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Silvy van Houdt-Alblas | Project Manager at Q42

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Jaap Mengers | Software Engineer at Q42

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Wouter van Drunen | Software Engineer at Q42

Amsterdam en omgeving, Nederland |

Bob van Oorschot | Software engineer at Q42

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Reviews 2,472

  1. Great game. Wishes:
    Alexandr Mole
    a setting to swipe for red instead of double tap. Double tapping is error prone and eats time. Also, a setting for smaller dots and larger cellpadding so accidental tap of adjacent dots would be minimized. 1-star off for these usability issues.
  2. great game
    joses perrot
    only request is for a button to revert tge board to the beginning rather than just tapping back a bunch of times
  3. Keeps resetting, but fun game
    Jeff Kaluski
    I love playing this mindlessly, really I do, but every time I come back to the game in progress, it starts a new board. Other than that it's like minesweeper of old. I love 0hh1 too!
  4. Great game ... with some problems.
    Abby Malabrigo
    The game used to run well and i can view the achievements properly but after a few days it always crashes and i only get to open it when im connected to the net.My problem with achievements is that its just plain blue.
  5. Great game with good potential
    Roland Nagy
    The good: great puzzle, recommend for everyone who wants their brain work. Bad: too easy after a while, I beat 8*8 in 50-55 sec, drains battery (1% in 1 min), and secret achievement is non existent? I'm at 60k points, still no secret achi. Please add 9x9 and 10x10 boards.
  6. Fantastic
    Jenny Roylance
    Great ORIGINAL game in an appstore full of similar games. Really nice, simple graphics, no adverts that I can remember and rather addictive! It's a great, quick, challenging logic game, one of the best of its kind! :)
  7. Good game but drains the battery
    Paul Trampert
    Title says it all. Game is fun but it really does suck the life out of your battery.
  8. One of the best, but...
    Christian Palmstierna
    Just as with 0h h1, once you master it (which happens quite fast) there's no challenge left and solving becomes routine. Higher difficulties would be much appreciated.
  9. Game wants too much personal info
    Bill Angelos
    I never got to play and I will be uninstalling after I type this review. The game just wants way too much personal information. If you Dont care about your own, think about the people you have in your circles. The game wants that info too. Avoid this game until they scale back their NSA style survalence.
  10. Great new game
    Russell DeCaprio
    But WHY oh WHY did you swap the single and double taps for red and blue from 0h h1...??????
  11. Issue
    Réka Viczián
    It won't load any boards unless I play the How to play level first every single time I open the app
  12. Only game I keep on my phone
    Benjamin Schenker
    Still trying to figure out how to get the secret achievement!
  13. Great puzzle, but drains battery
    Mandy Zhou
    Brilliantly executed and lots of fun. It does drain battery unreasonably quickly, though. Also, a nitpicky comment (just because the app is otherwise so polished): the icon needs anti-aliasing.
  14. Needs more achievements!!
    Adam Edwards
    Great game, simple but challenging. It needs more achievements and/or difficulties though - I've completed all the current ones already!
  15. Love the game but..
    Nathan Bush
    This game is fun and very addicting but it destroys my battery. Not sure why, seems like a relatively simple idea. Must be a lot going on in the background? Please look into why that is
  16. Fun, simple, and free
    Maxwell Morrongiello
    This is a fun game with a clean interface. It is free and has no in app purchases which is a big deal when the play store is littered with crud. Also I didn't see any ads, and the permissions were pretty benign. This app rivals the classics of sudoku, minesweeper, and threes. I'd patent the interface before jerks start cloning it.
  17. My new "threes"
    Mathew Sanders
    I played "threes" until I was day dreaming it. This is my new addiction :) If the screen didn't Dom while I was thinking about next move I'd give 5 stars
  18. Great little time waster
    Andy Smith
    Fun and quick rounds, perfect for waiting in line.
  19. Simply great
    Haolun Tan
    Hopefully next version will include dark theme toggle and also long press revert to restart the same board. Great game anyway! Keep it up
  20. Wonderful
    Benjamin Laurent
    Best game on my device right now.


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