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Todor Kalaydjiev | Founder at Carista

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Harsha Vardhan | Co Founder at Carista

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India |

Pradyumna Challa | Co Founder at Carista

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India |

Simon O'Shaughnessy | TEC Peer groups: Creating Opportunities for People and Business

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Reviews 3,613

  1. Amazing App - 2011 GTI
    Garrett Rodriguez
    Check out their vehicle compatibility list before making any judgment. This app allows for customizations that normally would cost a $250+ program to do. On top of their customer support being very quick to respond to any questions, concerns or suggestions that I've had. Never been this satisfied with an Android app. Hopefully they will continue to add new mods for my car with upcoming updates.
  2. It's good but not quite the best
    John Uremovich
    I am a 12-volt installer, and this saves me a ton of time not putting a door lock module in the door on a remote start. It would be great if it let me turn on an oe backup camera for an integration.
  3. Carista user
    smem smem
    The best app. Well done. It took me two minutes to reset airbag light of my jetta 1.6 tdi 2011 Easy to use.
  4. Awesome!
    Jonathan Pray
    Worked perfectly with my 2015 Jetta. Saved me nearly $200 by not having to buy the proprietary cable and software to do pretty much the same thing.
  5. Joshua Hinchey
    says it doesn't read my 2000 Volkswagen jetta vr6 but it does and clears it fine. thanks now I don't need vag com
  6. Fun stuff.
    Julian Rosenberg
    Works as advertised. Added some fun and useful features to my Audi Q5. And the people at Carista are nice and responsive.
  7. It works
    Peter JUVAN
    Did the clearing codes in my citroen.
  8. Worth the cash !!
    Wayne Reid
    Does everything I want it to do on my VW Passat without using vagcom !
  9. Great!
    Rommel Munoz
    It works like a charm on my VW Polo 2014. Played with it already! Great
  10. For Saudi Arabia
    Zeeshan Ali
    Which hardware should I buy for My Kia Cerato 2014 in Saudi Arabia for remote lock and unlock doors..
  11. Great app
    Raymond Taylor
    Used it on my 2005 passat and and change quite a bit of stuff like anti hijack mode on light on automatic get the car to bleep when lock/unlocking plus more all this stuff is not accessed with out vag com which is a good £250
  12. Not compatible
    Andrew Rossiter
    Pity doesn't pick up my Seat Leon Cupra 280 (2014) in the customization part of the app. Would have liked to use it to change some of the settings on the car :(
  13. It costs $20 !
    Matthew L
    - there are some cool things you can adjust with this app but not cool enough to pay $20... Why they think it's worth that much to tweak a few simple parameters is beyond me... I wouldn't even pay $10
  14. STUNNING!!!!!!!!!
    Sina Taheri
    This app is absolutely amazing. I'm using Carista with the BAFX OBD2 adapter and my Nexus 5. Four years ago I paid the dealership $45 to turn off the reverse beep in my Prius '10. Now with this app I can control that setting and so much more. Now my car's behavior is personalized!! Haha! Who'd a thought that?! I only wish it was 9.99 instead of 19.99
  15. Customized my 2012 Prius III
    Justin Holloman
    Got rid of that terrible reverse beeping, and allowed me to customize many other settings. Now I finally feel like it's truly MY car. The Bluetooth connection was pretty flaky until I turned my Pebble watch completely off. It wasn't enough to just disconnect it. After that, it worked great.
  16. Great app and quick human support
    Gregory Burlingame
    I thought I had a problem caused by this app, so I wrote to support. Turns out my issue had nothing to do with the app. I was impressed to hear from someone who was very helpful within a few hours.
  17. Great!
    Chris Overson
    Allowed me to quickly toggle things like alarm beep on my new seat toledo without a visit to the dealer. Very easy to use and well worth the money. Good job guys!
  18. Wifi
    Leon Gerber
    I downloaded the app, hoping to sort out some issues with my car, but I have an android device and an elm WiFi ob2 unit. Do u guys make the software to support this as ur one is bluetooth
  19. Great app!
    Darryl Mackay
    Just need it to connect to the steering angle sensor. Running a 2010 Audi A4 B8 Multitronic.
  20. Best no-BS OBD reader available!
    Mark Leinhos
    Most other OBD apps are full of extra crap that I don't want. All I want is "read the codes" and "clear the codes" and this app delivers just that. PERFECT. Thank you developer!


What`s new

New in v3.9.2 & v3.9.3:
- Mk7 Haldex AWD system setup
- More customizations for Audi A4 & A5 (B9), A6 & A7 (C8), Q5, Q7
- Mk6 chassis customizations


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