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Ivan Krupskiy | Director of Operations

Россия |

Reviews 325,939

  1. Very addictive game
    Aliyah Mohammed
    I like this game. Don't mind the ads because I get more clocks. There is one level that's giving me problems. The double tap the frog. Doesn't work for me. So can't increase in levels :( overall I like the game. You don't need to be on WiFi to use it.
  2. Need more levels
    Pritish Marwa
    I have completed this game long time back with the maximum rank.i req.the game maker for the propsal of its upgradation.i dont want to delete thia game as i have completed this game by spending my crucial time and hardwork..i want to play it more as i like this game vry much,,... plz in increawe soon as possible..
  3. Wish
    Joe Scalise
    I wish there was a way to just pay for first level with unlimited time. This came up as a toddler game when i searched and 20 seconds is by far not enough time to entertain my kid
  4. The best game...
    Bindu priya reddy
    Firstly wen i strtd playn i dint like it much bt then aftr i jst addicted to the game.. i thnk it supports al the phnes... the game doesnt lag.. loved it..
  5. 2 Stars for creating a demo game
    Kaushik Pathak
    I am having issues with getting clocks&stars using the doing survey option,where there is a page where from whch you install an app & some amount of I don't know what it is called,is to be credited through which for e.g.if you collect 80 of them then you will get to unlock the add free version.So I downloaded&installed Amazon app,expecting that at the cost of selling your privacy for a game you would enjoy some feature in game,but when I went back to get another survey I found that I have not been credited.
  6. Love it
    noah lewis
    I never get bored. I play on it every day. The frogs are so cute and I love the little ribbit noizes that they make on the mini games. (Pop the frog and paint the frog.)
  7. I MYDA
    Really love this game but why still not update to latest version???.my friend play this game too at iphone.she can update the latest version and have new level( wrap with the frog,pop the thief frog,dive with the frog)..
  8. So cute!
    Ashley Parham
    I never get bored! The games are fun and they make me think. I also love how when you play the Pop the Frog and Paint the Frog mini games, the frogs make little "ribbit" sounds!
  9. Love this game
    Jade Etim
    This game got me very addicted to frogs for some reason but love it! I played on my sisters phone at first but then I was inspired to download it in my phone.
  10. This game won't install in my phone...............fix it so you deserve 5 star game...
    Kyle Miguel
    It won't install, I saw this game in the Samsung galaxy S 5.....
  11. Money making scam app
    Ben Post
    Bought it to entertain kids, but every 20 seconds or so they are presented with a buy more clocks button.. Uninstall!
  12. Needs fixes!!
    Corinna Wallace
    The double tap level does not work...and it seems like I'm not the only one with the problem....this game needs fixes for the issues
  13. Great game
    Dragon Slayer
    This game is fun and time passes although some of the mini games get me ticked off I love this game. ☆♡★♥
  14. I love this app
    Naana Asante
    I think this app is very good it is so fun to play any time I get bored I can just play this game
  15. Fun for all ages!
    Imani Tidwell
    this game just doesn't get old! Very fun and challenging games! Addictive & good to pass time. Runs smoothly. No seriously annoying adds & not hard to earn clocks or stars! Two thumbs up & 5 stars!
  16. Agree with Joel
    Zhour Adi
    Yeah I agree with Joel I'm also color blind and can't paint the frogs the same color (the blue and purple, or at least that's what I think they are lol ) please fix (make them 2 distinctive colors )
  17. Love
    sejal ramphull
    I love this game. Just need more level. This game is very cool
  18. The best game ever
    becky brogden
    You will never get board it has lots of cool mini games in one app. It is also really funny. You have to play the games so you become a prince and the pink frog will love you. A good one for kids. Or if you want to have one app on your phone for your kids this one is the best to get they will never get board.
  19. Not bad
    Cynthia Zuehl
    Great fun but too difficult to unlock various levels. Kids love it but the little one gets too frustrated and quit playing game
  20. Jenny Solis
    Overall it's a good game but I have a problem with the double tap game. It isn't very touch sensitive so there is no way I can move up in the game. Honestly that one game is a deal breaker for me! Uninstal!


What`s new

This update fixes a few minor bugs that were found in the previous version of the game.

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