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  1. Great game!
    joe k
    Love this game, great for killing any amount of time. It'd be helpful to know which levels were beaten with 500+ points, though. The easiest way I can think of to do that would be to change the blue level number plate to gold to show you've mastered it. But I'm not complaining! Keep those trees coming! It would also be a great addition if there was a way for your fans to manipulate environments to create their own puzzles for others to solve! I can't speak for others but I'd pay a little extra for that!
  2. Beautiful and enjoyable
    Chandler Torres
    This great little game is gorgeous for a phone game and a great little time waster with some great puzzle mechanics
  3. calvin kwong
    I love this game. Really good quality. Honestly very good. I got it for 90% off too. I enjoy it very much thank you so much. Kills time and ill love to rate it higher than 5* if available. Keep up the great work!
  4. Lost all my progress???
    Michael Joseph Marlindan
    Lost all my progress in this game when I change into the new phone. I still use a same google account. Where's my progress? Very bad aftersales, no one answer from the developer.. Shit!!!
  5. Beautiful and fun
    Bradly Allen
    It's actually so fun and entertaining! I wasn't sure at first sight but give this game a try! The graphics are very well done, when you've lit up a whole area the map design is incredible
  6. Pretty and fun
    Jon Renshaw
    The game is beautiful, has several interesting twists, and requires some thought without being too difficult. What else could you want?
  7. Pretty fun
    Thanh Nguyễn
    It's a nice game that is very pleasing to the eye. The earlier stages are really easy, but it seems to be well worth the price.
  8. So far so good
    Craig Green
    I am a few levels in and I am finding it challenging without frustration.
  9. Really fun!
    Amy Closen
    Got this game because I like puzzle games. Even the hubby plays it now!
  10. Not Evil-Wonderful
    john neal
    It's rare to find an educational game that is fun and good for the entire family without killing. Thank you!
  11. Excellent Thus Far
    F. Amily Bradford
    About 20 levels in and quite liking it. Wonderful graphics and replay potential. Quite impressed and looking forward to the more challenging levels.
  12. Nik Blumish
    Does not work on Shield TV, but can be purchased from the Android TV play store.
  13. Arturo Fernandez
    Really enjoying the game so far. Its fun to play simple games like these instead of just zombie killing and shooter games that are all the hype these days.
  14. Excellent
    Jonathon Shrum
    Love this game. Great graphics, great level design, cool music. Beautiful. Very challenging but never frustrating. Would definitely recommend.
  15. Ramses Cruz
    Very nice game. Soothes your soul right away :D
  16. Beautiful ambience
    Ryan Seyersdahl
    The look, the music, the gameplay. This game is incredible.
  17. Addictive
    Guy Schronski
    This reminds me of a mini game from saga frontier. It's gorgeous and fun. i wish more people would give it a shot, because this game is worth it.
  18. No multi touch
    Joshua Binyard
    You know two thumbs controlling the same screen at the sametime
  19. Awesome
    Deminix Game
    This game impressed me from the point where I first launched it. It has simple mechanics, great sound quality and graphics. Effort and care were put into this game, and it shows.
  20. Dan Angelo Ortega
    Love this game but needs more levels


What`s new

God of Light HD 1.2.1 update brings new game world with 25 mind-blowing levels. We have also made other game improvements based on your feedback.