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monster games


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  1. Love it!
    galen johnson
    A great and fun game just like regular monster busters! Updates were nice too thanks so mooch..
  2. I love the game
    christopher moore
    The only thing that gets me is they like to get you at the very end of the levels.
  3. Fun and addictive
    Anna Fletcher
    Great game, requires a bit of thought but makes it all the more fun.
  4. Six Sided Sensation!
    Bruno Vlahovic
    Improves on the original in almost every way!
  5. Very Entertaining
    Steve Starnes
    I am not too far along but most levels are easy. Easy to complete, not necessarily easy to beat a friends score!
  6. Hexa Beast
    Jennifer Marshall
    Lots of fun, endlessly entertaining. Each level builds from previous levels. Lots n lots of variety & fun.
  7. Hexa blast
    Darlene Caldwell
    Don't like level 131can't get past it to difficult so I'm going to have to uninstall got 132and 133 but because i can't get past 131i can't go any further
  8. Addicting!
    Pat Ginn
    I love this game. It's challenging and I love challenges. It keeps you not wanting to quit. Its fun!,
  9. Engaging
    Mary Lynn Berendsen
    Not too easy. Not too difficult. Just challenging enough to keep you coming back. Each stage gets a little tougher and offers a variety of moves which eliminates boredom. No glitches. Runs smoothly. Try it!
  10. Very addictive!
    Tina Stansfield
    I am enjoying this game as it's simple to follow but not too easy. Recommended.
  11. Hexa Blast
    Marie Roberts
    Great variety of levels. Some are easy to win, which lulls you into a false sense of security and then BAM! Your stuck on a level for days....great game.
  12. Frustrating
    Twyla Gariepy
    I am on level for hundred fifty something and the thing find y most frustrating is that it doesn't give you the ginger beads to rescue until you have like one move left. So you just wasted the last ten twenty moves waiting for gb to come down. And that has turned this into a lame game.
  13. Hexablast
    Cynthia Christiansen
    Is a good puzzle game I enjoy a lot. Only thing is not being able to get friends go play it. I like the extra challenge of the hex shapes.
  14. Monster Busters: Hexa Blast
    Janet Odom
    Match monsters diagonally and vertically to score. Save the gingerbread men from the bad guys. A little different than other games.
  15. Love this sooo much!!
    Sherry Trifle
    I'm completely addicted to this game. Love it love it love it!
  16. Addictive
    Stephanie Carstens
    Fun, time filler.. Love the weekly challenge. Secret stages are awesome to play when your stuck and want something new. Better than original
  17. Monster buster hexa
    Regina Stanfill
    Love it thank you, im so glad you came out with another game because im still stuck on other game have been for several months excellent game here thank you! :-)
  18. Hexa blast
    Catherine Usher
    I really like this game although it is very similar the the original Monster Busters. Good variety of levels of increasing difficulty and challenges along the way. Very addictive!
  19. Hex
    Gary Nicholas
    Great substitute from crush soda while waiting for new levels. Only gets 4 stars because of long wait between levels without spending coins.
  20. Fun but too easy
    Nigel Quiggin
    Only playing for a week and 3 stars on all levels. Difficulty either needs to be raised or an option added to select the level of difficulty. On the whole still better than standard 3 in a row type games.


What`s new

- Added a new Episode(#103) including 25 stages(#2801~#2825)
- Fixed minor bugs and improved overall stability

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