i already bought it anyway it does not even load i want a refund
  13. Very good, but..,
    kevin duck
    ...more scale helis, please :-) UH-01 Huey ?
  14. Good but need some tweaking
    Wallace Ngan
    Honestly it is too difficult to control the 3D heli on a phone even if I set the rate to middle. I would give 5 stars if dual rate and expo options are available for at least cyclic and rudder separately. Another issue is, you can never flip the heli over in low control rate... I don’t think this is the right logic.
  15. Fun
    KJwizz Wizz
    Great sim and challenging if you want to do acrobatics
  16. The Best Heli Sim you can get on tablet!
    John Thompson
    I fly real rc collective pitch helis. 500, 450, and a mcpxbl. This along with the companion Clearview rc flight sim on the pc is what helped me to learn inverted flight. This is a must if you want to learn to fly a collective pitch heli. You get three helis with app and ive bought few, the align 500 and a 700 nitro.
  17. Great app
    ihab abdelhady
    As an sim expert, this is the best heli sim app till now, well done.
  18. Not bad at all
    Jeff Dollente
    Works for me! For the price, it's not bad at all. This app made me a better multi-rotor pilot; 6app is great for practicing whenever and a wherever :)
  19. Hmz
    Will G
    Thought I finally had all helicopters now I purchased the game. 1 plane! But still 3 stars
  20. Awesome
    George Davis
    Love playing this in my spare time.


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