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Shawn Collette | Vice President of Game Design at Playtika

Las Vegas, Nevada Area |

Dr. Eyal Loz | Vice President Game Design at Playtika

Sydney, Australia |

Elad Levy | CTO ★ Entrepreneur

Argentina |

Ira Holtzer | CTO at Playtika

Hadera Area, Israel |

Reviews 25,664

  1. Quality Fun
    Joseph Hubbard
    The only thing I didn't like about this game Is it's for Viber, if it were a facebook or Google Plus game I would like it 100% . I don't even use Viber but I had to install it to claim my 50,000 bonus coins In the beginning.
  2. Rip off
    Adrian Latham
    Bought a chip package did not teceive chips playtika non responsive no refund . My advice swerve this one
  3. MAD
    Joseph Sanchez
    If you really pay attention to receiving your payout from each winning, you might be getting cheated. I have already lost 20 thousands coins. This is a huge problem. Someone needs to fix it immediately and give me my winnings.
  4. Samsung G.G.Neo Bug
    Nikola Petrovic
    After the install, the phone restarted. Now i cant uninstall this app, it reatarts my phone every time. Had to backup all the stuff, and do a factory reset. All alright after the reset. I then downloaded it again, just to make sure, and still the same problem. I hope it'll be fixed soon?
  5. Boring
    Michael Leonard
    This game is horrid. It is just a game and you can not do much with it. The loose to win ratio is horrid so you never have coins to play unless you buy them. What ever happened to the fun simple games without micro transactions....
  6. Chella
    Michelle Bester
    I have downloaded this game for the third time, viber twiçe, but it does n connect to my account, it asks for approval and then after clicking its only loads the game, no connection or coins. Please help with this problem.
  7. Garbage
    Robert T
    Sister site ti slotomania. No bonus, no free games no wins. Just want your money. Sad and boring.
  8. The win to lose ratio is horrible
    Alex Hanlon
    10 straight spins and didnt win a coin. You think i want to buy more?
  9. Nico
    nico verghey
    Crap bonuses no wins odds are useless after playing it a few times I wouldn't play it again it's a cool games just so so Un developed
  10. Viber games slots
    C Rea
    Its the best, anywhr anytime. The daily bonuses always tick over right when you need them. GO VIBER!!
  11. Design flaws
    Roger Hawkins
    Once I got the bonus round on Kings Of Gold and the screen went funny. It was inverted and backed me out of my bonus game. So back to the majn menu and I lost my bonus round!! NOT HAPPY!!
  12. Patricia Jay
    Purchased coins 3 times and app stopped after payment accepted. No coins received. Very disappointed. Contacted customer service , no reply. Enjoyed game, but app kept stopping and didn't provide bought coins. :(
  13. No Viber connect bonus
    Suzanne Ball
    I downloaded Viber jus to connect for the bonus and it continually starts to let me approve then won't load that's unethical then I tried to buy coins my payment was taken but again no coins slottomania does the same guess playtika shud b called scamtika
  14. Maureen Samuel
    Love this game, but I seem to loose all my credits everytime I logout. Please fix this
  15. Super game
    Weronika Ludzik
    It has lots of steps in the game and I hope you like it too
  16. Darenda Wolfe
    I bought and was charged for coins that I never received. 2x I tried. Very disappointed and I want my money refunded.
  17. Cheats you on points if you have it on auto spin
    Patrick Mittelstead
    I just downloaded this game and have already counted over 10 times it has screwed me out of points wilds then whole screens of color and they didn't pay me it just kept spinning I will never buy coins from this game for free it's ok but what a joke figure your game out and people might buy your coins
    Younas Khan
    I lìke it .....NO , I lòve ìt , becuzz its about tòoòòò much and à lòt òf fùn
  19. I play until forgot which levels,four hourly bonus is 2500..suddenly back to 1st level
    Jason Lim
    By right is waiting for new game but end up back to level totally stupid
  20. L. M. La Lavalley
    It has a few glitches but its fun... haven't hit any jackpots but its probably cos I only bet a few so I can keep playing... if I won more I'd bet more... if I bet more I'd. .. lose faster lol


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