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Ivan Krupskiy | Director of Operations

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  1. Level 146 not working?
    Celia Sonnier
    Overall very fun game, but I got to level 146 and based on the points I need it seems set up to make me combine gems to the level beyond the dark sparkly orb ones. However several times I've gotten three of these dark orb gems grouped together and they just... Sit there, not combining. Would love to advance and keep playing, but seems impossible as is.
  2. Random bugs
    Ryan Green
    After installing the game I found that closing the game disconnects from your Google+ account on the next restart. In addition, when the game freezes on the options menu, if you swipe downward three times in a row the text language changes to Russian with no option to change it back.
  3. Challenging
    Wendy Parsley
    Addictive fun, different. You combine level 1 crystals to make the next level etc The challenges get harder and harder and its great fun trying to get it done in the allotted moves. Great
  4. Great fun!
    Angela Starling
    On level 116 and have not had to buy anything yet. Doesnt feel cheap. Great game!
  5. It's fun, but can be annoying
    JoAnn Pepperell
    Hate to say its a bit addictive. Can't get past level 150.
  6. Pelletier Jean
    Jean Pelletier I'm on level 150 and 10 move it's no way to get the last stone which is a diamond. The makers of the app are a bunch of sad losers to say the least. However I did not spent a penny to get to the last level and proud of it.
  7. Not happy
    Chris Clifford
    I get to level 109, then I run out of lives. So I come back later and the game is now level 1. It was OK as a game.
  8. Fun
    Diana Stancheva
    I quite enjoy the game! I find it gets more fun as you progress and the levels become very challenging. I'm not too far in game yet, but I can see myself playing this for a long time. Good game overall! :)
  9. Great challenging game
    Dianna Burnworth
    I love that the levels are not timed. You can think about your strategy and not feel rushed. Good brain workout!
  10. Fun
    Deborah Reder
    This game has a good mix of hard and easy puzzles. By completing each puzzles you begin to learn the gem hunters secrets. Its a ton of time passing fun.
  11. Mental Exercise
    LeAnn Deramus
    This game is great at challenging you mentally plus its fun for the whole family. Easy to earn powerups and the graphics are a plus. If it were easier to get coins I would rate 5 stars.
  12. Keeps freezing up
    Gina Schendzielos
    Fun game until you get to a certain level and keeps freezing! Please fix!
  13. addictive
    darija polovina
    decent game, has crashed once or twice but generally it's a good way to pass the time
  14. Yeat another money milking game
    Rimvydas Viršutis
    While puzzles fun it shows its true colors as soon your out of first area putting player into position where he cant win level unless using power ups.
  15. Not enough levels!
    Anthony Murray
    Game only goes up to level 150! I am just left with unused tools and coins I brought a waste of my money.
  16. Difficult levels
    Susan Walley
    I can't finish level 143 in the allocated moves, and can't get past 146 at all, even with the power ups, otherwise I'd rate it much higher
  17. Gemcrafter
    Shannon Rooks
    I'm in love with dis game bt it could have more prizes u can win
  18. crashes
    Lauren George
    i like this game but on level 114 the game just freezes in the middle of the level, not that i'll ever beat it anyway because the quicksand deliberately goes for my highest scoring gems, but it would be nice to get to try to beat it...
  19. Lavinia Lavely
    This game is terribly addicting and I love it, the faith star was not given because of the cost for more coins being outrageous.
  20. Stevie Brown
    Would be 5⭐s but u need a easier way to get more coins beside buying them ....


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