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  1. Obtrusive ads... even after you've paid to remove them
    Stephen Lawrence
    You can tell this is an iPhone company that spent 30 minutes porting the app to Android. 29 minutes spent securing ads to "make it free" (aka encourage you to pay for no ads). Unfortunately, the ad blocking is tied to the device, not the account so if you upgrade your phone or (as I did) android version, you lose your ad blocking. No amount of titanium backuping can restore your purchase (or your high scores for that matter). No response from emailing them! The lack of response that pushed me to review
  2. I thought I was pretty quick.
    Teresa Armstrong
    I frequently check on my apps to see if the grandchildren are playing them. I play and try to set a standard for them but today I found one of them had set an impossible standard for me. I guess my jumper is just not as fast as it once was....or is it? I'm working on it! I've got to shave a few more ms off a game or two then we will see who's the fastest! I don't think this kind of stress is bad for me is it? Is there a doctor in the house?
  3. Fun but freeze alot!
    Aviv Yehuda
    The game is great and fun but almost after every level it freeze in the menu level and only for that it's losing a star - checked on Galaxy S2 android 4.2.1.
  4. Amazing
    Chloe Devlin
    i love it is amazing and brilliant i never been so edicted i don't want anything else other than the super cool And i recommend that you get it
  5. Really cute fun little game.
    This is a cute little game that I loaded for my kids. I play it and the new tap the frog with them and they love it. Works fine on Galaxy Note 3. Advertising is part of the apps people so quit crying over little things.
  6. Brilliant
    Katie Parnaby
    I love this game, its really good the only problem is when youve done most of the levels you have to wait till more levels are made. It is addictive though once you plagit you have to keep playing to improve your score. I reccomend this game to all ages though younger ages might not understand it. DOWNLOAD NOW ! ~~ ~~ ~~
  7. Greedy
    Ofir Avny
    This game is fun, but after beeing disrupted by video ads every 2-3 moves I desided to pay for it. And now I need to pay more money for coins in order to proceed in the game. Or play the same moves again and again. Disapointing
  8. This is such a cute game
    Noorjahan Rashid
    Awwww . This game is too much fun and cute i never get bored . I wish we could update this game
  9. Fun to play when you get bored
    Sarah O'Connor
    This version is much better than the newest one. You get to dressup and set backgrounds for your frog by earning frogbuks. Its really fun and easy to understand. It is impossible to not like it.
  10. Good job
    Jamey Miracle
    I know that you and your crew has worked very hard. But , there is one problem with this game. It keeps saying that there is a problem with the game? I am all like WHAT! !!!!!!!!!?
  11. challenge
    Ciara Moss
    got 2 get this app it is amazing get it nowA!!!!!!! if u don't you r stupid and missing out!!!!! =)=)=););););):):):):):D:D:D:D:P:P:P lollollollollollol♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
  12. Ribbit
    rosie miles
    I love tap the frog awesome the best frog game. Ads do get a bit annoying but the quality of the game makes up for that . :-)
  13. Good But...
    Brooklin Swanigan
    The game is good but you really need to remove the ads. Sure it give us money if we watch the video bubt sometimes it's just annoying. So whoever made this they really need to fix that. Then the game would be awesome. ☺
  14. Great
    Abandon Ashleyy
    Love it . Its cute and good to kill time hehe .. having fun playing it eventhough sometimes its lagging ^^
  15. Fun
    Dragon Harvester
    It's very addicting, you don't wanna stop once you've started. The great thing is that its also fun!!
  16. Tappin' and doodlin'
    Brandon Cain
    It is so awesome and so amazing. It is so very good. AMAZING. Only problem is it is too hard to unlock the next set of levels because you only get 5 coins to each level maximum and you have to complete 10 levels and get 500 coins, how does that work.
  17. A great game for all the family to enjoy
    Joanne Carey
    This game is great. Lots of mini games to unlock. Lots of things to collect and keep u coming back for more. Shame about all the adds though!
  18. Cool!
    Janine Bailey
    I love this game its a lot of froggy fun! I finds some levels really hard also they make you pay 500 frog bucks (which you get by playing the games) every set of levels but you get 5 to 20 (rough idea) of frog bucks every game. You can get 200 frog bucks if you like Facebook and twitter and 50 if you watch a video. I find this annoying please make more ways to get frog bucks, otherwise I love the game so much fun!!!!!!!!
  19. simple but addictive
    Sanno Santosa
    funny, simple, addictive because offers certain very hard challenges. The next level unlocking requires big money so it’s clear cut nut a completely free game. To proceed one shud purchase, naturally. Rating this a 4-star
  20. Good
    Amber Gair
    it is good but once you can't get on the next level it is frustrating ans annoying


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